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Trump, Electricity Gone / Wolf & Full Moon – Christina

Trump, Electricity Gone / Wolf & Full Moon

October 27, 2020 10:25 AM

Tonight I had a short but incredibly real-feeling vision. It was only short but all the more violently!

I saw Donald Trump sitting at his desk! Behind him I could see out the window it was late evening or night. Well, it was dark. In his office he wanted to broadcast a speech on television.

Exactly at the moment when he started to speak …
A huge loud bang! It went all over America! And exactly at that moment – all over America light and electricity gone! I could hear and feel the fear and horror of the population!

This vision reminds me of another vision that I had years ago. Then I saw a wolf howling in front of a full moon! Then the Capitol was shown! Everything was enlightened! Suddenly, from now on, lights go out everywhere! And helicopters with headlights flew around the White House and over Washington!

I have no idea what that means
but next week is the election of the president.
And this weekend is Blue Moon and the biggest festival of the Satanists.

We are called to pray … more than ever!


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