Update: To 444 Family

If you are a lawyer or know one please help

Today I spoke with a Christian Lawyer from the comments below. He said this happens to alot of Churches and Pastors. However the allegations are legal and even with it being over seas, he has seen it go to court and they (the copyright owner) ALWAYS wins. The letter received is a scare tactic and its a gamble to see if they will take it to court or not. You would pay the court costs and it will add hundreds if not thousands to amount to be paid.

My concern was if I didnt pay settlement and it goes to court they would find something else to nail me with compounding the problem at hand, and possible total shutdown of website.

So I have gone to the bank and started the wire transfer process. Thank you all who have sent money to help. I have been so upset over this whole thing I can’t concentrate on my work, because I have been quite depressed over this whole ordeal.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Please keep this situation in your prayers.

– Jonathan

If you are a lawyer or know one please help

To the best of my knowledge I never recieved an email from them as this letter states.

As everyone knows I share Prophecy News with everyone who wants to read it shared from all over the world. Today, however, I received 2 letters stating we owe a photographer several thousand euros for using a photograph we didn’t realize was copyrighted. I didn’t even know which photo, or when we used it. However, we are expected to pay that amount ASAP. Because of this situation I have decided to take all photographs down even the ones I’ve made to protect me from getting into this kind of issue again. Please keep us in prayers, I love sharing God’s Words to other believers but not at this kind of expense. It was a huge mistake on my part and I wish it had never taken place. I want to apologize to the man that this hurt and his gifts are very admired but we did not mean to use his talents at his expense. So  I am sorry for this honest mistake and pray many blessings for him and his family. Prayers and Blessings,

Jonathan Theiben


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