Update: To 444 Family

If you are a lawyer or know one please help

Today I spoke with a Christian Lawyer from the comments below. He said this happens to alot of Churches and Pastors. However the allegations are legal and even with it being over seas, he has seen it go to court and they (the copyright owner) ALWAYS wins. The letter received is a scare tactic and its a gamble to see if they will take it to court or not. You would pay the court costs and it will add hundreds if not thousands to amount to be paid.

My concern was if I didnt pay settlement and it goes to court they would find something else to nail me with compounding the problem at hand, and possible total shutdown of website.

So I have gone to the bank and started the wire transfer process. Thank you all who have sent money to help. I have been so upset over this whole thing I can’t concentrate on my work, because I have been quite depressed over this whole ordeal.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Please keep this situation in your prayers.

– Jonathan

If you are a lawyer or know one please help

To the best of my knowledge I never recieved an email from them as this letter states.

As everyone knows I share Prophecy News with everyone who wants to read it shared from all over the world. Today, however, I received 2 letters stating we owe a photographer several thousand euros for using a photograph we didn’t realize was copyrighted. I didn’t even know which photo, or when we used it. However, we are expected to pay that amount ASAP. Because of this situation I have decided to take all photographs down even the ones I’ve made to protect me from getting into this kind of issue again. Please keep us in prayers, I love sharing God’s Words to other believers but not at this kind of expense. It was a huge mistake on my part and I wish it had never taken place. I want to apologize to the man that this hurt and his gifts are very admired but we did not mean to use his talents at his expense. So  I am sorry for this honest mistake and pray many blessings for him and his family. Prayers and Blessings,

Jonathan Theiben

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  1. susan elizabeth

    Praying for provision and protection now…

  2. Kim Means

    Oh no!! You are under attack! I am praying for you and this ministry. Christian’s are under severe persecution right now. Satan wants to silence us 😓🕊️

  3. Comment by post author

    Making the graphic was truly my favorite part of making this website.

    I will reevaluate how to do this safe and legally. And at some point I will start making pics agian. Until then just words

    Agian I’m sorry to all the 444 family

  4. Nick

    Hey, Tell the photographer to not put you in a position like that and advice them to send you a photo of the picture you have accidentally been using as evidence if they are telling the truth. Then advise the photographer you will take it down. He is in no position to bully you to pay if you respond with accidentally not knowing, your in no obligation to be put in a position like this if your telling the truth. Simple solution you have taken all photos down so everything should be fine. God Bless you Brother.

  5. Brother Jonathan, you are tender hearted to the Lord and you purpose to do no one harm or theft…Like the other person said, the artist should be able to show you which one and when. Have another wise person who is familiar with copy right laws inform you. It may be this is legit or it may be a false accusation. We pray the LORD’s best for you! Father God, make a clear way of understanding in this matter for Jonathan, for he desires to make You and Your glorious Truth and works known, please deliver him in Your righteousness be merciful to our brother Jonathan. If this is unfounded, let this accusation pass quickly without effect. If there is a legitimate matter, we pray for protection, wisdom, and mercies to fiil and compass Jonathan’s life and ministry for 444 Prophecy News, in the wonderful and powerful name JESUS, amen!

  6. Susan

    1 Timothy 6:10. “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.

    I’m sorry that has happened to you. God bless and thank you for all you do.

  7. Cindy Green

    How do you know it’s legamite, especially since they didn’t even show you what picture? Maybe it’s a phishing scam. I am praying though.

  8. Cindy Green

    How do you know it’s legamite, especially since they didn’t even show you what picture? Maybe it’s a phishing scam. I am praying though.

  9. Gene Hughes

    Once when blindsided by accusations coming from out of the blue I followed King Hezekiah’s example in 2 Kings 19:14, and took it (all the paperwork) before the LORD. Of course, my first reaction was to fault myself & replay everything in my mind trying to understand how I wound up in that mess. Sometimes we (I) must be reminded to cast our cares upon our LORD. I pray everything will work out favorably. We have a powerful GOD!

