This Will Be Common – M Goss

This Will Be Common

Jul 31, 2019, 4:33 PM
M Goss

Good morning brothers and sisters I felt led to write this to you all this morning. It is time that we all begin to be in continuous prayer…. as the Lord has been showing me so many changes that are coming upon the Earth I received a vision of hail falling on the Earth and the Lord spoke to me and said “this will be common.”

I’ve seen multiple multiple multiple vision of the earth cracking and recently volcanoes coming up in areas that they don’t belong all over the place. Please draw close to him pray, read the word out loud and praise Him continuously Praise Him He will show you how to pray and what to pray for and what to do in this hour …it is a joyful time for us as believers and a crucial time for us to be in his presence more than ever before. Pray for our sleeping church and our brothers and sisters to wake up….God bless you all…Much love your Sister in Christ,



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