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Trouble at the Straits of Humuz – Caroline Wren

Trouble at the Straits of Humuz

June 7, 2019
Caroline Wren


This word I believe is an important word from the Lord, I have seen a few amazing confirmations. God highlighted that we must watch this place.

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I love friends I’m back on here again
and I got a word from the Lord yesterday
and just while I was in prayer I just
asked the Lord and do you have something
would you give me a vision basically I
just asked the Lord straight up and so
anyway I got this I think it’s a very
important word and I have seen a
confirmation on it so that’s why I
didn’t hesitate to come on because I
believe it’s it’s from the Lord now I
just want to M say this that I you know
I’m not into I don’t watch the news or I
don’t keep really politically updated in
a secular sense you know so this
information that I received from the
Lord was all the information I got was
completely from the Holy Spirit it
wasn’t anything that I even really knew
about to be honest I didn’t know
anything about this right and I know
some of you are much more up-to-date
politically than I I would certainly be
so I’m just gonna deliver this as I got
it and I got it on Friday 7th of June
and today Sunday so this is basically
what I got so I’m reading here for my
journal I just wrote it into my journal
I saw some warfare on the oceans and I
kept seeing the ocean I knew there were
ships and I also saw a small fleet of
men in a small high-speed boat I sensed
there was conflict this was out in the
deep ocean I asked who the people were
and I had severe Soviet and military
then I heard aircraft carriers so
basically I was hearing words from the
Holy Spirit the Lord was prompting me
giving me certain words and I was asking
questions in my heart about other things
I was seeing and then the Lord was kind
of giving me answers you know I knew the
military where the USA I wondered where
this was and I heard straight now I had
been you know I often pop into the floor
for the
prophecy news channel actually no sorry
it was a video that I just saw Mike 444
and on it I had about the Straits of
Hormuz I think that’s how you pronounce
it so then I immediately connect twigs
that make the Lord must be speaking
about the same place and I realized it
must be the Strait of Hormuz because I
saw a headline with that on a video but
I have no knowledge of it I heard the
word Lincoln I saw and felt its sinking
then I sensed Iran maybe involvement or
troops not sure I was seeing the ocean
for some time large waves then I saw
activity also I saw white horse waves
bubbling I did not know what it was I
didn’t know with whether I was actually
seeing a tsunami and I just didn’t know
what that was and then the word
submarines came to me and I knew they
were Russian subs also I saw what seemed
like a parking region or a parking kind
of station I think for American cars I
think they’re American cars I saw quite
a few cars some men there were men were
parking up it could have been NATO or
something I felt like there was people
coming to a place to I don’t know they
were observing something or they were
involved it I don’t know it just felt
like NATO that sort of felt like to me
and then something unusual caught my eye
in the sky so I saw this big formations
like it was like a cloud formation in
the sky just a bit of a distance off at
first I thought it was a weird formation
or rapture even but realized it was a
bomb that gone off in the distance from
this particular parking area so there’s
something going on a few nations
I sensed subversion that was a word that
came to me I didn’t understand what it
was but I’ll give you the meaning now in
a while because I looked at researched
it afterwards and highlight this must be
highlighted of importance watch this
this place
watch these nations being grafted in
strange locations subversion again that
word and subterfuge was a word I was
given and I need I looked that up and
I’ll tell you what it is in a minute
because I didn’t know what these words
meant myself secret stations that crafty
snake and the grass is on to the ocean
he will boycott the USA now I have a
video there about two snakes and one of
them was in relation to Putin so you can
have a look at that because I think
that’s relevant to it he will boycott
the USA pressure in hard times he will
play same game as Trump and
eventualities and he knows it he will
exert pressure on the USA he will push a
hard line he will play a hard ball too
tougher than Trump he’s waiting to
avenge he’s waiting to seize his moment
for power his moment for opportunity he
will be a tough opponent he never loses
sight of the ball or the prize so that
was the word I was given and now I
looked up these words so I just wanted
to give up the meaning of this words
first because I know there was relevance
so subversion and this is the meaning
act of trying to destroy or damage an
established system or government so
that’s very relevant substr subterfuge
was another word I was given by the holy
spirit trickery
deceit or cunning to achieve one’s goal
and then boycott means a withdrawal from
commercial or social relations with a
