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Recompense – Asha B

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April 10, 2024 3:12 PM
Asha B

Message received 09th April 2024

I am opening the windows of heaven for good and for bad. Those who have deposited good and righteousness shall receive goodness and righteousness. Those who have deposited evil and that which is bad shall receive now of my wrath. My children shall come to me and shall receive righteous rewards.

The judgment is set upon all the nations of the earth. They shall now receive the recompense of their doings, on the earth, upon the nations, upon the peoples, upon the lands.

Many shall now see signs throughout the earth. Many shall reel and fall backward. The nations shall now experience loss and lack. The nations shall now begin to fall to their knees. The nations shall now begin to quiver and shake. No nation shall be left untouched, for all the nations of the earth have turned against me. There is no nation that has done good. No, not one.

All the peoples of the earth have been led astray. My judgments do not dwell in the earth. All have gone against me. All have gone their own ways. Only my children, who I am teaching my ways and my righteous ones upon the earth, of whom there are few, have continued in me.

The leaders of the world are alike. All corrupt. There are none that have done well. No, not one.

Their hearts are not for me. Their hearts are full of evil designs. Their hearts are full of evil devices against me and against my holy name. There is none that does good. No, not one.

The peoples have been led down paths of evil and wickedness. There is no nation on this earth that is worthy to be saved. No, not one. The people have followed their leaders. They have been led astray. They have been taught lies concerning me. They have turned their faces away from me and now I will turn my face away from them.

Many shall now perish for they will not return to me. They will not call on me, for they do not know of me. Many have followed their own pernicious ways and have neglected me and my word. They have neglected to seek me, to seek my face.

Now the judgments have been set and the die has been cast. Now the judgments shall fall on each nation. They shall all suffer the consequences of their failure to bring my people to me.


It is now time. I have shown many of my people and now I will again show mercy upon all who dwell on the earth. I will send out my children with my words, to save many. Those who hear will hear and those who forbear will forbear.

This shall be the last call. The judgment call before I return to prepare a people to me, for my return. To ready themselves, to be saved. For it is not my will that any should perish without me, without hearing my word. The time has come, the die is cast. All who see my servants and believe shall be saved.

Judgment is set for those who will not come to me. There shall be many who refuse my gift of salvation. There shall be no more signs before me. Judgment is cast. The time for all shall now begin. The signs haven been shown, the judgments set.

I am now walking with my children to do good.

Your loving Father


Isaiah 34, Ezekiel 2

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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