  10. I love your amazing photo choices. I was always touched and astonished how you could always pick just the right one to match the words! Really helps to distinguish between them also. You have been serving the Lord with excellence. We will all pray for you and your site.

  11. Steve Holmes

    Speak to a copyright attorney before paying anything.

  12. Hannah Silver

    No professional photographer would act like that. I do think it’s a scam, and I wouldn’t pay any money at all right now. But I agree with the others above, contact him and ask him which picture(s) and how he can prove it is his.

    If it looks legit, then hire a lawyer. Otherwise, you’ll get taken advantage of. Satan is using this person, it looks to me.

  13. Catherine

    Jonathan, don’t give this person one cent. There are so many fraudsters. Normally they sit somewhere in Africa or many from Romania and they send letters to all the world. They know all tricks. Many people in Europe lost all their money by these criminals.
    Tell him, you will go to the police and the police will take contact to the police of his city, so somebody will visit him, to see if he is telling the truth. Before don’t give anything.

  14. Andrew

    If they give no evidence its a scam.

  15. I’m praying for you dear brother. I agree with the others that it is probably a scammer. Theres been a few friends lately that have been scammed the same way. I love your pictures too and hope you put them back up. Praying for you God bless you

  16. Comment by post author

    Is there a lawyer in the house?

  17. km

    Call his bluff…

  18. I’m pretty sure Copywright infringement requires a Judge and both parties be notified before a Judgement is issued. Was there money made off these images!? I’m pretty sure they can’t ask for more money than what was made off the images.

  19. KEN

    It’s most definitely a scam. First there is no evidence presented. Second, there is no law suit filed. Third, there is no government authority involved here. I hate these scammers (while loving their souls). These acts are just despicable. They deceive, torment, scare and bully people for their personal gain, absolutely no morals whatsoever. I am really pissed.


  20. I did come across this site. I’d research the lawyer and find out if this is truly coming from his office, or are you being scammed. But check out this link, then research it further

  21. Nico Van de bunt

    De Here zegt ga niet naar de rechtbank. Het helpt je niet en een advocaat kost nog meer! Ik lees veel visioenen dank de Here dat dat kan! Als ze de foto kunnen bewijzen? Betaal het! ik betaal mee broeder! En ik verwacht van broeders en zusters die wat kunnen missen? Keer de andere wang toe! We zijn in HEM overwinnaar! Groeten Nico uit Holland

  22. SH

    You can contact Dominique. Here’s her site: https://www.savvyesq.com/. Shes a Christian and an attorney and specializes in representing brands. I believe she has extensive knowledge on copyright law.

  23. Jonathan, the third paragraph, I believe, is the key that this is false. Saying that you were to send money because of 3 e-mails is quite ridiculous. What were “all the details in the previous letters” this person mentions? I am not a lawyer, but seeing this letter, which your brothers and sisters here can read, is helpful. Yes, do your homework in finding answers. Praying you receive wise counsel. Definitely seek out an honest lawyer in your local to look at these letters. You may not even be charged, if it is truly as fake as it appears to be. Just tell them what you received and if you can meet briefly with them. Dot not fear Jonathan, ask and you shall receive. Be blessed even more! Matt. 21:22

  24. Ken

    Maybe contact their office first to make sure the notice is really from them, then ask them to show evidence of copyright infringement.


  25. Hélène

    Avez-vous regarder les commentaires Google au nom de cet avocat de Berlin ? Certains disent qu’il s’agit d’un escroc (il en a la tête), c’est sa spécialité les droits d’auteur d’image. Demander des preuves et ne pas envoyer d’argent.

  26. ToYAH BELL

    By the time they try to get you in a foreign court, the tribulation will have started and that money won’t mean anything. Not one red cent. I wouldn’t worry nor pay anything til they show proof.

  27. Ken

    I really wouldn’t worry about it too much. I am not a lawyer, but I certain that you are under the U.S. laws, not the German laws, so even if this is not fake, and what they claim is true, they would have to file a lawsuit in the U.S., and only if the U.S. judge finds that your use didn’t fall under fair use and you would need to pay for their loss, which I think is very unlikely as the use of the photos here were not for commercial gain.

