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things that must now take place – Asha B.


things that must now take place

June 1, 2022 11:03 AM
Asha B.

Message received 24.04.2021

All I do must now be manifested and come to pass in this world and all eyes shall see it take place. No man can plead ignorance on that mighty day. For I have given all men room, time and place to turn back to me to repent and to be saved from the judgment unimaginable.

I have blessed my children who shall not pass through this great judgment. Those who are mine are saved by the precious blood of my son.

None can come between me and the precious blood of my son. I am LORD and King of all things for all times even ever, never ending.

My children shall be seated on thrones. I shall declare their glory and they shall be lifted on high.

And now, of things that must now take place, of things that shall now be. There is a war raging. In the east, in the north and in the south. No man shall escape the effects of this war. Famine shall now follow upon its heels and there shall be a great girth upon the land.

Many peoples’ shall perish and perish without me. They shall see my judgments.

My children shall now rise up and take your places. For the battle is in array. Many shall now come to me at the shining of the light, I shall put upon my children. Focus on me. I love you. I will be with you in all you do. My children shall be protected by me and no evil shall come near you for I hold you in my hand. I am with you in all things. Do not fear. I am with you this day and forevermore.

Your loving Father. Amen.

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