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three years to remain – Mike F.

three years to remain

Dec 23, 2019 2:26 PM
Mike F.

During the early morning hours of Dec. 20th, 2019, I had two dreams within a short time of each other.

The first dream I heard the words “three years to remain”, and then the dream ended.

Right after this dream, I had another dream where I was observing a scene in the middle of a large city, as though I was watching TV with the sound turned off. Before me, I saw several Police Officers in the road running towards the source of thick black smoke which was moving across the sky above the road from left to right, as though something large was on fire. As I looked at the smoke in the sky, I saw a fireball coming out of the smoke. Suddenly a white mushroom cloud appeared with a very bright flash and I woke up.

Mike F.

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  1. Caroline

    Thanks for sharing Mike. I ve received much confirming your visions.
    Blessings Caroline Diadem.

  2. Thank you Mike for sharing this message. Back in 2017 I received a message ” 3 Days Warning Before 3 Days of Darkness” I take this as meaning years so much of this begins dark times in 2020 the way I interpret it

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