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They are coming! – Kate B

They are coming!

7/23/19 7:07 AM
Kate B

Dream July 22, 2019. Early AM

I was in a home. Not ours but comfortable being there, as if I was there often. I don’t recognize it in the natural.

I was there with a few others when several people came in. My husband and daughter were in the group. So much excitement. Everyone in the group was talking at once about “They are coming!” Who? I kept asking Who? No one answered at first. Many had brought in with them a bucket (gallon sized?) of red stuff (looked like blood or paint). They were all going to share it with everyone. We were supposed to brush it on our wrists. Many began doing this. I grabbed my family and asked “Who is coming?” Panic was rising up in me. “The aliens are coming for us.” They were so excited! I doubled over like I was stabbed. I couldn’t catch my breath. I managed to stand and yelled, “They are demons! They are demons! Not alien, they are demons!” No one seemed to hear me. I began running around the house closing all the curtains. All the while telling everyone that it’s truly demons coming. I knew that time was very, very short and if they came, if they found us, we were all dead. I found a few people in the bathroom who had already brushed the red on. I grabbed them and began scrub to wash it off. I just kept saying over and over “JESUS JESUS!” I took their bucket and threw it outside. I found my husband and told him that I had seen this before. That I had had this dream before! (I do not remember ever having this dream before) I knew what was happening, I knew what was coming. If we were found by these creatures we would be killed. Neither had brushed the red on their arm. I kept grabbing the buckets, crying out to Jesus, telling them about the demons, throwing the buckets outside in a pile. We began to hide as I could hear them arriving. I knew in my spirit, that they were coming all over the world. Beams of red light spotlighted inside the house. Those it landed on, disappeared, evaporated?. I was huddled over my family in the bathroom just saying Jesus again and again. A beam of red light came through the curtains, it knew we were there. I knew, where I was, the light could reach me but I knew I couldn’t move because it would reveal our position. I said Jesus and the light left. As we looked outside after the lights left, I noticed all the cans were gone from the yard.

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  1. Erika

    Oh dear!!!
    Such a scary vision. Are you the prime believer of Jesus returning your family? Just asking because in your dream you were covering them. Prayers my sister I too am fearful for my family as for myself. May the Lord continue to pour his Holy Spirit in and out around us and protect us From the evil ones.

  2. Kate

    My husband is a very strong believer but only recently has begun to see the times we are in. Our daughter is a believer but surface only. As I am seeking for deeper insight about this dream, the word “deception” and how many believers will fall for it has come to me.

  3. Ermelinda

    My heart began to Beat faster As I was reading through..😯
    It truly gave me a sense of encouragement the way that you were Pleading the Name of Jesus. You had Faith. That is awesome. What a dream though, I’ve never heard anything like that. Very Meaningful and It will happen …Someway. God bless.

  4. William Babcock

    I want to thank all you who share your dreams.I am to this sight,But I have read as many of these as I can.I have took in a lot of information.May God protect you and bless you all,in Jesus name amen.😇

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