  28. Ameraly

    This is from a company in a different country. Our laws do not apply to them and vice versa. They are based in Germany. I do not believe you have to comply with their request, nor will they have a case

  29. McKana

    Knowing you are doing the work of the Lord, they should have kept their peace. Giving a warning was one thing, going to the law is for money, and the motive is evil, no excuse.
    It would be a good Idea to ask them which picture they claim.
    The good work you are doing is being watched by the Lord. He will take care of this too. We trust our Lord in safeguarding this website, the small window used for His work. Instead of a reward, this, you don’t deserve.
    We will pray for you Dear Brother.
    See how the devil comes, from nowhere and from the unexpected corner.
    My our Jesus cover this website and our dear Brother with His precious blood.
    No weapon against the Children of Almighty God shall prosper.

    Blessing and protection for you Dear Brother.

  30. T.M.

    THIS IS NOT LEGITIMATE, if it were the claimant, photo, and copyright law it is violating would have been identified. I’m not an attorney, but I’ve had this rubbish pulled on me too. Ask for this information, and if this guy doesn’t provide it you know it is a hoax. Put your pictures back up and force him to provide the necessary details.

  31. The other Frank

    You might want to do a little research into this exact situation. I found this just now. Coincidence ?
    An attorney will be able to advise you further.

  32. Denise L White

    Have you verified this is legit and not a scam? Something is not right especially if you never received an email as stated and they have not provided proof of the photo they are referring to. You might want to find an attorney before responding to them. I pray that someone in this group of followers is an attorney and will provide advice for free/Pro Bono. You are in my prayers. God is good and He will provide you guidance and protection. I agree with the others, Satan is attacking those of us who are sending the warnings to our brothers and sisters. This is a sign that you must be doing something right. God bless you.

  33. Sam

    This is a more of a scam in mail not email. The Lawyers fee is much higher for him then just $2k. For few thousands is not even worth the lawyers fee so this is just a total scam. It has happened to me before and my lawyer says the same that if not a big amount then no lawyer wants to waste his time to file docs and time for courts.

  34. Rachel

    I agree with the many others who are saying this is a scam. No only should the photographer’s legal counsel provide a picture of the copyrighted photo to you but they should also provide copies of the warning emails they claim to have sent. Do not send these people one penny.

  35. Bobby


    YOU ARE NOT UNDER EUROPEAN COURT JURISDICTION. I’d make him a settlement offer of $250.00. If they reject, then tell them to go pound sand. Let them know you are a man of modest means and have no way of paying. I’m a businessman. Legal letters from attorneys don’t scare me, nor should they you. Let them know this is a christian non-profit and there is no money behind it to pay anything. People don’t sue other people if there is nothing to get. So, let them know there is nothing to get.

  36. Kim Means

    God bless you

  37. Trinidadwarrior777

    I pray for the individual who claims the lawsuit to be exposed and revealed .I pray god will protect this website from frauds who try to exploit or shut it down.In Jesus name I claim authority against false accusations and defamation.Amen

  38. Kashmere T

    1.) They have the burden to PROVE you supposedly used copyrighted work. If you did in fact do something wrong then they should have all their ducks in a row, meaning they can provide PROOF of what they are alleging.
    2.) Some fancy wording on a fancy letterhead is not PROOF…..with that being said please be encouraged we are ALL standing with you even if you did make a mistake….if its the lords will keep us updated so that we can all fight with you.
    3.) Bullying doesnt work on gods children, so if that’s all they got then it looks like the bully isn’t as scary as they think they are. Nobody will bully us into stopping the work of the lord, whoever sent you that letter needs to be more worried about their soul, the money is literally going to burn its just paper.
    4.) Keep posting, this website has literally helped me along with countless others.

    I’m going to leave it at that, we all still got work to do, hell is mad we wont make our beds there. Keep up the great work.

  39. KarenO

    I am in agreement with the others, & adding my prayers. They are asking you to pay without proof of your infringement. I would forward the letter to my senators & ask them for assistance looking into it.
    A lot of people are out there trying to scam gullible people because they’ve been out of work. Look them up on the internet & carry all that information to your Senators for help. Suits across national lines are incredibly hard & expensive to litigate… as they must file suit within the state of Texas (where the infringement supposedly occurred.) Those “lawyers” apparently do not have a local attorney.
    Lying to get you to react is typical of scams.

