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Titdal Wave on the Gold Coast – Anonymous

Titdal Wave on the Gold Coast

Jan 20, 2020 1:20 PM

2006 Dream,

Ok so at 22 yrs old I’m a born again baptized ,spirit filled believer ( Christian),  I Got married , already had  3 children by then and started my Christian life, not long after this I had a dream ,

I knew where I was as I had a knowing I was at the Gold Coast, i looked up as a loud male voice said to me from the sky there’s going to be a tidal wave on the Gold coast ,

next scene I’m on a bus as I look around at all the people on the bus they have a sad worried look as we where trying to get away from the tidal wave, all of a sudden I’m sitting at the end of each seat asking if they knew about God and I would say the sinners prayer with them and then go to the next seat and so on the dream then ended.

I have heard over the years that a lot of people have had tidal wave ( tsunami ) dreams on the east coast ,north west top of Australia and also Tasmania. That was my first dream that I truly believe was from God I have had more since then which I will share soon.

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  1. CJ

    There is a Gold Coast in Florida, Africa and Australia. Which one do you think this dream was referring to?

  2. Kevin M.

    I guess you mean “Gold Coast” in Australia, there are other “gold coasts” in other countries. Is that your southeast coast?

  3. chockylover

    Anonymous mentioned Australia and Tasmania in his message. Other people have prophesied a tidal would hit Sydney years ago. I live in Brisbane Australia and welcome more messages from the Lord of Hosts about it.

  4. Jarrah

    Oh man it’s troubling for me to read what you just wrote. I too have had a dream/vision (not a normal dream but like I was actually there – this is stored as a memory not a dream and crystal clear like I actually saw this happen as in real life) I was on the deck area of one of those beachfront hotels and saw a huge wave, not ridiculous massive like you see in the movies but it was still very big around 100m high coming towards the shore.
    It came in with very little warning as people on the deck were going about their business until the last minute.

    A short time later I went to the Gold Coast and believe it was as the same place I saw with those waterfront high rise buildings like that.

    This was more than just a dream, and I have had numerous prophetic dreams in the past which have come to pass so I really think there is going to be a large tsunami some time in the not too distant future exactly where you just saw it.

    Also around the same time another Christian friend of mine told me that God had been prompting him to move off the coastline.

  5. Leanne

    Gold Coast Australia definitely

  6. Leanne

    Gold Coast Australia definitely

  7. Lisa Ward

    I live on the Gold Coast. I had a vision of wading through water waist deep in my hallway. I live on acreage about 5 km inland west of the motorway. My son (9 years old) has had 2 dreams about tsunamis, though he didnt know where they were. He said the water went over the top of buildings and as the water approached he prayed to God to save him. The Lord has given me many visions of storing food and especially water. I believe I will be feeding and helping people in my neighborhood.

  8. ivan dimitrov

    THERE IS A GOLD COAST IN BULGARIA..ALSO..=the same 2006 th i have been there..and i was working as a COOK..AND HAD ALMOST THE SAME DREAM

  9. Tara Anderton

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  10. Tara Anderton

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