February 16, 2020
The Pen

1st THE TRIAL: brings agitation, confusion, and civil unrest: racial, political, financial, in families and society. The First Four Seals Are Broken Open. NOW!
2nd THE SMALL TRIBULATION: Intensification of The Troubled Times. Then,
The Warning/Illumination Of Conscience/New Pentecost, followed by 6 Weeks or approx. 40 days, where satan has no power over the human will, and humanity has the opportunity to Repent and return to God Almighty. Yes Or No To God! Heaven Or Hell!
3rd THE GREAT TRIBULATION: After the 6 weeks are finished, the Anti-Christ will be un-vieled and in place and Beast System up and running, to the Refuge will God’s people be safely guided. See Psalm 91.

False prophets will now emerge to lead if possible even the elect. They will do so-called miracles, but mark My Word: they will Never be permanent miracles. This is a sign to reveal they are false…Christ Jesus was in the Tomb from the time He was taken down from the Cross and laid in the Tomb, until, Sunday morning when he was Gloriously Resurrected, before the cock crowed. These false miracles will Only Last as long as Christ Jesus was in the Tomb, as they can not stand the Light Of Day. Less than three days! They are created in darkness, by the snake king and his minions. Count The Hours!

Children, satan wants to remake you in his own and likeness! He has no sex! My Angels were created without sexuality. Now satan wants to dissolve humanities God given biology; Male and Female, and re-make you in his own image and likeness. Do not succumb to this abomination. If you do not repent, you are lost to I AM forever.

Children procure Now for yourself, and your loved ones Elderberry and Hawthorn Berry powders, pills, tinctures, extracts, bulk dried herbs, plus, Hawthorn Leaves (tea boiled 8 minutes; made from dried, cut and or sifted). For these will save you from the coming plagues. This was told to My daughter Marie-Julie Jahenny of Brittany, over 100 years ago. Do not be incredulous, but believe, and have great faith, in Me and I AM will show you life-giving miracles, the life giving Word of Psalm 91: Verse 10.

Peter Denied Me Three Times:
1. Never Deny Me.
2. Never Deny Me.
3. Never Deny Me.

Watch Jerusalem for when the armies surround the Apple of My Eye, you will know The End Has Come.

The Anti-Christ will initiate the True Messiah, and come out of Egypt. He will receive a blessing in Egypt, and then proceed to Europe, for his consecration. Watch Berlin: the throne of satan.

Definition of Gosen or Refuge:
I AM Protects = Security
I AM Cherishes = Love
IAM Nourishes = Food & Drink
I AM Blesses = Peace & Spiritual Edification

Your cash system will fall and be worthless. Credit and debit cards will be a transition to the Mark Of The Beast. People have already taken the chip My Children. Beware! After the Anti-Christ is un-vieled it will not be possible to remove the chips from your body, for your own will will be superseded, by the Beast System technology controls.

Some of you are worried, that all the beautiful things created by mankind, will be totally destroyed, in the wars and chastisements coming to humanity. The records of all things worthy of God, that have benefited humanity, or were created in love, are kept in the records of Heaven, the Libraries of The Almighty One.

America Listen To Me: 7 cities I AM will allow to be destroyed, by your enemies. They will target many more, but My Hand will deflect these missiles, because of the prayers of the Faithful. The names of 2 of your cities that will fall are NYC and San Francisco, Sodom & Gomorrah, East & West. Regarding NYC: The Freedom Tower will be destroyed for pride. The 9/11 Event at the Twin Towers, was a Judgment of God. The American politicians, including your then sitting president, said “We will rebuild…” Your rebellion pride and idols, have been hoisted anew, and can not stand in My Sight America. You have not repented, you will fall.
Isaiah 9:10 “The bricks are fallen down, but we build with square stones: they have cut down the sycamores, but we will change them to cedars.”

I AM will judge you on how many souls you bring into My Kingdom. Do not come empty-handed. You either come with your brothers and Sisters, or you do not come at all. For if you come alone, I AM will smell the stench of your selfish pride, and tell you I never knew you, begone!

