August 3, 2020 8:17 PM
Lisa B – Prayer Warrior, Australia

I would like to share some visions and a battle I had (Mid July 2020). It amazes me how God warns and protects us daily.

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. (Luke 10:19)

18th July 2020 – In my prayer time, I received a flash vision of my eight-year-old daughter, opening  my son’s snake tank. (He has a little pet python called Junior, and my daughter adores him.) As she placed her hand in the tank, Junior struck out at her and she jerked her hand away and he missed her. After asking the Lord about the meaning, I decided to rule out the literal interpretation and went to feed Junior. As it is winter here in Australia and he hibernates, he did not want the food and was clearly not hungry.

Interpretation – The Lord then put on my heart that something was coming for my daughter, but it would miss.

I am open about my visions with my children (age-appropriate ones of course). We rebuke demons and nasties together and they call them the Scooby doo demons. (Demons that look and try to be scary, but they are fakes as they don’t have any real power as we are protected by the Lord.) I told them my daughter was going to be bothered by something but that it would miss her. We prayed and they weren’t bothered by what I had said. I went into full Spiritual warfare the entire week after that, hoping my prayers would ward off the assignment.

27th July 2020 – Around 3:30am, my daughter came through to my room and told me there was a fly in her room. (Which is also strange as in winter we don’t really see them where we live.) We spent the next hour between rooms, me trying to find it, lying down with her, her coming back several times complaining etc. She fell asleep around 4:30am and I returned to my bed WIDE awake and annoyed that I was. I decided to spend some time with the Lord.

Then the strangeness began, the Holy Spirit just wouldn’t come. I tried again and again and there was nothing. (I usually call the Holy Spirit and he is there pretty quickly.) The feeling of nothingness made me feel uncomfortable. I prayed to Jesus to ask him what was going on and the nothingness prevailed. I was really agitated now and not used to this barrier which felt heavy on me, I decided to call in the big guy and pleaded to PapaYah (My personal name for God the father.) I have to confess I moaned a bit to PapaYah and it was only then that I realised I was under attack and had been woken up for a reason. This was an important lesson for me, God wanted me to use my warfare weapons, my armour and fight. Well I used every single weapon I have learnt so far. I sent the fire of the God, whirlwind and fury of the Lord, Bees of the Lord, binding, thrusting and swinging my sword. I fought in tongues even though I couldn’t feel the Holy Spirit. I pleaded the blood, declared my position and authority, praised God, rebuked and destroyed. I finished off with singing and worship and then must have fallen asleep.

I awoke at 6:30am and a flash vision appeared immediately. A snake was directly in front of my face not moving. Then a gap appeared and the snake seemed in two halves. As I was drowsy, the meaning only hit me later in the morning. The snake had been sliced in two.

I praise the Lord for guiding me through this and teaching me to have confidence in being a warrior for the Lord. He wants us to fight and be bold, he could easily fight for us but then we wouldn’t be warriors.

I have had many other visions before this of snakes in the grass, a snake in my kitchen and a military man picked it up and placed it in my freezer?? The nasties are increasing and I believe we MUST recover in the Lord and be obedient in resting in the Lord, so we are ready for the next attack.

The Lord has now told me to look over my shoulder, he confirmed this with a flash vision of a car side rear view mirror, which I felt meant look behind you.  I have been shown a pack of hyenas standing on a circle, so I’m assuming this is my next battle. Any interpretation regarding hyenas would be appreciated.

Lord, I pray for the Bride of Christ as this time, evil prevails and attempts to hurt us and our families. I plead the precious Holy blood over your children and that we will take our positions when called and fight in faith and strength knowing that we have the victory already. We praise your powerful name on high. Amen.

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, please keep your armour on and be watchful. Things are going to get bumpy!

Shalom and God Bless

Lisa B.

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  1. Terri Stowers

    Dear sister,
    I am a Missionary Warrior working in Sth America. You should get rid of the pet snake of your son. That is an open door for the enemy to come against you and your family.
    This is a revelation for you dear sister.
    Dolls, teddy bears and demonic toys should be destroyed and burned.
    Take this to the Lord in prayer.

