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The World at the Edge of Nuclear War!

June 27, 2024 2:26 PM

June 27, 2024

Revelation 3:10(KJV)
Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.


Nothing happens without the Lord allowing it. It has been few ears since I received the word from the Lord that “We are approaching world war.” The Tempest of the tempest is here-war, nuclear war. War is knocking the door in the US. The untold second Cuban missile crisis of this month has flared the already tense situation. War is knocking the door in Russia-the point of concern-Norway in focus. War is knocking the door in the Korean peninsula -Military exercise. China and Taiwan another concern. War is Knocking the door in the south China sea-Chine against the region and the west. War is raging in Ukraine, the Middle east, the Red see etc.

The alarm is on, it is close and very close.
After the Russians brought their Nuclear submarines and warships to Cuba, what transpired?. The response is here.
“US Navy nuclear ballistic missile submarine surfaces off Norway in unusual flex as ‘Doomsday’ plane flies overhead”

A US Navy nuclear-powered ballistic submarine popped up in the Norwegian Sea this week in a rare show of force. It was accompanied by a guided-missile cruiser and two naval aircraft.

US Naval Forces Europe-Africa/US 6th Fleet announced the movement of the USS Tennessee (SSBN 734) in the Norwegian Sea on Tuesday, writing that the sub was joined by the USS Normandy (CG 60) as well as a P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft and an E-6B Mercury strategic communications plane.
Per the US military post on X, the fleet was in the Norwegian Sea on Sunday. The specific intention wasn’t overtly stated, but these assets send a message to potential adversaries.

The flex notably comes amid persistent tensions with Russia, which has been rattling the nuclear saber lately, and just a few weeks after Russia sent a naval flotilla, including one of its own nuclear-powered subs, to Cuba.

The USS Tennessee is an Ohio-class ballistic-missile sub able to carry as many as 20 Trident nuclear missiles. Its accompanying E-6B Mercury “provides survivable, reliable, and endurable airborne Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications (NC3) for the president, secretary of defense, and US Strategic Command,” according to Naval Air Systems Command.”

What is the difference between the Russians coming to Cuba and the US going to Norway? The Russians didn’t mansion anything about the nuclear capability of their warships and nuclear submarine. A nuclear submarine accompanied with warships armed with hypersonic missiles telling not tipped with nuclear warheads is their way of fooling their enemy. The media was telling the word, they are nor armed with nuclear weapons. The difference is, the US didn’t hide. As to the news, the US is near Russia, in Norway, armed with Nuclear warheads. The message for the Russians is clear at the same time for the world-The alarm is on for nuclear war.

When the tension builds up in one front, it explodes in another. Ukraine is again in the news. The ugly and stupidity of word affairs is, when Russia decimate Ukraine city by city, border to border, east, west North and south, from lack of capability and the pressure from the West, Ukraine was restrained from attacking inside the territory of Russia. When global affairs get tense, Ukraine received the go ahead to strike inside Russia. See this news of Jun 26, 2024, 8:47 AM EDT.

“Ukraine destroyed columns of waiting Russian troops as soon as it was allowed to strike across the border, commander says”
Ukraine has been able to destroy columns of Russian soldiers after it got permission from its allies to use their weapons to strike military targets across the border into Russia, a Ukrainian commander has said.
The artillery commander, with the call sign Hefastus, told the Associated Press that Ukrainian HIMARS started firing in the northern Kharkiv region as soon as Ukraine got permission.”—-

“Ukraine’s deputy defense minister, Ivan Havryliuk, told the AP that at least 90,000 Russian troops deep in Russian territory were readying for a new assault when the restrictions were lifted.It’s not clear whether any of these were the troops said to be hit by the HIMARS attacks. ”

What is the response from Russia, further escalation. Today’s news of June 26, 2024
“Video appears to capture the first use of Russia’s monstrous 6,600-pound glide bomb in Ukraine and the immense destruction it causes-”

“New video footage appears to capture the first combat employment of Russia’s 6,600-pound glide bomb in Ukraine, a highly destructive capability that analysts say could be a tremendous problem for Kyiv.
Russian sources published footage to the Telegram messaging app purportedly showing a FAB-3000 M-54 bomb strike Ukrainian positions in the northeastern Kharkiv region on Thursday.”