  40. Catherine

    I believe still, it’s a fraud. We have so many criminals in Europe. They call old people, tell them their money is in danger, they have to give to the policeman, who comes to take the money, they even manipulate the telephon, so you think you are connected with the police, if you call them.
    Don’t pay anything.

  41. Sally Merrell

    Jonathan, listen to me, before doing anything, just contact Adrian himself.

    This is his email address: info@adriansommeling.com

    If he contacts you back and says he knows nothing of this so-called lawsuit, then you know it’s a scam. I wish you well my brother. Keep us posted.

  42. Laura villani

    Praying for you my dear brother…

  43. Jonathan sorry this, I can imagine what you’re passing through emotionally..

    But he has to prove that he is not a scammer.

    Praying for you.

  44. r s

    all three items have the same DATE, i feel tis a scam…i have prayed for help for you. Sooner (Snr), r, ALOHA

  45. Barbara


  46. Barbara M

    Praying for you, brother, you are under atrack..This is undoubtedly a scam…possibly take this to the police

  47. Michael

    Google that name, Robert Fetchner… long list of Copyright troll attempts. Just skip the pictures from now on, never know if they’ve been copywrighted. i guess.

  48. Alfred

    in Germany the practice of the lawyer Robert Fechner is known.

    Here is a link to a site which possibly helps for the next steps.

    You can use f.e. http://www.deepl.com for translation if necessary:



  49. T

    Similar to your case. I hope it helps:


    I pray Heavenly Father put strong protection on you, and is by your side all the time, in Jesus Christ. Amen

  50. Tom from Switzerland

    I believe they have zero possibilities to acutally sue somebody outside germany and most of all outside of Europe!

    Those crooks (its called “Abmahn”-business) is a growing ulcer and pain mostly in Germany.

    I would just take the chances and not react to anything at all and let it run its course.

    It could well be they just bark and intimidate and have no teeth.

    May God help and bless you with his wisdom of the Holy Spirit!

    Tom from Switzerland

  51. McKana

    this messengers of the devil have:-
    1. No fear of God.
    2. Interfered with the work of the Lord.
    3. Took all our time and effort.
    4. Distracted our attention.
    5. Gave us this pain and concern!
    6. Inflicted damage, we are all hurt and upset.
    This is a typical example of the desperate attempt of devil trying to do his evil.
    Fear not! If God is for us, who can be against us and to what end!
    Had they been good, they would have honored and rewarded you and be grateful their work is used for a noble cause.
    Sooner or later, they will pay for the evil they have done and the damages they inflicted.. They can’t run from God.

    Thank you all for this great support for our Dear Brother.

  52. Christine

    Jonathan, if you check out the link which Alfred posted you will find out that this is NO scam. If you do nothing, they will force the money through court from you and you have to pay the court costs and in the worst case this photographers lawyer too. The lawyer Robert Fechner is real and is well known for taking peoples money for breaking copy right. You need a laywer, too. If I were you I would contact the conpany on the Alfred’s link. They say they have experience with Robert Fechner and can help you that you eather pay nothing or much less. I feel with you and can imagine what you’re going through. That’s a spiritual battle you have to fight. I pray for you that it will turn out good.
    God bless you!

  53. Christine

    Jonathan, I thought about it again. It might be a scam, but what if not? In fact this lawyer is real and dealing with copy right. Very sad, that nobody here is a laywer who could help. The very best is that you fast and pray about it while asking God what to do and to help and guide you through that.
    Many blessings to you

  54. Shane Caldeira

    Reply to the letter with three words:

    “FAIR USE ACT” your purposes are not for profit..

  55. Pam

    Generally, the attorney sends out a cease and desist letter. We have had experience with this twice. 1. When we found out someone was using our company name to apply for city licenses with plans to open with our name. 2. We received a letter to one of our vendors (renting out our space) that was using copies of a photo of a famous band (copywrite infringement) on sculptures. Never have I seen a letter from an attorney that demands outright payment, much less, providing a bank account. Attorneys are paid per billable hour. This is what stood out the most when reading the letter…a demand payment into a bank account.