  2. Snakes and scorpions are poisonous and dangerous. They usually hide, and don’t try to come after us to attack, but they lie in wait until we are within striking distance. Hyenas on the other hand are primarily carnivores, and they hunt and attack in packs. This is what we’ve been seeing in America most recently. People, including law enforcement are being overwhelmed by the sheer number of human hyenas attacking en masse, and overcoming any opposition. They are basically cowards, and need the back up of the clan for courage.

  3. McKana

    Thank you dear Lisa.
    Those of us who are attacked day in and day out know what you are experiencing and going through. It is a tough battle. One point “Never give up”

    I also see all sorts of “nasties” you see. Snakes, very common. The snake is the devil.
    Hyena is one of them, it is a cannibal and nasty scavenger. Evil manifests in every way. The reptilians and the cannibals all sorts.

    Keep the good fight. I like your word ” He wants us to fight and be bold, he could easily fight for us but then we wouldn’t be warriors.” That is a good point and lesson learned.
    Memorize these and use them every day, every moment. Psalm 23, 91, 121.
    Thank you and God bless you

  4. Amen and Shalom my sister.

  5. Cindy Green

    Thank you for this! I have been going through something like this for about 4 weeks now. I feel like the Lord left me, EVEN THOUGH I know that isn’t true. I actually heard this morning, (for the first time in awhile), ‘There is a difference between being humbled and being defeated!
    And then I read your message. I understand where this is coming from now!
    I will NEVER give up! I am DETERMINED!

  6. ATT

    please get rid of your pet snake.. what parent in right mind gives snake as pet to their kid? that too you being a christian ..

    I am sorry.. something is not right here…

  7. Rapture Angel


  8. Catherine

    Terri, I wanted to say the same. The pet snake is an open door. Throw it out!

  9. chockylover

    Hello Sister Lisa, I too live in Australia, Brisbane to be exact. Recently a large child sex trafficking ring was discovered in Australia. A couple of the guilty ones were given life in prison. Time is getting short and Satan knows his days are numbered. Some of us must get off the fence and be 100% serious with the Lord. God bless you.

  10. Julie

    Hi Lisa. We will definitely face persecution from the enemy when we are walking with the Lord in righteousness. Good for your for standing firm in the authority of Jesus Christ. However, there is another idea that snakes often represent. I hope you’ll consider this and take it to the Lord in prayer. In the Bible, probably the most significant story about a snake dates all the way back to Adam and Eve. They disobeyed God and sinned, therefore the Lord placed a curse on all of their offspring. God says to the serpent: He will crush your head and you will bite at his heel (Genesis 3:15–I’m paraphrasing). It is because of their original sin that the snake is allowed to bite at the heel of every single person who walks this earth, and it’s why not one single one of us is without sin, except for Jesus Christ of course. It’s possible there is a generational curse at work in your life, something that was passed on to you from a parent or grandparent (see Deuteronomy 5:9). This could also be why you saw your daughter in a vision with the snake–the enemy could be biting at her heel eventually if the curse is not overcome. Thankfully, because of the blood of Jesus Christ we have the power to crush the snake’s head! We have the power to overcome! But first, we have to ask the Lord to show us what unrepentant sin is in our bloodline so that we may repent on behalf of previous generations as well as ourselves. I’ve had a lot of experience with generational curses, and so felt led to share this with you. If you have already sought the Lord about this and you’re sure the enemy has no stronghold on you, please disregard my message.

  11. Bee

    God created snakes too. They’re God’s creatures. Everyone in the comments should stop being so afraid. Not every snake is “evil”. It’s just a creature.

  12. A N

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand why someone would say to get rid of a pet snake. Snakes are animals, not some demonic entity. Although a snake was used by Satan in scripture, snakes in and of themselves are not evil. Lots of people are scared of them, just as they are scared of dogs or bears or wild cats. Snakes are not intelligent and can be frightened easily, and have fangs to defend themselves with—only some kinds are venomous and can cause harm. Most are as harmless—like a lizard or a rabbit. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see why so many are saying to get rid of the snake.

  13. SarahR

    Lisa, when I get that horrible nothingness feeling and it has happened some times upon waking.

