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This is going to happen in Antigua – Nadia Isaac

This is going to happen in Antigua

June 12, 2020 2:56 AM
Nadia Isaac
“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams.” Acts 2:17 KJV and for back up purposes Joel 2:28 KJV also mirrors the same scripture in the Old Testament.

Hi guys, I just wanted to share some dreams I’ve been having about Antigua about a really bad earthquake and tsunami, and also snow, but this dream I had 24th Friday 2020, feels more surreal than the others I’ve had on the 14th January, 2020 …this particular one seem like is closer in terms of time wise like is soon going to happen than the one I had on the 14th January, 2020. It took a while to post it because I prayed and asked God for confirmations to the dreams, only to realize that it wasn’t just me alone having the same exact dreams, but other Christians from all around the world and even from Antigua too and plus these dreams were new to me and didn’t quite understand it until now. These dreams are warnings and I’m just sharing these with you guys, so we can be prepared and turn back to God for Jesus is coming back very quickly. I’ve has other dreams after these ones, but these ones that I’m going to post tie into each other in a way and is of uttermost urgency, because of how the dreams keep repeating itself to me. In the dream I was overlooking the whole of Antigua at a high point somewhere in English Harbour because I could see all the points in Antigua where I could see the sea and it was overlooking Nelsons dockyard yard too, but where I was, I could still see the water surrounding Antigua, but in the dream all the tide was low, but it wasn’t ordinary like the other times the tide was low, because of where I was all the sea water around the island was gone like how the sea water disappear before the waves come in. Then the in the dream it switched in the blink of the eye, then It had clouds falling from the sky.

Because I remember praying and asking God for a sign to see if this is going to happen in Antigua,
(since I had already had 2 dreams before) and to give me a sign, as to get ready, as in getting an emergency bag and to warn my family and then a piece of cloud dropped on the ground, and after it did it turn to fire and then the dream switch again. I was then home in the afternoon hurrying to tell my family to get ready because a really bad earthquake and tsunami is going to hit, but they all laughed at me, then there was breaking news on the TV about reports of the water in the Sea going low and waves going back and they looked at me and just stood there. Then in a matter of seconds my dream switched again then nighttime hit, but somehow, I knew it was the same day then the earthquake came after I was telling my mom to close the door… They wasn’t even enough time to get prepared for the disaster for how quick everything happened and then the floods came then I woke up. For some reason, this dream was the start of all my dreams because my first dream started in either late September or early October, but it wasn’t an everyday dream, but it started from the aftermath of the tsunami because in that particular dream army rescue teams from a bigger country came to rescue the survivors in helicopters in the dark, but wasn’t sure what country the army rescuers were from, all I knew was that they were white soldiers with an accent, not sure if there were US or Canadians army soldiers cause I couldn’t read what was on their uniforms.

Everywhere was dark cause everywhere I looked in my dreams it had no lights except that of the rescue
helicopter, (the flood waters were so high, it didn’t have nowhere to land), somehow I knew that because I could not see any buildings or houses or trees. Don’t know how I survived because I can’t swim, and my legs couldn’t touch the ground- I also felt calm too like I was safe don’t know why I was so calm because anyone in this situation would freak out for what I saw in my dream, even though all that chaos was happening all around me . I was there in the high flood waters along with some other people floating with lots of debris and there were bodies too, but could not see them, but could feel bodies touching me in the water. there were also people there fighting for the lives in the flood waters. I saw snow too but just for a brief time …it was so scary I jumped out of my dreams. I seem to be having the dreams about the earthquake more often now than before and in an anticlockwise way… Like it started from the rescue mission all the way up to the last dream I had, but the dreams came in pieces like snap shots. The 3rd dream was like it fitted in the spot where I closed the door in last dream before the floods came a little after my 4th dream which came first in the event since my dreams happened anticlockwise. I was walking in the house on tiles where I live and even felt the pulsation of the earthquake but’s what weird about it is it came in my Dream Like lara streaming from a recent explosion of a volcano along with the earthquake . With every step I took on the tiles in my dream I felt the pulse of the earthquake and lava flow …the lava flow even lighted up the tiles red like glowing lava and could also feel the hot larva too with every step I took in my dream but in my dream I was not hurt …Not sure if it was an underwater volcano eruption that cause the earthquake and the tsunami since I know Antigua didn’t have volcano’s and then I woke up feeling like my hands were on fire because I could also feel everything that was happening in my dream too. In the 2nd dream I was in a place totally destroyed with so much debris, but I knew it was Antigua, because I was in my village where I grew up except it looked completed different, no place where I knew before looked the same all the trees were gone and houses everything was brown like if a tornado had swept thru and the place was so deserted didn’t even remember seeing any animals or birds all I could envision was where my mom’s house was, but in reality it was gone then I woke up from the dream.