I AM has given each family a Prayer Warrior, to off-set those that have fallen away, or never knew Me. You Know Who You Are! Yes, You Who Are Reading This Message. Do not shrink from your duty to your family. The souls of your loved ones, hang in the Balance. There is a Balance in Nature. And yes, I AM has placed a Balance in the Spiritual life of mankind, also. Pray, intercede, offer up your sufferings, persecutions, sorrows, losses, and your tears, for the members of your families, loved ones, for all humanity, and I AM will raise you up to My Throne, in the next world, and in the Era Of Peace to come soon. Be at peace, I AM Loves you all. You were created to come to this world, for this time for this season, the Final Battle between Good and Evil, the end of the snake king and his kingdom. Amen, Amen Amen!

God Is Love, you will be judged on Love alone! Remember That!

Note from The Pen:
In this compilation of recent messages, I am not acting as prophet or watchman, but only as secretary or pen. Take them to the Holy Spirit.


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  1. Susan Elizabeth

    Thank you for being a willing pen

    This is absolutely spot on


  3. MIVAS

    Point C is not true. Because in Genesis 6; 4 it is written:
    There were giants in the earth in those days ; and also after that,
    when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they
    bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of
    old, men of renown.
    If in one thing the prophet is not telling the truth, the whole message is a lie!!!!!

  4. Sue

    Julie Jahenny was a mystic!!! All those roads lead to major deception! Where is the discernment?

  5. Susan Elizabeth

    Focus on the greater picture of the timeline presented here and not so much on the details about the herbs and angels.

    True dicernment in this hour is learning to remove the precious from the vile in all things (Jeremiah 15).

    We all prophesy in part and know in part until the Bride reaches that John 17 unity and is sent on the 40 day mission in her transformed body with the saints of old.

    Ask God for dicernment to be able to see through the mixture and pull out the truth.

    But thank you for the key things you pointed out about the Angels and also about the mystic spirit.

    God Bless you all, we all need each other in this time and iron sharpens iron.

  6. Miriam

    You can’t have the great tribulation without the anti-christ who will organise it.

  7. Chris Chapin

    Question for point L does bringing in souls for the Kingdom include online ministries such as websites, YouTube channels, or Instagram accounts?

  8. cornelldebeer

    I’m confused, God is going to judge us on the amount of souls we bring?? What about Faith!! That Jesis come in the flesh and died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected after 3 days.
    Gods two greatest commandment, love God with all our heart, soul and mind and our neighbours like ourselves. We can try and bring someone to Jesus, pray and spread the gospel. But it is still that person’s decition if they will give their heart to Jesus or not. I can’t force someone, i wish i could cause my daughter is not safed! And where is the Holy Spirit in this then? Thanks and God bless. Cornell

  9. Comment by post author

    By The Pen

    Re (C) MIVAS: right on, but it is a mystery, we do not know the whole story…there was some time of sex act with the Fall of Adam & Eve. We do not have the whole picture when they broke open the fruit they saw pictures, I personally believe that Eve was taught masturbation by the snake king, however. Cain and his line are the brood of vipers, down from the snake king, But satan was not created as a male to procreate, he had great knowledge and wanted to destroy mankind he obviously found a way with secret knowledge to somehow enter into womankind to add Tares to the Wheat.

    Re (L) Chris Chapin: Of course, God uses all media/technology, all mankind creates for his purposes and I would say that the internet is a huge way to bring souls to God!

  10. Catherine

    Mivas and Sue, I thought the same, a mystic. There are people with the “automatic writing”, behind are spirits.

  11. Frank

    It is written again when Jesus was questioned regarding the resurrection who’s wife shall she be. he replied they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are as the angels in heaven there for you do greatly err

    Please pray for discernment regarding this I am not a prophet or anybody special just a sinner sorrow into repentance God bless

  12. Frank

    Having read this further about the potion of berries that doesn’t sit well with my spirit everything else seem to sit right until that I don’t know I’m praying on it

  13. Matthew

    Some information on Marie-Julie

    Please note the following excerpt:

    “Our Lady appeared to her telling her she would have much to suffer. The following 15th of March there was another apparition of the Mother of God”

    Are we as a community now teaching that Jesus/Yeshua wants to make his children suffer violently? Please read page 15 of the PDF linked above and you will understanding my question.

    If Marie-Julie’s stigmata is of Yeshua, then why are the prophets not promoting it? You only see this kind of thing in the Roman Catholic Church. They have traditionally promoted this kind of suffering.

    This implies that Jesus wants us physically ill — the same Jesus that was healing people and raising the dead.


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