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March 16, 2022 4:33 PM
Anonymous One

My child, I have a word for you:

What is coming to America will upset and shock all. This nation has based everything upon their strength and it is a proud nation. One thing they forgot is I AM was the strength and power behind this nation in the days they knew Me. Over time, they gave credit to themselves, becoming more prideful, making themselves out to be their own gods. They bought into every lie satan told them. He promised them kingdoms yet the only kingdoms they have now are built on sand. I raise kingdoms up and I take kingdoms down! Only My kingdom will have no end!

I AM THAT I AM also created good and evil. I have done it all. What is being shown now as I expose it to the world is how incompetent man is and how they can do nothing without Me! This is the same story throughout the ages. Man becomes prideful, no longer looks to the Giver of Life and prays to their idols and then the nation falls.

In this modern world this is now a new type of war unlike any other. The capabilities and the technology given by the fallen angels people have yet to see in full. WW3 is already in the beginning stages yet most do not see it. Most don’t see the decline and the destruction coming to a once blessed nation who sought Me in humbleness and on bended knee. War has started on many fronts children! My children, you are not just funding this war; you are filling the pockets of all the evildoers behind it all. Trust Me children. It is not just Putin who has profited. This evil encompasses the minds of many who have made a pact with the enemy, satan, who will also come to collect their souls very soon.

They sold out this country long ago to China and other nations. It is China’s sole desire to conquer and take America as their own. They, too, forget who I AM. They are far from Me and want to have full dominion desiring sovereignty; to be the most powerful of all nations at the expense of the death of countless millions. They intimidate, create fear and are ruthless. They will show no mercy! Both Russia and China are in cohoots with one another for now. Each is vying for total power and dominion and both will come against America.

Now, I, the Lord have a better plan. It is I who has always been in control and I am about to do something on earth that has never been done before! I have NOT forgotten My children! I AM is a God of great mercy and love and at that time you will either confess, accept Me as Lord and Savior or you will perish; an eternal separation and an ending I desire for none.

The days of tribulation and lamentation are about to be seen and heard throughout the land and all nations will watch the fall of America. She is the hub of all commerce: the financial capital of the world. As she falls, other nations will decline for she has lived deliciously over her shady business deals around the world.

You don’t understand the magnitude and the implications of all that is about to transpire. The SOS signal was given and then the main event, the kickoff will jumpstart the tribulation. You will no longer watch war news about Ukraine because war you will experience in this nation! For all your crimes against humanity that you have done in secret America, you will receive a double portion. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord and I will recompense. Nation of America, you are on a downhill slide and about to spiral out of control and then to your final destination~DESTRUCTION!!

My Army of chosen vessels will bring in the harvest. You will either return to me and repent or die in your sins and go to your final destination; separation from Me and eternal damnation. My Army of chosen vessels will do great exploits in My name. Revival will come to many as the wicked flee.

To the others: the tests and trials of life are only but for a moment so endure ’til the end and you too shall be saved. Rebuke fear in the name of Jesus for you must stand tall during the  times ahead. Persecution is increasing so do not deny the God of your salvation. Better to die as a martyr than to end up down below. Any who would like to come on board with Me seek me now. I can always use more laborers in the field, as you will be the ones to share your testimonies of your salvation and what you witness.

I love you children but judgments are set and cannot be reversed. Come now to me before it is too late!

John 3:16-17, Jer 42:8, 1Thess 5:3, Jer 31:15, Habakkuk 2:8-12, Dan 11:32, Rev 13:

Verses to help during persecution are:

John 15:18 Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 91:1-2, Heb 13:5-6, Psalm 23:4, 2 Tim 1:7

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