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“There is no Joe. Joe is long gone.” – MJ

Joe Biden
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“There is no Joe.
Joe is long gone.”

March 20, 2021 1:12 PM

I had a dream that I wish to share. The dream was on March 19, 2021.

In the dream Joe Biden was talking with a black mask on. When he took his mask off it was not Joe Biden at all! But a sickly old man that looked nothing like the Biden we know. He was confused looking. I said you’re not Joe. He answered and said, “there is no Joe. Joe is long gone.” At that moment there appeared Joe Biden next to the old man! But the old man put his hands through the Joe Biden like he was invisible. The holographic image of Biden smiled a weird smile then vanished.


It is very possible that the Biden we see on television with his mask on is an impersonator, an actor. We know the evil ones are hiding something. They are hiding their identities right now. This is why the push for mask mandates. It’s very important to the evil ones to have everyone masked right now. If everyone is masked then you don’t know who is who.

It is also possible that when we see Biden speak without a mask on, that we are really seeing a projection, a holographic or CGI image. We know the evil ones have the kind of technology where they can use a deep fake of a person. A deep fake is a synthetic media image where a real person or their image can be displayed over someone else’s image. It can talk and speak with the voice of the person that it is portraying. This technology is nothing new and has been around for years.

There are many irregularities about the Biden presidency. That we know. But there is so much more that we don’t know. I feel the Lord is trying to convey to us that there is a great deception going on right now. Do not believe anything you see on the news media!!

Be vigilant in prayer!

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