By Kerry Ann Gidden:

This beautiful sister, I call her my little sister in Christ inbox me with this dream she had about me and Barack Obama. When I read it truly I was completely speechless as the Lord was showing her what exactly is about to manifest in the natural realm. My desire is that the sleeping christians will wake up. #TeamJesus #Prophetess

Beloved sister dream Gugulethu Masuku dream August 25 2018.

“Good evening dearest sis.
Last night after speaking to u, I went in Prayer. I saw a house that zoomed in, the picture started off showing from afar from the house, it was a house that had a deem light, I said in my Spirit ‘the white house’, then it zoomed in after I had identified it to be the white house.

It quickly moved from the other side of the river or mud pool that was surrounding this house. Got to peep inside. I saw Obama, Trump, a woman that was on a ‘throne’ and ur picture on a desk.

This was what was happening. Obama was talking to a man I didn’t see, he had his left hand in his pocket, his right hand was pointing at ur picture on his desk, he was dressed in a white suit. Trump’s photo was in a frame hanging on the wall.

There was a woman who was dressed in all black, revealing attire. She was seated on a chair that looked like a throne, she crossed her legs and had a pride posture.

So the matter in the white house was u (u representing the BRIDE). Obama was ready to walk out to the world but he couldn’t because of u.

He shouted till the end of the vision, he kept pointing at ur picture laying on his desk, he was shouting saying how can he do it- how can he implement the strategy with u in the world. It ended like that.

So I started talking to out of the vision saying ‘Sis Kerry u know the white house knows u, right? U know that u cannot expose them like little powerless boys while they are the highest rulers of darkness in earth..

So don’t play with Prayer coz the biggest enemy of CHRIST- satan himself is against u bigtime. They know u and they see u and they plan against u- shutting u up or sweeping u off’. That woman was the opposite of u, she looked like someone who had no say as she had failed to make u her copy- a prophetess of the world.

Then I said LORD, how will I say it to her without arousing fear.. give me a straight Word for Sister Kerry.. the HOLY SPIRIT said ‘I love you’.. u know I’ve never been touched so much, I was like Awww!! Daddy’s Girl, BABA loves you dearly, do not be shaken, we are leaving soon!

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