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There Is Only One Truth: JESUS CHRIST

August 10, 2021 2:48 PM

August 10, 2021

Jesus said “I am the truth and the life.”
The Truth of the Governments: All Lies – Abortion, Immoral Laws, Depopulation, Pestilence, Famine, War, Theft, Tyranny, Pride, NWO.
The Truth of Science: Shifting sand, changes periodically & or Lies.
The Truth of the Media: All Lies.
The Truth of Academia: Slaves of the Powers that Be.
The Truth of the Medical Profession: Slaves of Big Pharma, the Government & Greed.
The Truth of Modern Education: Destroy the Minds & Souls of the Young.
The Truth of the Banking Industry: All Lies & Greed.
The Truth of the World: Lies & Death.
The Truth of the Flesh: Corrupted, Opposed to the Spirit, Death.
The Truth of Modern Art: Degradation, Destruction of Mind, Body & Soul.
The Truth of Most Music: Occult Initiation, Mind Control, Lust & Violence.
The Truth of satan: N/A – The Father of Lies.
The Truth Of the Present Age: End Times – Judgment then Wrath of God.


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