There Is A Storm Coming…..Soon – Kevin Barrett

There Is A Storm Coming…..Soon

October 27, 2019
Kevin Barrett

Dear Saints,

Below is a very important and sobering word from our Heavenly Father given to the Body of Christ through my dear friend and pastor. Please read it and take it to heart.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

Word from the Father:

“My Children, hear the words of Your Heavenly Father, as I come to you, for I come to you with words of truth. Know that I love you with an everlasting love & no matter what the future may bring, you are safe in Me. For in the days ahead there will be many things happening & I do not want you to become fearful or doubting that I have left you or forsaken you. For there is nothing that can happen to you, My Family… there isn’t anything that I do not allow for My purposes. But know this, very SOON you will witness a storm form QUICKLY on the horizon which will test many.

For as soon as you see this storm begin, it will be upon those to whom it will be targeting. Truly, this is a time for My people to seek Me in prayer…for I do not want this storm to overtake any of you. Stand your watch, My children & witness the upheaval that is about to come…for though it may seem wearisome to you, I want you to know that, as you stand fast in the liberty that I have made you free, you will not succumb to this storm nor allow it to bring you into a yoke of bondage. For the basis of this storm is designed to destroy many of My people’s ability to stand strong in Me.

And part of this storm is to tear down this nation’s integrity & send a deluge of immorality & perversion across the land. Do not allow this storm to move you or to cause any compromise in your hearts, for this coming storm will try to diminish My will for this country, even to remove the leader that I have placed in position. For a multitude of curses are about to be sent out to bind the President of the United States, to stop him from accomplishing My will for this nation. This is why it is time for My people to arise & shine as never before… to stand against this storm in warfare.

For even as the enemy attempted to kill My apostle Peter in prison over 2000 years ago, My people rose up into deep intercession on his behalf & I sent My angel to deliver him from his prison & from the death that the enemy had planned for him. Even so, must My people NOW stand in intercession for the leader that I have placed over the US. Do not grow slack during this time…do not allow the naysayers to distract you from My will by saying that this man is not of Me, for I tell you that these naysayers have been deluded by the enemy & are now become his vessels, not Mine.

For I have said that light shines in darkness, but the darkness cannot overtake the light…therefore, My people MUST rise up & shine in this hour, or there will be no light to shine against the evil that is about to come. As you will understand My will, you will know that My people are to demonstrate to this world, My Kingdom, come in Earth, as it is in Heaven. You ARE the Earth that I speak of…My will MUST be demonstrated in this hour…My Kingdom MUST come! It is time to take your places in this hour & begin to take action against what the enemy is wanting to bring.

For as My Kingdom is established in My people, My people will then cause My will to be done & bring My Kingdom to the Earth that is around them…which is the people of the US & the other nations. This storm must not be allowed to run its course…My people must take their place in prayer & begin to tear down the enemy’s plans. Just as My people lifted up Peter in that day, even so, must My people lift up this leader in this time. For I still have much to do through him & need My people to intervene on his behalf…the time at hand is pivotal to stopping what the enemy will do.

As My people will take their places as My weapons of war, they will see Me work GREATLY within them, so that things that have held them before, will be broken off of them in an instant & they will know a freedom in Me that will catapult them into the realm that I have longed to bring them to. My people, as you will take hold of My words to you this day & begin to war against what the enemy is wanting to do, you will see a quick turn around in what your prayers will accomplish, for you will see Me come strong on your behalf…and you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.

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    WE ARE VOID OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN OUR CHURCHES! WE DO NOT WORSHIP In SPIRIT and TRUTH and PRAY In THE SPIRIT with out ceasing in our churches in AMERICA. They are only fraternal deities aka good ol boys clubs, to and including, WASHINGTON DC. Without the above, AMERICA WILL NEVER SURVIVE! GOD DOESNT HEAR OUR VAIN BABBLING LIKE THE HYPOCRITES, MONEYCHANGERS and PHARISEES. All 501(c) (3) are tax exempt government controlled, dominated and manipulated because most of the “pastors” have never toiled for a living and for,their selfish gain the sugar coat he gospel not to loose tithers! I have traveled nation wide and it is the same in every state.
    We are consumed by the occult in AMERICA and complacent to stay there! 2 TIMOTHY 2

  2. Jeff Byerly has posted Words at the Holy Spirit Wind site where the Lord said NOT to intercede on behalf of Trump, who has already taken the DNA enhancement pill, which in effect is the mark. Pray that only the Lord’s will be done over his life, for He said He would not hear prayers of intercession. SEEK CONFIRMATION on this post, & anytime there appears to be a mistake or contradiction. If you find this post in error, please do not attack this man in public forum, but rather go to him privately & kindly, as the bible shows us… rick

    For verification of the truth, please also see related posts such as-

    100% HARD TRUTH ABOUT TRUMP, 5-8-19, by Jeff Byerly
    There is another one about Trump from Pikelk…
    The Man in the White House Will Bring About the Ruin of Your Land!
    Posted on May 10, 2018 by Stephen Hanson

  3. Honna St. John

    I had a waking vision of Trump. I was clearly shown that, not only is he not a christian, he seriously doesn’t like christians.

  4. Thank you, Honna St. John. Last year, there was quite a news flash at the online Word sites who were sharing Words about how Trump had received the mark, by taking a DNA enhancement pill. On various occasions, the Lord shared with us that Trump had indeed ‘sold his soul’ to the devil, and to stop interceding & praying for his salvation, because He would not hear our prayers in that regard. (Pray for his safety, yes, but NOT to interceded for him.) And so I immediately took this situation to the Lord, wondering if I had heard something wrong, asking for His confirmation to the Words we’ve been hearing online, that Trump is evil, & we are not to pray for his salvation? I knew that only one of these opinions could be right? Then the Lord quickly responded to my request by giving me a dream experience about Trump, verifying how evil he is, IN PERSON, so to speak. I took this discrepancy very seriously, & I believe the Lord honored my request for confirmation with this very interesting dream experience. Jeff posted my dream at his Word site, called Trump Dream of the early morning hours of 6-08-19, so please see Jeff’s site for further confirmation on this entire subject. Even more importantly, see Jeff’s post called- 100% HARD TRUTH ABOUT TRUMP, 5-8-19, by Jeff Byerly. In this Word, the Lord explains why the gene enhancement pill is ‘the mark’. rick

  5. Melanie

    @rick. The Bible says to pray and intercede for all leaders. 1 Timothy 2. But you say that God tells you not to intercede for Trump? Jesus said that people parish for lack of knowledge, and this is one of those instances where you bring deadly influence (which produces death) upon yourself for not discerning the voice of the enemy.

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