through prayer can one escape their grip – Victoria Ang

through prayer can one escape their grip

June 7, 2020
Victoria Ang


Last night I was given a dream where I found myself in this big warehouse type building. I was standing a distance from this doorway. But seemed to be seeing this as though I was invisible. ( Gods protection ).As I looked at the doorway a MASSIVE BLACK SNAKE slithered into the building. It was about the size of an over inflated ,parade float.Its tongue was flickering in and out. ( snakes use their tongues as sensors to find help find prey). It came right past me as though I was invisible and went from room to room searching out its prey. It found a lion and started to wrap around and coil the lion in its body…… The dream ended

Interpretation :

The demonic forces are now in great force and power roaming to seek those of GODS KINGDOM who they can devour! It is only staying close to the Lord through prayer can one escape their grip.And not be devoured .

I also want to share something absolutely AMAZING that occurred this morning.I have mentioned the story about my pool. Well this morning I found MANY baby CANE TOADS OR BUFO TOADS in my pool. I was upset thinking how can I get rid of these as they cannot be released because they are VERY TOXIC and POISONOUS to other animals especially dogs. So I went into prayer asking the Lords help what I should do. I went to the barn and proceeded to tend the animals. I came back down and the toads were making a great racket in noise( they do make loud noises in calling to others). I went into the house and continued to pray. About 15 minutes later I glanced out in the back yard to find about 8 Egrets( white birds) EATING the poisonous toads!!!! HOW QUICK AND FAST THE PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED !! …… ALL GLORY AND HONOR TO GOD!! ❤️🙏🙏
Stay in prayer and faith as he is working behind the scenes for our good !!!

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  1. McKana

    Frogs and Toads represent unclean spirits, Biblical
    The serpent/Snake as you know is the devil.

    The Angels took care of the Toads and the Lord protected you from the evil one. I had the same experience with big and small frogs.
    True, we are all under enormous attacks, the Lord is our shelter.
    Thank for sharing what you saw



    Wow this encourages me and gives me hope this morning in so much uncertainty.

  3. KarenO

    I agree, Victoria. A vigil has a powerful place in our lives, quite obviously. Thanks so much for affirming that. It thrills me to no end to see so many of us being led to just that type of interaction with our Lord…mighty, indeed!

    I’m now engaged in finding out what “Vigil #3” is… the prayer for those in despair lasted 3 hours, until I went to sleep, but now the inspiration to pray for those in despair (at the end of their rope) regularly pops up in my conversations with Him.

    While the word vigil describes the difference, knowing the (heart) difference between the two has been an eye opener for me.

    Our wonderful Lord never stops working!

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