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TIME OF JUDGEMENT – David Wilkerson


The Lord said Abraham the cry of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah have come up to my ears folks there is a crisis in cry that only reaches the ear of God but we do not hear it as he hears it God says they have sinned so mightily and the Bible says that Abraham stood before the Lord evidently the Lord dismissed their sent the angels on to Sodom there’s the cry of vengeance I am going to destroy the world because of violence we see this happening again in the
United States and around the world Bible calls it lawlessness and this is the flash point of God’s judgment and we reached that point already in our society 250,000 homosexuals marched down Fifth Avenue in New York City they called it Gay Pride Day happening all over the world suddenly if you know your Bible how is the devil going to be able to destroy the authority of the scripture he’s going to do it by having a whole generation believe Bible is a lie because men are marrying men and women are marrying women hope you can see it and understand it let me tell you why God was moving against Sodom in sodom and gomorrah when they stayed in the closet the cry had not yet been fulfilled the cup of iniquity had not yet been filled even when the word spread even the Angels heard the word you can’t sleep on the streets the streets are unsafe but if it wasn’t the time for judgment the time for judgment came when the moment lawlessness broke out and the homosexuals took the law into their own hands and they tried to break in the house and attack and rape the angels they said that’s it we came to investigate it is hopelessly lawless now judgment was declared God said to David I know every mischief deed sin I will deal with it by my own hand the folks God has been warning but God is going to judge the sins of our
nation’s and especially America God said I would do it by my own hand we love America we love this homeland of ours to know God we know there comes a time when God releases a nation to judgment and America has been released to judgment there’s something that’s arisen out of your nation you are not neglecting God now there’s a choice coming for that has declared war on God you know what it is it’s our Supreme Court there’s blood on their hands evil old men God haters protecting baby killers and atheistic rights they’ve taken their fisted God daring him to react to their front of me billion do you remember when Israel became so corrupt corrupted worse than Sodom the prophet Ezekiel said even the daughters of the Philistines are shocked at your lewd ways even they ungodly heathen Philistines prostitute the whole world blesses and our wickedness America is dying but Zion is rising as I am the holy city of God the holy city of thought about you work but this glorious hope in your heart and when you see these fearful things don’t let it shake your heart listen folks get into your heart God’s gonna keep you protect you see you through and even in the suffering but that’s only gonna bring the graces of the Lord Jesus in our hearts Lord we travel it the Word of God we tremble Oh God we want to hear your message we want to hear your voice in this this nation must repent god this nation must turn back to you and we have such little time left God we weep for our nation but oh god we feel your tears oh God in Jesus name we repent before you I repent we all repent of our sins before you Lord my God forgive us in our churches forgive our pastors forgive me forgive all of us O Lord for not warning the people from that vegan toxin hearing annoying the voice of God not hearing the prophetic word of the Lord God of mercy on this nation have mercy of God of mercy my lord have mercy upon us God we pray for the Christians and leadership you want to have mercy on this nation you want us to turn to you so that you can bring back your favor and blessing and protection O God in Jesus name spare your people protect your people in these hard times blessed be the name of the Lord blessed be the holy name of Jesus God you have everything under control you know what you’re doing you know what’s happening Lord Jesus you hold your church you hold your people you have purpose to protect your people in these last days you will protect Oh God and you will give us your mind in your will you

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