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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Three Fold Protection Prayer!

Since people have been asking about the three part covering prayer, I thought I would post about it. When doing warfare, as I believe all Christians must do, you always want to be protected as much as possible. Part of that protection is making sure you have done deliverance over yourself as well. The Bible says first, remove the beam from your own eye so you can better remove the speck out of your brothers. When God has taught you and trained you in this area, then you can begin helping others with it. Whether you are doing warfare for yourself or others, extra protection is always wise. After all, can you ever be too covered?

This is what God showed me and what I shared with Glynda. I put the armor on daily in prayer one piece at a time. I like to visualize each piece when I do this. This helps with my faith. We know without faith it is impossible to please God. Without faith, it is impossible to do warfare as well. Once I have the armor on I then ask for the blood of Jesus to cover me, the hedge of protection to shield me and then the wall fire to surround me. The references Glynda mentioned are the biblical places you can fine these application. Remember, there are many shadows and types in the bible. These nuggets are hidden for those who search to find them. It doesn’t actually say if you pray to cover yourself with the blood you will be protected from demons. The exodus story shows a picture of when Jesus would die for our sins and His blood would protect us from evil. In the Exodus story, those whose houses were covered by the blood, were not struck by the death angel. As Christians, under the covenant through Christ, we can now use His blood for protection in the same manner. Our House is our body. We can spiritually apply the blood to it.

One day, God gave me a dream vision. I had been doing intensive warfare for my husband without physically seeing much. I had asked God to help me and He sent the vision. He showed me Glyndas blog with a post. The post said (THE BLOOD, you.) He showed me her blog knowing I would not dismiss it because I check her blog daily. When I woke up, I immediately knew that He was telling me I needed to apply the blood first over my husband and then any warfare I did would be more effective that way. The blood applied over a lost person weakens the power of the enemy over the person.

I have tried this as well. One day I could see the demons acting up and so I covered him with the blood. I was in another room and did it silently in prayer. I walked into the room and they said through him, “the blood the blood, it is so dark it tastes like iron. Ok, most people would freak out and be offended at this. I am used to this by now and I was actually excited. You can’t believe anything they say. Of course they can’t taste it, but what they did, in their arrogance, was let me know that what I had just prayed happened exactly the way I had prayed it. It obviously really bothered them or they wouldn’t have said anything. This is an example of pleading or covering with the blood of Jesus. The example of the Exodus story is showing the effectiveness of the application.

God showed me that we serve One God in three parts and each part can offer protection. Since the wall of fire was a new one to me, I tested it out. It’s a prayer, what can it hurt. One day I was quietly doing deliverance over my husband, as the Holy Spirit was prompting me, when I realized the demons were trying to go into my dog if they had to come out. The Holy Spirit showed me what their intentions were and said the wall of fire. I quickly prayed the wall of fire around my dogs and told them they could not go into my pets. Again, I did all this quietly without my husband hearing. He suddenly turned to me and said. What did you do to make the dogs not like me anymore? That was my cue that the demons couldn’t figure out how I stopped them. Most people won’t experience some of the truly bizarre stuff I have encountered. However, I am in training and so I learn through these experiences. God told me the other day. “You can’t teach without learning and you can’t learn without doing”. Yep, that was my cue that some rough stuff was coming, but that’s ok, because in my weakness He is made strong and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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