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150 Year Old Bible With Sword
By Dream Perfection

The Word of the Lord is Your Sword

November 19, 2020 7:00 PM

On 11.17.20 I had read an article on this site ‘’ titled ‘The Word is The Sword!” by McKana. In this post this messenger of the Lord had a vision of a spiritual attack and a dark human like being that was somehow overcome by the power of the sword. According to McKana

“The sword has penetrated him, all through this evil thing…rapping him like a rope all around his body, incapacitating his arms disabling him, unable to move the slightest.”

When I read the post it called to mind a dream by Dimitru Duduman featured in the book ‘The Secret Door to UNDERSTAND BIBLE PROPHECY’ by Stan Johnson of the Prophecy Club. The dream was titled ‘Black Army’ (May 7, 1993)

and in this dream Lucifer and his army had overtaken a group of Christians, demanding those who feared him to go to the left and those who wanted to fight him to go to the right. Sadly the majority of Christians stepped to the left. The excerpt follows.

‘The army began to advance and quickly surrounded the Christians on the right. As they began to close in on us, a powerful light appeared and encircled us. Then, an angel of the Lord spoke. “Take out your swords and fight. Defend yourselves and be victorious over the enemy.”

“What swords?” a man in the group asked.

“The Word of the Lord is your sword,” the angel answered. When we understood what the angel meant, we began to quote verses from the Bible. Then suddenly, as if we were one voice, we began to sing a song. Our voices thundered so loudly, that the Dark army began to retreat in fear. They did not have the courage to come against us anymore.’

As to the ending to this dream, the Christians on the left were taken down by the enemy while the ones on the right who stood on the Word against Lucifer and his army were victorious.

The Word of the Lord truly is the Sword of the Spirit. May we get the Word into our hearts and start speaking and proclaiming it day and night as we prepare to stand against the enemy and his army in these last days.

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