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Three Attacks on USA and US Military – Michelle Katherine Orts

Three Attacks on USA and US Military

November 5th, 2021 10:27 AM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Prophetic Dream received from Jesus on Fasting Friday November 5th, 2021 @9:00AM CDT

We must pray for protection for all of our US Military.

US Military Infiltrated by Hostile Actors and Forces.

Playing “Chicken” In The Air

I had a dream early this morning from the Lord Jesus that our US Military was actively engaged in battle, in the air and on the ground in and upon American soil. I saw active threats of missiles from helicopters flying in our US airspace.

I saw two US Military helicopters playing “chicken” in the air above a football field in USA somewhere. The helicopters were both armed, the larger helicopter was “hot” and one was ready to fire a missile or torpedo directly into the smaller helicopter’s cockpit. The larger and older helicopter American US Airforce pilot was the one that was threatening the other American US Airforce pilot in the smaller and newer helicopter who was forced into flying backwards and was being literally physically pushed into the jeep parked on the football field as it was still flying extremely low, almost touching the ground.

I don’t know how the helicopter fit inside this jeep without being torn apart or exacting injury upon the pilot or anyone inside, but it did, and there was plenty of room left over.

This particular US Army jeep was already filled halfway with US Soldiers who were now considered POWS as they were being captured by their own brothers in arms who had infiltrated our US Military pretending to he loyal but were not.

Bio Warfare Attack on US Soldiers in Active Duty as well as Captured US Military Held Underground in DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bunkers) on US Soil.

In my dream I was shown that China is involved as well as other hostile nations in this attack which was ongoing and widespread.

Brain washing and mRNA, DNA mind altering, body and soul changing quantum level, bio nanotechnology weaponized catalysts and chemical software was being forcibly integrated into our US soldiers.

Deep Down In DUMBS.
I saw large group of US Military Troops in uniform being held hostage in DUMBs and experimented on with the current experimental nano-bio-nano-technology. I heard all of them screaming. It was absolutely awful.

The same ingredients that are now in the so-called COVID “vaccines” (but which are not vaccines) was being sprayed on them by overhead fumigation jets from within this large solid holding place. The walls and ceilings and floors were all painted the brightest white ever or were made of a a solid bright white self illuminated substance as it painfully shone through all sides of this enormous holding cell.

I saw many hundreds, possibly thousands of US Troops, seated at empty round tables and in chairs. These US Troops were disarmed and were helplessly being confined in brightly lit large air craft carrier sized warehouse rooms. I had the knowledge that the aerosolized nano-biotechnology was quickly getting into their systems, it was torturing them along with the bright white light. This was driving many of them insane, and depending upon their DNA and metabolism, would eventually or quickly kill them with painful deaths.*

*We must pray for them. Pray for their Salvation, Deliverance and for Miracles to occur for the Glory of God in Jesus Name.

Nature Was Weaponized.
In the third and last part of my dream, bushes and ground cover began to be weaponized with toxic, life altering and killing bio nano technological substances. The normally benign bushes and various shrubbery and ground cover was infected and was sending infectious pathogenic projectile spores of sorts into the air.USA, MX and AU were the three first nations to be attacked and many US Citizens as well as Mexican and Australian visitors or guests to our nation, were unknowingly involved in spreading the lethal substances. All three nations and our citizens were under bio warfare attack as the bio-nano-technology hijacked the bushes, shrubbery and ground cover. It was eerily similar to the movie which I think was called, “The Happening”

Prophetic Dream received from Jesus on Fasting Friday November 5th, 2021 @9:00AM CDT
Title: Three Attacks on USA and US Military
Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove

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