Three Messages – Ruth Johnson

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Three Messages

February 10, 2023 2:59 PM
Ruth Johnson

First message:

My sons, My daughters
Did I not say
I would take care of you?
Hold you far
Away from the slaughters?
I do not lie
I Promise you
I Always Do
What I Say
There is no way
You will perish
For My children
I Truly Cherish.
But you have to be tough
To weather this storm
I test you to make sure
You will stand
With Me.
Give up your plans
Mine are so much better.

Second Message:

My Kingdom Come

My Kingdom Come
My Will Be Done
On earth
As it is in Heaven.
It is a Statement.
No question about it.
I would be ashamed
If I had quoted it
Then turned around
To doubt it
If I were you.
I AM not.
My Kingdom Come
Is Mine Alone.
You have to be intimate
With My Son to come in.
His Name is Jesus
In case you do not know.
Plenty is written,
Much has been memorized,
Simply ask the ones who know.
There is a path,
They have found it,
They do not want to walk alone.
Would you?
It is steep and treacherous
Fraught with danger
Full of very, very, very
Evil strangers.
You think you know stranger danger?
Honestly, I DO NOT THINK SO!
I will cut straight to the chase,
The line is in front of you,
The finish of this race!
Open your eyes!
Open your hearts!
Read Matthew Chapter Seven
For a start,
Then Matthew Chapter Twenty.
Where are My workers?
Why are they few?
The hour is late
And I Am coming for you!
All will be paid
With Paradise,
The Prize for the Race,
The Work in the Field.
What manner of crop
Did you manage to yield?
If you are late to the party
Here is the Model Prayer,
Take it to heart
We all want you there!
My Kingdom Come
My Will Be Done.
But you have a will of your own.
What will it be?
To help you to see
Read Luke Chapter Eleven.
For Mine Is The Kingdom
And The Power
And The Glory

Third Message:

The world as we know it
Is going down in flames.
Did not I TELL YOU!?!
Have not I Screamed It!?
That stake I bore it!
You ignored it?
How could you?!?
Why would you!?!
I Am your Salvation!
Do not doubt Me!
I would not want to be you
If you do
When your whole world
Is through!

Why do you listen
To satan’s lies?
Take them to heart?
Believe them?
he is not Me!
Why don’t you see!?!
Why do you never
Listen to Me!!?
I do not understand!!
Do you think life is grand?
Look what you are going through!
Making the best of it,
Not a test of it,
To see on which side you stand!!

My Father did not intend
For so many to be lost!
If that is what you choose
You will pay the cost!
You will lose, lose, lose!

Listen to Me!
I Am your Brother!
Here from Eternity!
I Have Always Loved you!!
Never forsaken you!
You trust in the kings
Of your cities.

They are going to crumble,
They are built on sand.
No thing can endure
My Father’s Hand!
He Created everything!
He Sustains everything!
And He Will bring it down!
No more home town!
No more food!
No more power!
Bitter, wretched water!
This is the final hour!

You do not believe Me?
Just going to sit back and see?
Really? Do you know what is at stake
If you choose to forsake
Hell is very real.
Eternal punishment.
And you will feel every lick of flame
Forever! And ever!
Why!? When you do not have to!!?
I came to Save you!
I hung on that stake!
With everyone’s sins,
And I did not break
The covenant with you!
You did! Repent!
Repent, I Say! Repent!
Pick up your stake
And follow Me!
To Heaven for Eternity!

Do you think I want to lose you!?!
No!!! I Love you!!
Get the hell away from this world
Before hell swallows you!!

Listen to Me! Now!
Bend your knee and bow!
Cry out to Me
Before it is too late!
The time is oh so near!
You will lose all
You hold dear
If I Am not First,
If I Am just an afterthought.
Your whole existence will burst
Into flames!! Call My Name!!!
I Will Save you.
I Will feed you.
I Will Give you
The Water of Life!
You are going down!
Down, down, down!
Do not do it!!
You do not have to!!!
Do not wait!
The hour is late!
Please take heed!
The Book is ending!
A New One beginning!
Sooner than you think!
Did you even read it?
Let alone heed it?
Think, think, think!
Do not take
The easy way out!!
It leads to hell!!!
Have no doubt!!
I Love you!
Come with Me!
You are in huge trouble!
Bow to Me!
You have been deceived!
Listen to Me!
Now! Now! Now!
I Love you!!!
You will leave
This wretched world behind
And your heart and soul
Will find
What you Truly desire
From your Heavenly Sire.
Not the evil one
Who wants to see you undone.
Come! Come with Us!
In God Alone Trust.

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