  56. Donna Reed

    Hi Jonathan,
    I searched Facebook and Twitter for “Adrian Sommeling” and I did find him. However, interesting is that in Twitter, I saw a post he did on November 5, 2017, where he himself talks about other people using his photos!!!!!!!! (He says he is fine with it as long as it is not for commercial business!!!! SO BOOM —- there you go!! This site is a VOLUNTEER/FREE website you have!!!!) So reply to that German lawyer (get a lawyer friend if you have one, to help you with the “legalese”) and send him back a letter WITH Adrian’s own admission that he is fine with use of his photos for non-commercial use.

    Here is the full text from Adrian Sommeling’s post from 2017 on Twitter:

    Adrian Sommeling
    June 5, 2017 ·
    Dear friends,
    A few days ago a Facebook page shared my photos and I got many new people on this page. I love it, but with all these new followers came also many personal messages (500+). So many questions that I can not answer them all personally. I am sorry for that. So, to give an answer to the most asked questions, I will try to do that in this post.
    Question: ‘Can you edit my photo?’
    Answer: I am sorry. First, I really don’t have the time for that. I have many clients, waiting for their work to be finished on time. If I do have the time, I like to create some free work of my own 😉
    Second, I can’t work with photos taken by others. I always take my own photos. The light, angle etc all has to be good to be able to create a good composite. 😉
    Question: ‘How can I learn editing like you?’
    Answer: Well, you can! It’s less hard than you might think. There are some things to take care of, when you take the photos, like angle and light, but if you understand this, it’s all ‘pretty easy’ 🙂
    And.. yes I do sell tutorials. Just click on the shop button on this site and you will see them… 😉
    Question: ‘Can I use your photos on my Facebookpage?’
    Answer: Yes you can as long as it is for personal use and not something commercial. And of course… mention my name as the one who create the image and a link to this page, or my Instagram account. 😉
    Question: ‘What kind of work do your clients ask for and what do you think propelled your business?’
    Answer: My clients are almost all companies, hardly individuals. Most of the work I create for them is the kind of work you can not capture with a single shot or are just impossible to achieve with regular photography. Think about giants or little people. Or like my son hanging below a drone 😉
    What propelled my business is hard to answer. It’s a mix of Social Media, regular media attention, but most important, personal networking. And of course, creating images that are uhhh… different, compared to what the majority is doing 😉
    Well… I think this answers almost all the questions I got the last few days 😉
    Wishing you a great day or night,

  57. Marcelle

    Standing prayer for our brother Jonathan, and all of The LORD’S children.

  58. Marcelle

    Standing prayer for our brother Jonathan, and all of The LORD’S children.

  59. Hannah Silver

    Hi, In case you don’t speak French, I wanted to translate Hélène’s comments above. (I will paraphrase.)

    “Have you seen on Google the comments about this guy; some say he’s a scammer/con artist who specializes in this. Ask for proof and don’t send any money.”

    As for me, I totally agree. If this guy is mentioned in numerous online comments as a con man, that is probably the case.

    Also, after praying about this (and even before praying about it) I strongly feel in my spirit that he’s a scammer. I have some experience with these types of characters, and they kind of start to all sound the same after you’ve seen enough. I could give details, but the end conclusion is that really… he’s a scammer.

    No court in the world would expect you to send a large sum of money from 2-3 emails and a threatening letter. That perfectly fits the MO of internet scammers. Perfectly.

    I know the guy’s a liar, but I want you to have peace with it so I am praying for you and so are a lot of others here on this site. May the Spirit of the Creator fill you with a calm peace and reassurance.

    He will. God bless you.

