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Three Dreams From 2012

November 26, 2020 5:32 PM

Back at the beginning of 2012 I had three dreams over a period of about week. These dreams, for me, we’re absolutely of a prophetic nature. Now that all of these years have passed, it is even more clear to me that they were prophetic and that they will soon come to pass.

Dream #1 – this dreams started with me walking out the front door of a house and as I look to my right off of the front porch I saw myself walking around the side of the house and standing at the edge of a high Hilltop looking off into the distance. As I was standing on the porch I looked at the direction I was gazing and suddenly transported into my own body where I was the one standing on the hilltop in first person looking out in the distance. In the distance I saw a large Dark Cloud not in the sky but on the ground it was gray black rolling and very angry. Continue to come towards me taking up the Horizon in all Direction growing larger and larger very quickly. As it got closer suddenly a face appeared in the cloud it had white hair and beard with fiery red eyes they were scanning back and forth in the distance taking in everything as it came forward. As I was looking at the face suddenly its gaze turned to me and as my eyes lock with it I immediately fell to my knees on the ground face on the ground and Hands Extended over my head. This was the end of the dream as I sat straight up in bed and I woke screaming no at the top of my lungs. It was very clear to me when I awoke that I had just looked into the face of God or Jesus coming in a cloud is described in Revelations. I knew in an instant I had been judged and I would be left behind. When our eyes locked I knew instantly could do nothing but fall to my face on the ground. I take this as a warning that people who think that they are prepared and are Christians most are not. I did not recognize the place that the dream took place when I had it, it was someplace I had never been. About 5 years after the dream I actually moved to the exact location that the dream took place and I’m very certain that I will see the cloud coming one day. I have thought a lot over the years about what could cause this and my only thought would be possibly an asteroid or a nuclear attack off the Southeast coast of the US. His prophecy happens at 2 in the morning and mine was in the daytime so maybe not, but I thought of Psalms 91 where it says do not fear the destruction that comes at Noonday.

Dream#2 – this dream came a few days later and it was about an attempted assassination of an important government official. Due to security concerns they were having the announcement in a small enclosed area at the end of the corridor. There was a set of steps that you went down and two pairs of double doors that were steel that you went through to get into this secured area. Everyone was busy setting up for the news conference or announcement. There were large red curtains hanging from floor to ceiling covering the windows there were men walking around in suits with dogs I’m assuming looking for explosives or other types of threats. I noticed a man on a tall ladder working at the top of the red curtains behind the podium. Suddenly I was transported into his body and can feel his nervousness as he worked. He was there to set explosives and was part of someone brought in to work on the security for the area. His actual purpose what’s to set explosives to take out this person. I can actually feel his nervousness as he went about his work. After this I woke up from the dream and do not know if they were successful in their attempt or who the person was they were trying to assassinate. I wondered many times over the years who this might be but with the tall red curtains and recent developments in the US elections you could see where my thoughts on this would take me.

Dream #3 – This dream came a few days later. It began with me outside of a church and it was very dark and stormy outside like it was a bad thunderstorm. Very dark. There were people coming going and there were emergency vehicles and it was like there was some sort of an emergency going on. The people we’re coming in and out of the basement of the church. We went down into the basement and there were lots of people sitting around on benches like they were trying to get out of the weather to be protected. After I had this dream the next day I was researching about prophetic dreams and was reading about the fact that lots of times people were giving dreams in threes that are of a prophetic nature and there would be a confirmation that they were of a prophetic nature. After reading that I prayed and asked God if these were of a prophetic nature and could he give me a confirmation that they were. The next night there were some very bad storms in the town north of where I lived and I saw on the morning news that a church had been hit by a tornado and there were 30 people that were saved hiding in the basement of the church as a storm shelter. this was all the confirmation I needed and since that time I have been a completely changed person and it has grown increasingly clear that the time for these to be fulfilled is very soon. there is one part to drink number three that I didn’t mention in the beginning because at the time I did not understand it. I still think the tornado with the people in the basement was my confirmation but what I didn’t mention earlier is that everyone in my dream were wearing masks. today of course we know why everyone would be wearing masks. And the weather outside wasn’t really like a rainstorm it was more like Ash and smoke and maybe drizzling rain or something along with it being very very dark.

looking back on those dreams today it seems to fit perfectly into what will be coming in this world with the warnings of coming asteroid strikes with the threats to government officials through assassination and the unrest in our country. It would stand to reason that if something happened to cause the weather conditions to look like they did in my third dream it could have been caused by what happened in the first Dream. I welcome comments on this and and any interpretations anyone may have and of course please share if you feel it is God’s will.

I believe that God showed me this so that I can share it and warn others soon it may be too late. I have neglected this for many years the only ask that you shared this as you see fit.

Thank You,


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