country as a protest or a punishment now
the link in the aircraft
career was the abraham lincoln so i
looks at up because i that was what god
has spoken to me in them in the vision
so when i looked it up
these carrier is a huge versatile it’s
worth billions and it’s it can operate
like a small city can hold five thousand
people on board and it carries aircraft
and many aircraft planes and so like its
it’s a massive vehicle so if this went
down you know you could see that this
would cause a huge big problem because i
think they’re only with just after
redoing this m aircraft vehicle has cost
billions so like it’s a very serious
issue of that if that gets sunk to be
honest and so i just want to say i never
knew any of this information but when I
researched all the information I found
it to be true I found it to be that the
US Lincoln is presently at the straits
of hormuz which is M borderlining Iran
and that there’s tensions there at the
moment and if you you know it’s it would
be on the news I know those uh I’ve
looked it up and I’ve seen it on them
the American news and BBC News and just
on on the YouTube so everything that
I’ve said is confirmed and through that
which is quite amazing to me and the
other the other relevant confirmation
for me really and the one I made
reference to where I saw the entitle the
title Strait of Hormuz and it was
belonged to locking towards the heaven
for Jesus by the 21st of May 2019 it was
put up by that person looking towards
the heaven for Jesus on and their
prophecy news portal for channel if you
want to look it up and also Mike 444 has
put it up as well so you can look into
his channel and you will find it it’s
actually it’s called the Strait of
Hormuz that’s how I recognize and
connect his my prophecy to that prophecy
so and it talks about similar things so
it’s very very it’s definitely such a
strong confirmation that the Lord is
speaking here so I don’t know what this
is gonna lead to I haven’t had any other
information on it and I’m just literally
giving you the information that the Lord
has given to me on this and so if any of
you want to add or have more you know
details on this give me your comments
I’m posting this quickly because I feel
that you know this is the important
message especially as the Lord given me
such amazing information that I never
knew about before so I’m I’m putting
putting this straight up okay and yeah
you know that one thing I want to say is
with regards to President Trump I don’t
know it’s just like he’s pulled out of
all these agreements and now it’s just
causing beginning to cause problems that
I can see and the sanctions I mean he’s
just it just seems to me that he’s just
winding up these them you know these
world leaders you know and you know
America before was more peacekeeping and
you know we had a lot more you know the
you had a lot more American troops
throughout the world grafted in you know
keeping peace and you know working with
nations but now it’s like I know that
Trump is nationalistic but America was
looking out for the nations and now it’s
kind of pulling out his troops from
these places making itself more
vulnerable that’s the way I see it you
know but anyway and so look and I don’t
know the arrogance you know I’m sorry I
know that people visit I know there’s
Christians in America that believe that
Trump is gonna make America great again
it’s gonna bring a turnaround but
honestly there’s no way that that’s
gonna happen there’s no way not with the
way the Lord speaking to me not with the
hundreds of prophecies that are
appearing in YouTube right now about
their judgments and what God is doing in
America there’s just no way and you know
that’s just false prophecy as far as I’m
just gonna say it as it is it’s false
prophecy to even consider that America
is going to be made great again it’s
not it’s completely on the verge of
collapse on the verge of such stringent
judgments that you and I are not even
ready for it we couldn’t be prepared for
it and in fact again I was reading and
Jeremiah 51 and this morning and in a
couple of places it says you know get
out – get out if you’re in America get
out and leave the place because God’s
judgment is gonna hit it and that that
nation’s gonna crash and I’ve given my
warnings on previous videos about that
so if you see things starting to
escalate here you know that this could
be the beginning of it I mean I had you
know my other videos are about the civil
war so it was a bit of a drastic change
to come on to something like this but
the Lord knows what he’s doing the Lord
knows what to highlight and as I’ve said
and you know the word he gave me there
was you know this needs to be
highlighted so this is something
strategically important and thank you so
much thank you for your support
everybody I really do appreciate you I
appreciate your prayers please keep
praying for me and I was under attack
the last couple of days and it was like
all of a sudden it kind of I got the
revelation again of you know the attacks
come right before the Holy Spirit is
about to reveal something to me that
significant and so it was like the Lord
reminded me of that this time and God
bless you all and I speak to you soon as
the Lord leads me


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