They are NOT even aware of what is about to come upon the earth! – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

November 28, 2018

The other day I had a very surreal moment in the Spirit of God.
It’s honestly even hard to put into words exactly.

I walked into a large grocery store and although it was full of busy people shopping, it was as if I was the only one there.
Suddenly I could hear no outside voices, , no shopping, no carts,no speaking, …NOTHING!!

I then heard what I believe was the Spirit of God say this:

“They are NOT even aware of what is about to come upon the earth!
They are not ready….although I have made sure to warn them!
They are living their lives, their daily routines, thinking they have much time when they actually have very little!”

It was then like I was back in “Real time”.
I saw and heard the stockers filling the shelves, the wrinkle of potato chip bags…..
But let me tell you, I believe that there is something so earth shattering about to take place that it will even drop the Godly to their knees!!!
And I do NOT say these things lightly!!!!

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  1. Valerie Matson

    Amen brother Marty, and our families are of those that don’t even want to know. The Church has failed the Body of Christ! It is a tragedy what has been happening! I pray that the Lord will be Merciful to our families. I pray that His Grace will not depart from us!

  2. David

    I have been a Born Again Spirit filled Christian since the year 1983. In the year 2013 I started having some end time dreams and visions. Social media sites such as YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter confirmed that I was not alone thousands of Christians were experiencing this. I attend a very good Church were leading people to Christ and we do so much more in our community. However end times prophecy is not high on my Churches list of topics. Many of us have felt for some time now that something earth shattering is about to take place soon. While we still have a chance we continue to pray and share with anyone we can that will listen.

  3. Tim

    Brother Marty, and to all with ears to hear,

    Marty, you wrote this:

    “But let me tell you, I believe that there is something so earth shattering about to take place that it WILL EVEN DROP THE GODLY to their knees!!!”

    I’ve understood this same concept for some time. Read Daniel 10, and his vision of the glorious man. In numerous places in both the old and new testaments, Daniel was described as “greatly beloved”, and having had “great faith” – in other words, he was “Godly”. Yet, EVEN HE fell to the ground and was greatly shaken (the men with him hid) by the vision, and needed to be spiritually healed.

    Note also, that he saw two different visions there. First, it was “the glorious man”, then he looked down, and when he looked up, he saw one who LOOKED LIKE “a son of man”. There is a LOT of spiritual meaning here, but I cannot give it to you; you MUST understand it in the spirit.

    This is why Paul said that “the natural man understandeth not the word of God, for it is foolishness to him…”

    Watch, my brothers and sisters, watch!! I believe Marty’s understanding is dead-on!!!

    May the Father bless you all,


  4. What I have seen is that most people today are not interested in what is coming. They want to chat about the kids, football, weather and anything else that is not threatening to them. They believe that as long as it does not affect them then they are not interested. That this is America and nothing bad is ever going to happen in America. That God is love and we all go to heaven and only the bad go to hell if the place exists. That we should all just be happy and get along with one another. As long as my check comes every month every thing is good. That we take this prophecy doom and gloom stuff to seriously. and if anything does happen we will just rebuild and enjoy life. That the rapture is coming and God would never put his church in harm’s way because he loves us. And they are all believing a lie…
    Destruction and persecution and deception is coming on a level we can not even comprehend. They will not believe anything can happen until it takes place. Most do not read their bibles. They do not understand biblical prophecy. They do not comprehend that satan is alive and well and looking forward to every soul he can take to hell.
    The caravan according to Paul McGuire is being paid for by the State Department. Ove 60 percent of all americans are on the government payroll in some form. Arron Russo was told by rockafellar that the final project is to get everyone chipped. When they allow the dollar to crash and the economy to collapse then the usa will no longer be the reserve currency. When this happens the government will have to pay its bills. To do this they will cut domestic programs. Shane warren has a great dream about this. That will lead to riots then martial law and then the fema camps opening. There are 800 fema camps with 30,000 guillotines and the rfid chip ready to be used as the mark. Many will listen to the government and go to these fema camps. And burn forever. rev 14;9-11 and rev 20;4-6

  5. Angela Georgantas

    God has been warning a long time. We were told it was going to happen in 2012 with the Mayan calendar. We were told it was going to happen 2014/2015 with the blood moons. We’re being told it will happen “now” — and about 15 other times in between then and now. Even those of us who KNOW that it is coming are wary. We can’t stop going to the work and the grocery store. We have to occupy until He comes. One of these days, the boy will cry “Wolf!” and the wolf will really be here. God have mercy on us when that happens.

  6. Madelyn

    Denial of where we are in time is not a virtue. It’s a poison that will put you to sleep. Thank You Lord that we not be like Lot’s wife. Her heart so tied to her life of the way things used to be that she couldn’t accept a move of God that looks like it has some bad stuff on it. In her hesitation she missed her visitation and became a monument to the past. I take great comfort in I AM the Architect of the Last Days . Blood of Jesus on your doorposts!

  7. dpulliamgirl

    The Lord show something similar to me a while back and said, “These are the walking dead among you!”

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