  60. honnanila

    Read this link. And, read the comments below the article. It’s a genuine law firm and they’re like ambulance chasers, they take 35% of what you pay. The deliberately attack small businesses who are more likely to pay than a big one. https://www.onehourprofessor.com/getty-images-demand-letter-getty-images-lawsuit/

  61. honnanila

    Read this link. And, read the comments below the article. It’s a genuine law firm and they’re like ambulance chasers, they take 35% of what you pay. The deliberately attack small businesses who are more likely to pay than a big one. https://www.onehourprofessor.com/getty-images-demand-letter-getty-images-lawsuit/

  62. Jodie

    https://easydns.com/blog/2019/09/16/fechner-law-of-germany-threatens-to-bring-criminal-complaint-for-shielding-client-privacy/. This is a link to a website that talks about having issues with the same person. Thought it might help.

  63. Praise God
    Could you please let me know where to transfer some money, on July 7 th
    Please bear in mind I can do it only via a PayPal.

    Please answer at mihaelafrincu10@yahoo.com

  64. Mike W

    Hello, I have never been on your website before, so I was amazed to see this post as the first one. I know that receiving letters from a law firm can be scary. First of all, I lived many years in Europe, including Germany, I was a weapons Inspector for the UN for 8 years. I just left working for the Government in Washington, DC to form my own business. After reading the letters sent to you, it surprises me that the lawyer in question did not convert any fines or fees from Euros to Dollars. This shows that the law firm wants to scare you into a quick settlement. I researched both the law firm and photo claim. Photo claim is similar to buying insurance for your photos that you copyright. You could have unknowingly used a copyrighted photo, however, any lawsuit would have to be filed in US court. No law firm is going to file a law suit of 2,000 euros in an US court, the costs would be more than what the fine is worth. It seems this law firm tries to get quick settlements and then keeps a high fee for settlement. I would do nothing, and call there bluff. If they file in a US court then, yes get a lawyer, but until then do not worry. As to what some people have posted about traveling overseas to Germany, there is no worry if you wanted to, besides it is not very safe to travel with the pandemic right now. Civil matters are not a concern of customs and border security. My wife was actually scared to return to Germany because she owed 500 euros to the Stadtamt, similar to city hall, and went to the German Embassy asking if she would be arrested at the airport in Frankfurt. They informed her that those issues have nothing to do with border security. They are not concerned with local or civil matters. I hope this helps. God Bless.
    Michael W

  65. Ronald Chong

    Whether these claims are true or this is a scam it
    Just goes to show what an evil world this is. Tell them to present their evidence. And €2000 for a photo?? Wow. Selfish beyond words.

  66. Comment by post author

    I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has donated money to me. I am beyond grateful! Its means a lot to my family and me.

  67. Alan Smith

    My brother, this is clearly a scam attempt. I would advise to ignore this letter. Many clues are presented in that letter to reveal a deception. First clue is the email at the top part of the letter. No reputable law firm has photography in their company name (fake@photography-defender.com). This should have raised alarms in your discernment brother.
    Please keep your faith strong in the Lord Jesus and ignore these deceptions from the adversary.
    Praise Jesus and Glory to the Most High.

  68. Expat Ga

    Hi Jonathan – You have done such a phenomenal job with this website! Thank you!

    I have three resources for you to try – https://www.christianlegalsociety.org & https://www.nclegalclinic.org & https://christianlaw.org. I am confident that you will get free help from one of these sources.

    I find it highly suspect that the lawyer never references the exact photo that is supposedly a copyright infringement. Since I write articles for a site as well, I am now going to search “non copyrighted………” to find an image. I am also thinking of using Scripture with an attractive photo instead of an image. We are in times of persecution & this will get worse so we need to “be smart as doves now”.

    Separately, I was praying about donating to you & this situation last night & guess what He did? Woke me up at 4:44 AM on the dot! 😂🤣. Major confirmation. I will send a donation tomorrow. ❤️ I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you. Please give your concerns to God & do not pay him one euro until you have had a lawyer review these claims. Plus remember if it is a legitimate claim, which I don’t think it is, he may be willing to settle for significantly less.

    Many blessings to you during this stressful time. 🙏🏻

  69. Expat Gal

    Second time trying to leave my comment.

