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Sep 2, 2019, 2:37 PM
Collins Ouma

This message I received on 13th July during one of my Friday night vigil.

There is no fellowship or communion with the fallen priesthood (this includes Apostate pastors, bishops, prophets, evangelist and apostles). This is not a time of arguement. It is not a time of pampering. It is not a time to come to terms with them. It is TIME FOR MY JUDGEMENT TO MANIFEST. I have begun SHAKING.I AM OVERTHROWING APOSTATE CHURCHES AND MINISTERS AS I RAISE MY OWN. They are doing their own work using My name!? Not a single work of man will remain. All will fall.

I dont work with hypocrites and compromisers. ITS NOT TIME TO PAMPER. Right now they are in despair abd terror of what is ongoing within themselves and ministries. I AM EXOSING ALL THEIR DECEIT AND FALSEHOOD IN BROAD DAY LIGHT. THEY ARE IN CONFUSION.ALL THEIR HYPOCRISY IS COMING TO LIGHT.

My church has been turned a house of business. They are selling My sons free gift to My people. Not a single of their work will remain. All will be shaken to the root.

I have sent several warnings to them through My prophets but they have rebelled and they are operating under their own wisdom. They are challenging and despising My counsel. That will not help them unless they repent and return to Me. THEIR CUP OF JUGDEMENT IS FULL.THEIR END HAS REACHED.I AM STOPPING MAN.

I gave them long time to repent but they despised. I have spoken to them through dreams, visions and even My prophets but they have rebelled. They gave My prophets names. NOW IS MY TIME TO ACT.

Behold now there will be mourning,weeping and gnashing of teeth in the apostate churches as I move in My judgements. I will gather My sheep from them and put them under My own shepherds who are called after My name.

My church is full of ABOMINATIONS!! TOO MUCH NOISES!! NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! EVERYWHERE IN MY NAME. MY service is holy, righteous and in truth and in spirit. Noises in form of a service. Too much noises in the face of the earth

They will gather but I will not be in their midst. Look son, they are even trying to prevent My will and plans. Ha! Ha! Ha! I laugh at them. They sit in secret meetings but they will never find a solution, neither will any of My plans be aborted or hindered. I am at work and I must fulfill the work of SHAKING AND OVERTHROWING ALL THAT IS BUILT UPON MAN.NOTHING SHALL STOP ME.

My church a cave if thieves??? Full of scoffers ?? My church being despised?? Doing business in My name?? My name being defiled amidst them?? ITS ABOMINATION. THEIR TIME HAS COME. I WILL NOT RELENT.

Most of My messages I receive them in local dialect, Kiswahili so I have to rely upon the Holy Spirit for translation to English.

Shalom brethren,
Br Collins Ouma,
Busia, Kenya


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