May 1st 2020

I had another dream on May 1st 2020, and in this dream it was nighttime. At first, the sky seems normal looking, then a couple of minutes after I saw 2 moons and the sun in the sky at the same time. It was a little strange to me as first because for starters, the normal sky doesn’t have 2 moons and the sun in the sky all at the same time so I ran inside to grab my phone to take pictures of the strange event in the sky. Then a group of stars drew to my attention, they were bright and flickered like as if an explosion were in the sky and then and something else big along with the stars was falling to earth as fireballs. I thought at the moment that it was fireworks, but as it got closer to where I was standing outside my home in Antigua it got bigger were I could differentiate that they were really meteorites showers and an asteroid that was broken up upon impact from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

I then proceeded to call everyone so they can see the event ,but walked with my phone to snap photos of the sky because somehow I knew no one would believe me if I just told them about what I saw happening in the sky. After I came back out of the house with my phone to snap and record a video, I looked up into the sky only to find the exact spot where I was looking in the sky was paused, it froze in time just like if I was watching a movie in my dream, but it was not a movie. For some strange reason when I returned outside the dream proceeded, but this time it repeated a second time(twice) from the beginning of my dream. The next time my dream started the 2nd time with the 2 moons and the sun but it stopped again like it paused but focusing more on the sun, only to show something was hidden behind the sun but instead of the sun appearing the 2nd time again with the stars and asteroid exploding , the sun was replaced with a huge planet with purplish reddish hues, somehow I knew that this planet had something to do with what caused the explosions of the meteorites and the asteroids causing them to fall to earth.

As I kept looking at the stars, I saw the stars falling to earth as a meteorite showers and a huge asteroid that was broken into many different pieces dispersed in all different directions. As the falling stars and asteroid fell in their respective direction, the geographical location of my dream expanded into the rest of the world because I saw different walks of life of people ( rich, poor, different races of people running scared for their lives in different cities). I saw that the largest part of the asteroid fell into the Atlantic Ocean with a great impact causing a great shaking. Everyone was running around in fear trying to find a safe place from getting consumed by the huge fire balls, but there was no place to run because everything burned before my eyes. I was given the chance to feel everything the persons was feeling and what was happening around me. There was nothing but chaos all around me, I could hear all the screaming and the crying and smelt the smoke and everything that was burning I even heard the loud explosions as the fireballs fell to earth burning up everything on impact. I could feel the fear, and every explosion that fell to the earth. I was shaken to the core, with all the emotions, one would feel when a devastated disaster hit. I also saw persons dying all around me it was overwhelming, but at the same time I also was at peace. Then the dream switched I was then back at my home were the meteorites were about to hit my country and then I took cover inside the closest building (the laundry room). With every step I took I had to dodge fireballs, and as they fell fire engulfed everything and also causing huge holes to form where ever the fireballs landed , for some reason, I could see exactly where the fireballs were going to be dropped next , just like I could see where the pulse of the earthquake and larva flow would be next in my dream and then I woke up.


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