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Titdal Wave on the Gold Coast – Anonymous

Titdal Wave on the Gold Coast

Jan 20, 2020 1:20 PM

2006 Dream,

Ok so at 22 yrs old I’m a born again baptized ,spirit filled believer ( Christian),  I Got married , already had  3 children by then and started my Christian life, not long after this I had a dream ,

I knew where I was as I had a knowing I was at the Gold Coast, i looked up as a loud male voice said to me from the sky there’s going to be a tidal wave on the Gold coast ,

next scene I’m on a bus as I look around at all the people on the bus they have a sad worried look as we where trying to get away from the tidal wave, all of a sudden I’m sitting at the end of each seat asking if they knew about God and I would say the sinners prayer with them and then go to the next seat and so on the dream then ended.

I have heard over the years that a lot of people have had tidal wave ( tsunami ) dreams on the east coast ,north west top of Australia and also Tasmania. That was my first dream that I truly believe was from God I have had more since then which I will share soon.

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