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Three Tsunami Dreams – Jose Polanco

Jose Polanco

Three Tsunami Dreams
NOVEMBER 18, 2015 4:15am

I woke up shaking up because of a troubling sequence of Three Dreams I had of a massive Tsunami Wave hitting the East Coast of the USA.

And this is what happened in my sequence of dreams:

In the First Dream;

I found myself with one of my daughters in a particular place near the shore and in a particular State that soon I will mention.

It was near a house that in the dream we knew. We were outside just talking, when we saw a massive wave coming in from offshore. Immediately we ran inside and I knew we were in trouble and that there was NO way to avoid what was coming. We were able to get in the house and once inside we were trying to keep safe, but basically waiting to die, in the mean time, we could feel the massive power and water pressure that was destroying everything in the path outside, until the water pressure finally entered the house.

I immediately woke up.

Once awake, I went to the bathroom and went straight back to bed a little shaken up, but NO big deal it is just a nightmare. I felt asleep right away and I had the same dream AGAIN, but with some small differences from the first one, but pretty much it was an exact replica of the first dream.

Second Dream:

In this second dream; I saw an Angel throwing what I believe was a BIG ROCK in to the Atlantic Ocean and I found myself again in the same place and everything REPEATED all over again with the only difference that I was with my other daughter and one of my grand-daughters.

Again the water pressure entered the house and the water pressure hit my grand-daughter and sent her flying against the wall. (NO need to explain further.)

Again I immediately woke up.

Again, I knew exactly where I was in the dream, even when I have personally have never been in that particular place before, but it’s like I knew exactly where I was and mainly in which State I was.

I have been a Surfer all my life and we are trained to know how to calculate the size of waves by looking at it from the back or the front side, either way; its like an instinct you develop with years of surfing and I believe the Tsunami wave reached maybe around 100 feet.

Now, I’m WIDE awake again, and this time my I could feel my heart beat pounding in my chest and I was more concerned with the dream because, it immediately repeated over and I knew this time that God was giving me a Prophetic Dream.

This time I spoke to the Lord and I asked God to please show me IF this was the real thing and IF the dream was a serious warning; to please REPEAT the dream again, BUT in this occasion I wanted to SEE the NAME of the State, that I KNEW I WAS IN as a confirmation.

Third Dream:

The third dream was a REPLICA of the other TWO previous dreams, but this time I was only with my younger baby grand-daughter.

Once inside the house we were laying down on the floor just waiting for the water to come in, and again basically waiting to die.

This time something different happened, the water NEVER entered the house.

BUT, WHILE I RAN INSIDE, I SAW the name of the State during the third dream, like I asked God and in the dream I SAW a street sign and it SAID;


Again I woke up and that was it.

The same Dream THREE times in less than THREE hours.

Pretty Amazing ah, and IF this is not a warning from God then I should be put in a mental institution. Haha!

A dream once maybe a warning from God for a future event, a dream twice means that the dream is a serious warning from God, a dream three times in less than THREE hours I believe is above and beyond, and GOD really wants to warn people about it and I believe it may be an imminent threat and may also means that is coming very soon.

The Lord gave me a scripture for this inRevelation 8:8

“And the second angel sounded his trumpet, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood…”

Revelation 8:8

In a personal note written today

January 6, 2016.

I would like to share something with the Body of Christ that are reading this dream.

I have had dreams, visions and experiences with God since I got saved many years ago.

I have been able to see hell from a distance in the depths of Earth, etc, etc…

But by FAR this dream has been the second most colorful, real, clear, vivid, direct, experience that I have ever had in my entire life.

Revelation 8:8 is not a metaphor, it is a real future apocalyptic event that will literally take place in God’s prophetic time.

It’s not a thing of,

If it will ever happen,

it is a matter of when.

Redemption draws near Brothers and Sisters, it’s time to seek our Lord Jesus-Christ with all of our hearts, souls and minds.

This is a time to renew our strength in God, to be watchful and pray like we never have before. This is NOT about how BIG our Ministries are or how BIG God uses us; this is about Him and ONLY HIM, and to HIM BE the GLORY, and the HONOR for ever and ever, Amen!

And as I type these final words the Lord is speaking to my spirit and says:

“In this latter days many miracles and wonders will be seen like never before in the midst of all this confusion and troubled times.”

But know this;

I will NOT share my Glory with anyone! This is the time of harvest and retribution and the times when I will be known once again as the God of Israel.”

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