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The World, Gone Nuclear! – McKana

The World, Gone Nuclear!

March 2, 2022 7:45 PM


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March 2, 2022

Deuteronomy 32:4 (KJV)
He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he

Romans 8:28(K J V)
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Judgement comes in different form and kind. We have heard a lot about meteors, earthquakes, tsunami, pestilance, civil war, war, famine, the three days of darkness and the fallen angels with it, persecution etc etc. There is nothing we all like about these calamities which bring death, destruction, pain and suffering of billions. One thing good which comes from these judgments is to wake up people to repentance and at the end for resumption. It is written, God is perfect and everything he dose is just and right. The end of what the Lord Almighty God does is good.

We have delivered what we are give, warned again and again but few have listend while the whole world is waiting in the darkness.

Before the light is off and every one goes his way, for your confirmation, let me give few of the messages regarding Nuclear warfare.

The number of nuclear weapons in the world is actually down from 70,000 in 1986 to around 14,000 today. This is not an accurate number, all were building and improvising in their own backyard. Russia, China, North Korea against the west and the world, Israel with Iran and the surroundings, India with Pakistan, India with China, North Korea with the South, China with Taiwan and Japan, wherever there are nuclear weapons, sooner or later they will go off. At once, through time, God knows. One ignition in one place is an ignition everywhere.

The Lord has given me many messages to deliver. I have done what I can but it was here and there, nothing well organized perfectly as it is supposed to be.

When It comes to Nuclear warfare, it is dreadful. Sooner than later, it is here. In addition to the messages already delivered, here are few to help us understand the time, the seriousness and severity of the judgement.

Nuclear Explosions all over the States.
(Vision of November 1, 2015 ~2:30AM)

I see clearly the map of the US from above. The boundaries are clearly marked. No other neighboring countries, only the US.

I see all over the country, big, round fire, like an explosion, almost as if it is assigned for every state. There are many of them. I see more of them as the land. I didn’t see any thing coming from the air, What I saw is on the ground may be after it landed, I can’t tell. It has some darkness at the center and the periphery. For sure it is not fire, like city or wildfire. Nuclear explosions

I prayed for the Lord to give us clarity on this. Amen, Lord have mercy.

New York city in flames, burning from nuclear attack
(Vision of October 24, 2016 9:52 AM)

Last night I didn’t sleep since 3:00AM. I had a rough morning, sick until I hate everything. I sat, saw the news and closed my eyes. The condition and my situation doesn’t permit me to think about anything but to have a small rest. I was swiftly drifting, gone for few minutes. I didn’t ask for it nor thought about it. What I saw shook me to the bones.

I saw New York city burning from nuclear attack, huge flames, red mushroom. It is destroyed . When I see that, I said to myself, all what they are talking about came to be true. It was so real, in my face, as if I was there close to the action, I was shocked. It was an instant but very, very real. At the very moment, I saw Trump in a flash flew on the air right by the flaming city. I saw him speedily pass behind the flame to the right, on the air. I don’t know what it means but that is what I saw. I saw what many have seen, The timing is what matters. This thing looks so close, God knows the time. Remember where judgements starts.

The Nuclear Explosion strikes home.
(Detailed dream of May 12, 2017)

( I am seeing this from a town, where I use to live, 20 miles south of the main city in the Midwest )
First I saw a business setting, in two places I know. I am talking to people, asking them their names, looking at them in detail. These are people I never new and haven’t seen before. The whole scene changed and I am on a side of a street walking from East to West.

I turned to the right towards the North 20 miles far away from where I am. I see a nuclear explosion. Not a mushroom cloud but the whole sky is covered with smoke and toxic cloud swiftly moving towards us. It is a nuclear winter raining hot, highly toxic material expanding and spreading with very fast speed in all directions. All of a sudden, people are running here and there. I tried to run away from the fast approaching toxic cloud and smoke. It has covered the whole of the sky. I ran to the East from the West along the side of the street. I know I can’t escape and returned back west towards home, hoping I might make it to take cover. I am running towards where the toxic material is rushing but towards home. My energy is exhausted from running. I see a lady I know running beyond full speed for her life toward the East. This is a close friend. I haven’t seen anyone in my life running desperately like that. She is full of terror. We passed each other, running East and West. I saw her in sheer terror, she saw me, no time to greet or talk to each other.

