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The Water Glass – Refuge and Hiding Place

The Water Glass

August 2, 2020 3:37 PM
Refuge and Hiding Place



I was in an outdoor/indoor market/shopping center. It was beautiful, well-manicured, clean, beautiful architecture with lots of big wood beams. 6’x6’ planters down the center of the space between shops, all filled with lush healthy plants. The entire space was simply gorgeous, it was a space that lifted your spirits just being in it. There were people walking around and talking but it was not overly busy.

I was in a shop with some people I knew (not specific) and I had a glass of water in my hand. All of a sudden it started to move, like it had a mind of its own. There was a table in front of me and I took another cup of water and poured it on the table then set the glass that was moving onto the table. I dumped the water on the table as a lubricant for the water glass to slide on. I told the people around me “you have to see this”, and as soon as I set the glass of water on the table it started moving on its own. It was loosely moving in a circular/elliptical pattern on the table. It moved smoothly and evenly and never stopped going.

Scene change:

All I remember is seeing the surface of the earth move radically. Big peace’s of the ground like sheets were sliding back and forth and moving up and down. The best way I can explain what I saw is to say it was like a water bed with a piece of glass on it that had been broken into many chunks and someone was jumping on the other end of the bed. The pieces of earth were going every which way and in no discernable pattern or movement, it was fairly violent.

Scene change:

Now I’m floating in the ocean, not holding on to anything, no one around me and no land in view in any direction. It was night time and dark with just starlight to see by, I was not scared in fact just the opposite, I was quite peaceful. As I floated, I saw off in the distance a rather large comet crash into the ocean, immediately a very large swell started to form. Then I woke up.


The 2nd and 3rd parts of the dream are pretty straight forward.

• The earth was violently breaking apart in a non-normal way. I have been in earthquakes when I lived in California and those were not what I saw in the dream.

• Asteroid/comet impact into the ocean is something I have seen before and a fairly common thing for the prophetic world to see. What can I add, a big rock crashes into the ocean, and will cause a big wave to crash into a coastline someplace… likely many places.

• The interpretation of the glass of water took a conversation with my wife to put all the pieces together. We both have the gift of dreams and interpretation, and to be honest it can be fun to sit and work through dreams with your spouse. So here is the interpretation:

The table represents relationships and the holy spirit was poured out all over the relationships. The church filled with the Holy Spirit (water glass) was then set on the Holy Spirit covered relationships. Here is the important part. The water glass which represents the Spirit filled church was released by me/man to move as it saw fit. And when it was released, it moves smoothly and continually without any help from the people looking on.

This is a personal word to me about our little church and where we are heading, but hopefully it’s an encouragement to you as well. It’s a tough time for churches but “church” is not about a building, or a youth group, or being well organized, it’s about seeking Jesus and doing that in community.

Our church leadership continually tries as much as posable to NOT control or manage things but to shepherd as well as posable, and to be fully submitted to the leading of the Spirit. We push hard for small groups and a community based around the Holy Spirit, scripture and relationships; think 1st century like the church in Acts, we don’t have it dialed but we are learning. Sunday mornings are just a side dressing for those who are not yet engaged, we keep doing Sunday church hoping for those who come to desire more and join a small group and then get into real fellowship.

Churches take a lot of condemnation these days and rightly so. That said, many people have bailed out of both church AND fellowship/community with other believers. And to be blunt, that is simply not in alignment with the heart of God. We are called to community, we are called to do life together with other believers, we are called to be taught together and filled with the Holy Spirit. A tight community can be very, very hard on the bad days and challenging even on the good days. So, we are clear, that is the life we are called to, doing life in community means dying to self every day and it will be hard. The “American Church” is a catastrophe, but if all the people who see the problems leave the church, how will we change anything for the better. Please find a church, or a small group or some type of tight community and do life together. Standing on the outside, condemning the church for its failures is not growing the kingdom. Luke warm Christians and asleep churches need on fire people to help move them into a new season. If you are called to do that it will be frustrating but remember a great harvest is moments away and God will do radical things with seemingly asleep people. I am quite sure the twelve disciples will agree with me.

Nothing changes if you do nothing to change


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God Bless, Refuge and Hiding Place


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