    I just **choose** to believe in God’s faithfulness. He is still with us, even if we don’t feel anything. This, I think, is a test. If I don’t know of a sin or any cause, I just say, “well, there are lots of things I feel sometimes which just aren’t so. This is no different. Thank you for never leaving me or forsaking me, as your Word says.” We walk by faith not by feelings. Remember Samson? He did have the Spirit of God leave him, but he didn’t realise this until after he tried to fight the Philistines. So, he didn’t always have conscious awareness.

    With spiritual attacks, it can betempting to fall into hopelessness and despair but we try to take our cues from the good examples in the scripture like Caleb.

    I could have the hordes of evil surround me and press in, but if I have God with me and I with Him, then nothing at all can harm me. Me + Him equals overwhelming majority.

    I, too, have had that message kind of communicated to me. That the Lord wants me to fight. He wants us to do our part. This has been so since OT times. He could have wiped out Canaanites by pestilence or some meteor attack or something, but instead he wanted them to go over and fight. When David stood before Goliath, the Lord could have sent a huge Hailstone onto his head. But, we have little David instead. He wants our active participation. Maybe this is linked up with what is written in James – that faith without works is dead.

    God bless you, ma’am, and thanks for posting this up.


    Bee n AN u r deceived. Genesis 3:14 And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art CURSED above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: God is the same yesterday today and forever more. He changes not. It’s just like saying its OK to have a wiji board in your house knowing its cursed and demonic. Do you think there will be serpents in heaven? Nothing cursed will enter his Kingdom. He says Come ye Blessed of my Father. Not come ye cursed. Go research all the scriptures on Seed of the Serpent and Serpent, pray on it, wait for revelation, then make an informed decision.


    Isaiah 65:25
    King James Version
    25 The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent’s meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the Lord…Forgive me. There will be serpents in the New Earth but those aren’t cursed as they will eat dust not mice.

  16. BE Real 888

    junior name meaning : mostly devils calls like this or entity or replacement of sort or as tad or as son .

  17. Lisa B

    Thank you for all your comments and to all those who have given invaluable advice and scriptures for me to read. It is interesting reading the dividing opinions on snakes and though I have wondered at the connection between the evil serpent and the snakes of today, I suppose I ignored the possibility. Just to clarify, my husband is a vet (non believer) and he brings numerous animals home all the time. I would never choose a pet snake!

    It is extremely important on my journey with the Lord to be obedient. He pulled me out the catholic church about 18 months ago and I have finished reading the bible for the first time which was amazing. My visions and attacks have gone hand and hand since then and I welcome guidance and advice from my brothers and sisters in Christ. (So much more to learn.)

    The snake has to go, I feel sick to the stomach that its here now. I cannot have any entry points into my household when I seem to be such a target nowadays. I will pray about it further and figure out the next step.

    Thank you for kind words, harsh words and correcting words. I need them all.

  18. T

    Sometimes it’s about belief. You pray, you praise, that’s enough. God does the rest. If you pray and rebuke for hours and then continue on and on every day, where is the “leave all worries to God”? Unless something manifests in the physical and needs strong prayers, I can’t see why it has to be rebuked over and over. It feeds anxiety. Don’t you think so.

    As for the children, please don’t inform them and scare them, and teach them on spiritual warfare. You don’t want social services involved. I don’t know what is there, but I was made horrible problems for mentioning to my child (and not even little child) about demons. We got separated and I was “treated” with medication as a result. Still fighting with the authorities over this. I was accused of over religiosity. So be careful.

    About the empty feeling, I echo the rest, it’s about faith, not feeling. I also have occasionally feelings that I have disappointed God, that I am doomed, etc. I brush the thoughts away and continue looking at Him. Sometimes I have thing or two in my dreams that shows me He considers me His, and I am grateful and happy, and I rely on this and His faithfulness and His finished work on the cross.

    I am undecided about the snake. It’s God’s creature after all. I doubt it is a door for evil. But I can’t comment on it.

    I disagree with above’s post about dolls and toys. Dolls and toys are just that. Nothing wrong with them. I highly doubt the Lord is being upset by them.

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