Forming his alliance, “Macho-man-P” is.
-Gone to China, earlier.
-Gone to Iran, earlier.
-Gone to North Korea, lately.
-Gone to Vietnam, lately
-Gone to Cuba-with his Submarines, early this month.
-The Arctic and the oceans, through times.
As per his war rhetoric, since the west is arming Ukraine with long range missiles which are new being used to strike inside Russian territory, Put is going around arming and readying his war allies for the final assault on the west. They were ready, they are more ready now.

This is coming soon and it is going to be a surprise attack. The tense situation propels the fear factor and let us get them first before they get us is what follows.
Few days earlier, the Lord gave me a word saying He is going to release the surprise attack. What is surprise attack, see the recent posts at the end.

The second boiling pot is the middle east, the Mediterranean sea, the Red sea and the Persian Gulf. Iran has armed the region with missiles, hypersonic missiles drones and provided all requirements to get rid of Israel from the region. Another front from the north of Israel is building up. The over 20 years old Iran nuclear crisis is a subterranean fire ready to come to the surface. We have seen what they are capable of. This short statement from the news about what is coming.

“Time ‘running out’ in fight against Iran, Gallant warns US counterpart at Pentagon-Defense minister thanks Washington for continued support in the face of threats from Tehran and its proxies, as Austin urges diplomatic solution to head off war with Hezbollah

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday that “time is running out” in the fight to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and stressed that Israel and the US must work together to prevent the threat from being actualized.

“The greatest threat to the future of the world and the future of our region is Iran,” Gallant told his counterpart during a meeting at the Pentagon. “Now is the time to realize the commitment of the American administrations over the years to promise to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear weapons.”

The meeting between the two defense chiefs came amid increased tensions on the Israel-Lebanon border, where the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group has been launching near-daily attacks on northern Israel since October 8, claiming that it is doing so in support of fellow Iranian proxy Hamas as it wages war with Israel in Gaza.
Israel is “at a crossroads that will impact the entire Middle East,” Gallant told Austin. “In Gaza, we must work together to ensure the return of 120 hostages, without exception. We must end Hamas’s terrorist regime.”

This is coming at any moment. Time has run out and already we have posted what we are given in this website. Being a Russian friend, Iran is very much ready. Israel knows what to do whenever to eliminate this threat. Where dose this lead to? Remember what the Lord warned us about the nearness of “Jacobs Trouble.” The hope for peace is gradually evaporating.

In the Third big front, the far east vey tense, more wider in scope. North and South Korea are neck to neck. The North is insulting the South with many balloons loaded with garbage. The US, with its carriers and frigates has gone to the region for military exercise with the South.

The case of China and Taiwan is waiting for the right moment. This can come any time. China is currently calculating and waiting for the right moment. The case of Taiwan flares, US will get evolved and Chine is here to the west cost of the US.

The South China sea is another disaster. China and Philippine with the West are building up their war resources for major confrontation. This is a region which involves many nations.

There are many wars which the world has forgotten. They add up to the equation of global conflict and spheres of influence..

The message is:

-The Word of the Lord, the prophesies are coming to pass, soon, one by one..
-Time to finish Preparing-Repentance comes primary.
-Escape the war, the wrath of God and the tribulation taking Jesus as your Lord and savior.

We are well warned by the Lord that coming earthquake is accompanied by war. The Global earthquake comes, nuclear war comes the children of the Lord are gone.
By taking Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, you can save your life, your flesh and your soul. All IS be perfectly good with Jesus. No one in this entire universe can save any human being, only Jesus saves. Be wise and choose who you side with. It is either heaven or hell. Before going to hell, mankind will face untold suffering, pain and death. There is no easy ride to the lake of fire of hell. Is it not wonderful to go to heaven without pain, suffering, tribulation and death. How can this be difficult to understand?

Did we realize that we can escape the soon coming nuclear war and the Global Earthquake by taking Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. Mankind has nothing to lose but gain by trusting the creator with all they are.
All the statements made above was for this end.

Come to Jesus, the only Jesus for all you need and the everlasting.
It is time to Consider before it is too late and settle for the Best in the Universe.

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