There are people here and there, some running for their lives after seeing the catastrophic event, some unaware of what has happened, some on their business. It looks so real. I reached almost 200-300 meters from home. The toxic dark debris and burning smoke has come near me and I am already in it. The big smoke behind is approaching too. I saw our home and few houses next to it. The house was the same standing when I saw it and now, it is falling apart. The front has a big hole and the house is tilted backwards. In a distance, there are three or more smaller eruptions and a rising smoke from the small explosion of what has came from above. I see a pillar of smoke rise, there are a group people nearby. The rising smoke turned to a white metal, looks a communication tower fall on the ground, frightening the people to run.

The toxic smoke and debris didn’t hurt me when it landed on my skin. With all my energy, I started doing what I know best, Rebuked it. I don’t know what I am rebuking but I am saying “ In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I rebuke you, I rebuke you, I rebuke you —–” to the toxic burning thing. There is “a man” in front of the house, tall dressed with clean cloth, standing and watching. This is not a person I know. He is not running, he is not moving. He is not busy, simply standing like waiting for me until I come close. Then, before I make it inside the house, the whole thing stopped and I woke up sick.

The explosion was coming from the North after engulfing the city, the administrative capital of the state, in central Michigan towards where I am, the town, 20 miles south of it.

I have seen nuclear explosion in a “Police State” and in New York city as stated above. I have seen the Russians from the East and the Chines from the West invading the US and a surprise attack which looks like EMP attack.

This is home, very frightening.

“Our Kingdom is surrounded by rockets”
(Revelation of December 9, 2020 6:30AM)

I hears someone say “Our Kingdom is surrounded by rockets.” I didn’t understand what he said and asked “say what?” He said “ Our Kingdom, you know.” giving me the understanding which he meant “Our USA.” I am not familiar with the word Kingdom, not a common word for any one here to use. Knowing for a long time that the fact is true I said “Is this something new?” wondering why he is telling us as if it is new. I went further and said “ Yes, we are targeted/surrounded by their(Russian) thousands of rockets” and knew thousands out of their many thousands (From the news, years earlier, I have read 98% of their 9 thousand warheads are ready to be fired at any time). Then, I pointed the trajectory of their missiles on the sky pointing by my finger. In doing so, I see trails of thin gray smoke, one from the South(east coast of Florida region) to the Northwest, the second from the North(east coast of Main region) to the Southwest and the third from the center(East coast of New York region) to the west. Then the person said, “Our Radars?/satellites? have detected them,” I said following him “scanned them” and when he speaks, I saw a airplane flying very low and the airplane looks it has detected something in the greenery on the ground.

The specific location Florida, Main and New York are additions to point the origins of their trajectory of the rockers. As I point to the sky, thin smoke was seen all from the east coast to the west.

Three Nuclear Missiles over the Midwest.
It was in 2017(no date).

In a clear vision, I see three missile flying in the air from west to east, This is over the sky of the Midwest. The missiles are side by side. The one in the middle is real nuclear missile. The other two, by the side of the middle one, a little behind, doesn’t look they are real nuclear missile, according to the understanding give. They might be accompanying the real one to avoid antimissile weapons. I saw the three flying over our head. Destination to the east cost where there are many cities.

White Nuclear Mushroom at deep sea.
(Vision of June, 2020)

I see a white mushroom from an explosion. This is far beyond the land in the ocean toward the east from where I am, Midwest. I was wondering what kind of explosion it is. Nuclear explosions are fairy red with mushroom clouds but this is white. What kind of white explosion is this? Then, I heard “This is a bomb at deep sea”

It took me a long time to find out what the word deep see is, I though it is ‘Adepsi??” I didn’t catch the sentence at the time. This is a nuclear explosion in the bottom of the sea at the far east cost of America.
I have seen many missiles flying from the east cost towards the inland, some to far and some to near destinations. What sounded remotely impossible when we see these revelation, now, when the time comes, the reality catching our attentions.

Repentance and staying away from sin is Redemption!

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