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This will happen soon, very soon – Pastor Jose David


This will happen soon, very soon

September 3, 2021 10:06 AM
Pastor Jose David
El Salvador, Central America

Revelation received Saturday morning, August 28, 2021

The Holy Spirit took me to heaven, I could see the atmosphere once I exited planet earth. I could see many rocks, and I heard a voice saying to me: “look what is going on up here, these things they (NASA & THE NEWS) will not tell you, but I will show it to to you and reveal it to my people. I could see many rocks of different sizes, I knew that these rocks would fall on a nation of Asia, but if they didn’t fall on that Asian nation, then they would fall on all the nations . I could see how these rocks (meteriorites) circled the earth and they were coming to all the nations of the earth. The LORD said, look what will happen, I saw that these rocks fell on the nations, the LORD said, look what is being prepared up here, look at what is happening up here. I could see on the earth flooding, and many earthquakes. I saw that tsunamis took place and earth quakes took place which caused the floods and the tsunamis. I could perceive that many strong hurricanes would come on the earth, and also the hurricanes activated or caused the floods, tidal waves and earthquakes, I could see the people panic and shouting seeking help. The LORD said, look what will happen down on the earth and this will happen soon, very soon, I saw building fall down, I saw these things everywhere. I saw how the tsunamis took away and destroyed cars, homes and everything in their path. I was feeling afraid, the LORD said all these things are coming because of the hearts of men are hardening, the more wicked the people get, the greater my judgments will be on the earth. There will come more judgements, my return is drawing near but people do not want to understand, they don’t want to humble themselves. I saw people shouting, weeping and many dead people everywhere. I saw tons dead people inside the cars and on the roads everywhere. I saw people of all ages young and old dead everywhere. There was so much pain and suffering on the earth. The antichrist will appear soon, he is preparing everything to reveal himself, he has everything ready. Many are already taking the mark of the beast, many are already turning themselves over to the antichrist (through the vaxx). Many who have died lost with the mark. The LORD YESHUA said now is the time to win souls, there is no time to waste, is time to speak the truth even if they get angry and don’t receive the truth. The LORD said, judgment is coming to this earth, the labor pains are here, strong persecution is coming for the Christians. The LORD said keep your hear pure, sanctify yourselves, be prepare, be ready. I saw how the Christians were taken away blindfolded to be tortured, they were taken away to be questioned to turn in their brothers and sisters but at the end they would kill them as well.

Pastor Jose David says: “Do not take the vaxx, it is part of the mark of the beast, it is the mark of the antichrist, if you take it will turn your heart away from GOD, you must be informed, watch and pray, the judgments of GOD are coming and getting stronger. We need to be seeking the presence of the Holy Spirit.”

I saw how the mothers cried with their children on their arms, I saw a great disaster over the earth. The Holy Spirit told me that there were coming 3 days of darkness over the earth as it is written on his word in Matthew 24. I could see many children and people that had taken the mark (the vaxx) like zombies, they had lost their reasoning, they acted very weird, they were no longer normal humans. I could see the hospitals full of children, some in a coma, many in tubes on the hospital beds, many walking around like zombies.

We must be ready for the return of the LORD, we must be armed with the full armor of GOD so that the darts of the enemy will not put out the fire of GOD in us. We need to be seeking GOD daily and ask the LORD to protect us daily.

I received this to the glory of the LORD JESUS CHRIST YESHUA.

When everyone willingly takes the mark, then they will make it mandatory in all the nations. If they take you by force and force the mark in your body, command it to be turn into water. Do not take the mark willfully or by pressure or by manipulation.

Please ask everyone for direction, guidance and counseling on every decision you make because we are in the end times and every decision could affect you. Do not take the mark of the beast.

If you speak Spanish, please watch the videos on the mark of the beast in the youtube channel called VOZ DE ATALAYA with sister Sandra, also in TELEGRAM LA VOZ DE LA ATALAYA.

Si hablan Español, por favor escuchen los videos de la marca de la bestia en el canal de youtube llamado VOZ DE ATALA, also in TELEGRAM LA VOZ DE LA ATALYA con la hermana Sandra.

GOD bless you all.

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