    1) here are 3 resources that likely can assist and mention free to very low cost that are specific Christian legal resources – https://christianlaw.org. & https://www.christianlegalsociety.org. & https://www.nclegalclinic.org

    2) Thank you for the excellent work you do! Standing shoulder to shoulder with you during this stressful time.

    3) I prayed about donating money to your ministry before going to bed last night. God woke me up at exactly 4:44 AM! Pretty straight forward confirmation. I will send a donation tomorrow.

    4) Going forward be sure to type in “non copyrighted image of ………” just to be safe.

    5) I post articles & pull pics for the post. I am considering just posting pics of non-copyrighted Scripture.

    Many blessings to you. Give God your cares & fears during this time!

  70. I think this might be a scam.
    Do NOT go onto a CONTRACT with them.
    Do this 3 times:
    Matthew 18:

    15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.

    16 But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.

    17 And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.

    18 Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

    19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

    20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

    A third party Debt collector/ ATTORNEY is suing me:

    Do you have a contract with the 3rd party?

    Thank them for paying the alleged debt and inform them you/your person has no contract with their company.

    If they claim there is a contract, then demand they produce it.

    Hopefully they brought the original contract that you signed.

    Reed also my webpages (see links):



  71. I’m going to send you something to help out too Jonathan!

  72. I’m going to send you something to help out too Jonathan!

  73. David Champer

    SCAM…….SCAM……SCAM……..Put this at the bottom of a pile of junk mail for the time being and just ignore it. The Lord will deal with it! Trust Him,Please! You must get back to the Lords work and don’t change a thing! Bless You!

  74. Dave Johnson

    MAKE SURE that this garbage doesn’t happen again

    1) Get a cheap subscription to a photo website or just use one of the free ones

    2) IMMEDIATELY go to AnnaVonReitz.com and follow the directions to get your political status set to “Land and Soil” jurisdiction.

  75. Tim

    Just wondering whether this problem has been solved. If not, why not contact Carl Christian Müller in Germany. He’s a lawyer and has specialised himself to fight back robert-fechner!!!:


    You can get from him a free assessment of the problem by loading your letter here:


    and he will call you back…

    I don’t know him personally, but a free assesment is always good to have… and perhaps he can help…

    Please let us know how it goes

  76. Tim

    Rober Fechner has a very bad rating


    translated by Google from german

    Plenty of dubious business behavior. Bold demeanor, excessive demands and almost immoral manners are the order of the day with this gentleman.

    Reichlich dubioses Geschäftsverhalten. Dreistes Auftreten, überzogene Forderungen und beinahe schon sittenwidrige Manieren sind bei diesem Herren an der Tagesordnung.

  77. Debbie Braman

    Dear Jonathan, I feel bad to find out that your favorite part was the graphics, because I honestly never look at them. They are like ads, just something to scroll past to get to the message. Forgive me, I am no artist or art lover, but I’m probably not the only one. I don’t think you will lose a single member/viewer by taking them down. Plus you will save a lot of time. Looks like, from most prophesies, it is almost past the point of mattering. Many of us will be leaving our homes, not to mention losing our savings and most of the clothes off our backs, and probably electronics and electricity! but it will be so worth it. So much will be a matter of letting go from now on. We can do all things through Christ!

  78. Very sickening to me also. Jonathan, 🙏🌷I agree with those who believe you are falsely accused.
    And I agree with Nick who says you need to see a photo of what you are being accused of. Maybe we should start praying for the Lord to give a Word for you to help Vindicate you.
    Don’t be too quick to start paying anything. It’s an admission of guilt.
    I believe this is a big hoax by the devil. Praying for you. Kathy

  79. Sheri Foutch

    Johnathon, Here is my story along these same lines. I put an old watch I bought at an auction my years ago (big name brand, lets just call it olexx) on ebay, stated it was a knock off but works. Ebay took down my listing, which was fine because I was unaware of the rules of copyright. I got a lawsuit notice plus they wanted my watch. I received about 5 demanding letters.(It was a legit lawyers office for this Co. with letterhead.) Anyway, I did nothing and they stopped after a couple months of threats. It is a SCAM, do nothing! God bless you and your work for the Lord’s Kingdom! Sheri

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