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“They killed him. They shot the President” – Anonymous


“They killed him. They shot the President”

November 25, 2020 9:40 AM

Dream: 25NOV2020; 3:45 am EST

Early this morning, I had a dream. In this dream, I was walking westward on 9th street in New York City, between University Place and 6th Avenue, towards the PATH (Port Authority Trans Hudson) station, which connects New Jersey with lower Manhattan. It was cold and overcast. As I walked, I saw that all of the parked cars to my left had been broken into, their doors remaining open. One car had not been vandalized, and I saw that the driver was asleep in the driver’s seat. As I progressed towards the PATH station entrance, throngs of people crowded the sidewalk and spilled into the street. A boy who was standing in the street shouted in my direction and said, “They killed him. They shot the President [President Trump]!” I stopped in place, stunned. I hied to the PATH station, and upon entering, I was bewildered at the sight of President Trump standing to the left of the elevator doors, greeting people and calling the elevator as people waited for the next available car.

Upon waking, I pondered  upon the apparent contradiction within the dream of being told that President Trump had been assassinated and then immediately afterwards seeing him in the PATH station. One explanation is that the boy was incorrect: President Trump had not been shot; another is that within the dream, I incorrectly assumed that the boy was referring to President Trump, whereas the boy was referring to Joe Biden; but the explanation that rings most true to me is that the boy correctly reported that President Trump had been shot, and my understanding was correct, but in fact, the public announcement of President Trump’s assassination was intentionally false and President Trump was alive, despite the news reports.

444 News Note:

When I read this it makes me think of a body double.

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