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Time to Clean the House – Ruth Johnson

Time to Clean the House

June 25, 2021 2:45 AM
Ruth Johnson

O my Lord, I long to hear You better
So am writing You this letter.
I often feel lost in my own thoughts,
Not letting You in,
As stubborn as an ox
Tethered to a millstone,
Walking in a circle,
Whipping myself,
Afraid I’ll lose my mind.
It is time
To break free
And simply follow Thee.
Wherever You go,
Where You want me to be.
I long to see what You want me to see,
I want to be
What You envision for me.
I am weary of my thoughts
When they lead me into darkness,
I am sick of the dreams
Where I awaken feeling starkness,
With a void in my soul,
A great big hole
Only You can fill
With Your Holy Light.
I crave that sight.
Please, illuminate the cobwebs
Strung in the corners of my mind,
Make the shadows flee,
Chase the spooks away,
Show me every speck of dust
I must sweep away.
The filthy floor, the smudged door,
The dirty laundry,
And so much more.
The curtains on the windows
Of my weary eyes,
The pillows on my bed
Where I rest my head
And hide,
All need airing out
In Your blessed breeze,
O my dear Lord,
I am on my knees!
Hear my cries!
Let me hear You!
Take away my lies,
Replace them with Your Truth!
Please clear my house
Being trashed since my youth!
By me, Lord! By me!
Help me clean my earthly abode,
I can no longer carry this load
I so want to hear You,
I so need to know
That my small frame house
Is a good place to go!
Where there are no surprises
Lurking under furniture,
Or up in the attic
Poised to attack!
Where the basement is clear
Of mildew and spiders,
Where nothing is hiding
Under my bed.
Where in my closet
Is hanging white threads.
Where through my plumbing
Flows clear, clean water,
No lead pipes,
No foreign matter.
O my Lord, I am working hard,
But only You are perfect,
The Master house cleaner,
The thorough field gleaner,
With eyes so bright,
With Words so clear,
It is hard to take
Your Holy Light,
It is so bright!
But O my Lord, turn Your gaze on me,
Tell me all I need to see,
Show me things that are not clean yet,
I so want You to visit me!
And feel at home close by my heart.
Oh, teach me Lord,
I want to start!


O My child, it is time,
There is a reason,
There is a rhyme,
This is the season
And it is shortened.
The weather whirls,
Storms unfurled,
Hail and sleet
Flooding streets,
All from Me.
Landslides, sinkholes,
Tornadoes, volcanoes,
Hurricanes set loose.
Fires burn My precious trees
To wake you all up,
Bring you to your knees.
Do not doubt Me,
You cannot survive without Me,
You can put on a show
That you know which way to go,
But what if you are wrong?
How would you know?
When the mountains crash down
And bury your town,
Where is your safe haven,
A place to lay your head?
Your children all crying,
Your crops all dying,
Should not you be calling
To Me instead?
I AM the Only One who can help you!
I AM the Only One Who cares
Enough to lift you out
Of My judgment snares!
Clean your house,
Throw away your idols,
Read My Word
While you are still able.
You will find out
What I AM bringing to your table.
Blessings or curses,
It is up to you.
Do not mess around,
Your world is almost through.
Deuteronomy Chapters 28-30.

Your Father

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