Immanuel Acree

Siitting in a calm place in the woods totally isolated from all distraction minding my own business, I started thinking about how my life had been last year. The slow regular pace of life visiting friends to break bread in peace and fellowship with thanksgiving and prayer etc.
All of a sudden while thinking about the most serene friendships I know of and the simplest visits, I became soberly aware with a deep untraceable unsettling at the core of my spirit: I knew right then that THIS Year Will Not Be Like Last Year!!
Casual cookouts and Sunday afternoon relaxation is coming to an end!

I have had goosebumps over and over from this! In and out of grief and feeling my heart strain and all kinds of other strange sorrows! Get Ready! This Year Everything Changes! Sunday afternoon tea and casual Friday will be long gone! Now I ask you what does that sound like? It can only be war. Global War – Total War – The End of Prosperity as We Know It.

God bless – you have been warned – be ready in the Spirit not the flesh!

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  1. Enid Finnbogason

    Vision , looking out my window.
    Appeared to be a fall day. I needed to hurry over to my church. When I arrived many were there and noticed the wonderful people who had passed were there..well and whole. The song ,Days of Elijah filled the atmosphere.
    We all needed to go..and travelled in Spirit ..appearing at a clover leaf in the city. Many were walking towards it ,recognized many. Then we noticed a school bus was caught in the ditch. Someone had a crimson rope and tied it to the bus and many pulled and lifted the bus out. There was a single child in it. We somehow all appeared at the Legislative grounds. There were many tents of all kinds and ” denominations all around the sides of the grounds in a square. Then .some began tone lifted up and out of those tents into the air. I went into the legislature building and was lifted up to the ceiling?along with others. The skies were grey? But there was light amongst us. That’s it?

  2. Haidmaid of the Most High

    Yes, I was having a conversation just last evening with another prophet that posts on this site that everything changes and it will be most likely in the next few months but definitely before next summer!
    Let the voices of the prophets be heeded.

  3. Kevin M.

    There does not need to be war, as of yet, war will be in other countries. There only needs to be a severe economic downturn to deeply affect your peace and stability. War elsewhere also could produce an oil embargo, which would deeply affect the economy and food production and delivery system, electric system, internet connection, etc. Meanwhile simple censorship and media bias is deeply affecting the freedom of our discourse. We are no longer living in a free society, we only have an illusion of freedom. The “coup” has already happened. In that sense, there we are already in a very real war for our freedom, which is more important that physical war.

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