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March 6 2020
Tony Lamb


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blessed most merciful have your father I come before you humbly Lorna I pray and I beg Lord you give me the courage the will the words that wisdom to speak I pray that you give me the words are I pray in Jesus mighty name amen my name is Tony lamb and I am just the dust of the earth and no one is beneath me the only thing special about me is that I am forgiven and I am geister this pestilence that’s sweeping the nation right now at this very moment will be coming to everyone’s door and you better be prepared with the precious blood of Jesus on the doorpost in the level of your heart because there is no other way to survive what is surely to come upon this vile wicked earth my youngest son lives in Washington State a man came in his large office complex who then later tested positive for the chrono virus so not only is his business shuttered but now my son is quarantined for 14 days in his home and if that’s not bad enough his son my grandson and his school a man tested positive for the corona virus and now the whole school is closed indefinitely and my grandson will not return to school for the for the foreseeable future Costco Sam’s Club Walmart even janitorial supply companies are out of stock on facemask bleach toilet paper hand sanitizer Lysol almost all disinfectants and now there is a run on food on the west coast and the East Coast that that panic is moving to the middle of the country on the internet there may be hundreds of photos of empty store shelves all over America if you have not stocked up it may already be too late but I will put my faith and my trust in Jesus of Nazareth this is what I saw coming to America I saw economic collapse coming Ezekiel 7 and 19 they shall cast their silver in the streets and their goal shall be removed their silver and their goal shinnok shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord they shall not satisfy their souls neither fill their balls because it is a stumbling block to their in the qulity David Wilkerson and I both saw dreams and visions of an economic collapse coming to America maybe it’s the economy of China that Colin collapses to do to the coronavirus after all China’s one-fifth of the world’s GDP everything was selling our stores is made in China almost all of our medications are made in China what happens when Walmart cannot get resupplied of the goods to stock their shelves Walmart is effectively out of business what happens when Americans cannot get their medications many people desperately need then many Americans will suffer and many will die when the Chinese economy implodes and it is doing so right now as I speak the flow of people and goods going in and out of China has effectively stopped so what happens to the world economy did you know that in a five-month period the Federal Reserve printed and lent to our top seven banks six point six trillion dollars so they have they had to do that to keep their very doors open and one day last week the Federal Reserve printed and gave to those same banks three quarters of a trillion dollars in one day did you know that as of February 19th 2020 there are now 760 million people in 70 cities in China that are under quarantine major Chinese cities now looked like ghost town everyone is afraid of this new and deadly virus how many are infected in America a news article just released today I’m well it was not released on February 23rd says that there are over 8,000 people non quarantined in America how many will there be tomorrow how many in Europe company in Japan Romney in Korea no one truly knows and even if this virus is contained in America you still have the economic collapse of China Japan India Europe is all collapsing as I speak it’s tick tock time for America even without the coronavirus it’s only a matter of time before it’s game over for our economy remember this is the time of Sorrows and things are only going to get worse civil war is coming to America and Americans will be shooting and bombing other Americans war is coming to America I stopped foreign troops on American soil I saw nuclear weapons being detonated over major American cities earthquakes are coming to America unlike the earth has ever seen before Luke 21 and 11 and great earthquakes shall there be in diverse places and famine and pestilence and fearful sights and great science shall there be from heaven and again David Wilkerson and I have had the same dreams and visions about a massive and major earthquake starting on the west coast probably the Cascadia rip first and this will be a 9.0 or greater that will cause a massive tsunami to hit the west coast as well then you will have the San Andreas Fault that are erupted because of the Cascadia eruption and if that were not enough then you will have the New Madrid fault in southeastern Missouri that will rupture and all three earthquakes and tsunamis will cause untold devastation for America I saw listen much more America will lose its power and its prestige in its place among the nations tsunamis are coming to the East Coast and the West Coast Jeremiah 51 and 42 the sea has come upon Babylon she is covered with the multitude of the waves and era volcanoes are also coming to America multiple massive volcanoes until most of America is covered in several feet of thick black and volcanic dust famine is coming to America have you noticed food prices lately they will keep going up until there is no more food well will you eat when there’s no more food when it’s all gone crops record crap shortfalls are being reported in America Australia Europe Africa and Asia I saw starvation in America unlike anything ever seen before upon this earth people were eating pizza ATS animals and when they ran out of those they eat grass leaves bugs worms made everything they could find and yes I saw people eating other people and finally even that would be accepted as normal in the future I saw people in filthy rags with sores and bugs all over their bodies looking is that they had not had a bath or haircut or shaven years they were scurrying around like little creatures hiding and burned-out ruins of homes and businesses now you have biblical swarms of locusts devouring almost all the crops in major parts of Africa the Middle East India and now these locust are threatening China these swarms of locusts are so massive and thick they blot out the Sun they even devour entire fields in 30 seconds so not only do you have record crop failures you have locust eating what is left so yes famine is coming very soon I saw an EMP strike high above America and the power went out and lights did not come back on I saw a flash of light over the center of America and I saw all the lights go off all over America and much of Canada also the lights went out and they did not come back on Isaiah forty seven and five set the silent and get the under darkness a daughter of the Chaldeans before thou shalt no more be called a lady of kingdoms I saw two asteroid strikes also I saw one in the Atlantic Ocean and the other I think was over Western Canada the Esther is strike in the Atlantic Ocean cause that caused the massive wall of wall of water to crash into the East Coast and it surged inland for 100 miles or more in some areas destroying everything in his path revelation 8 8 and 10 and the second angel sounded and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea and a third part of the sea became blood and the third angel sounded and there fell a great star from heaven burning as it were a lamp and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and upon the phones of pestilence and disease is coming to America some man-made some made by nature the new coronavirus is sweeping through China it’s so bad that almost all major cities in China have been quarantined and now this new deadly virus is everywhere even in America how much longer before we have FEMA camps taking in quarantine people with this deadly coronavirus much longer I saw the Sun grow deadly and kill and affect many people with skin cancers I saw the earth burn up from the heat and the Sun it burned crops and the animals people were ill developed many sores and cancers and cataracts once in a dream an angel took me by the hand and showed me many miles and miles and miles under underground caves maybe thousands of miles of caves with millions and upon millions of jail cells but all the jail cells all their doors were open in the cells were empty I asked what is this I was told that these were the cells that held the demons that have been released upon the earth during the tribulation I was shown four beasts but more correctly they were fallen angels and they were not in jail cells but more rather but rather they were chained to the walls of the caves I saw these massive and grotesque beasts all curled up lying on the floor I saw their muscles of their bodies Ripple I saw their massive bodies expand and contract as they breathed in and breathe out and with each breath I heard a massive amount of air rushing in and rushing out with each breath they took these beasts are fallen angels I felt a sense of rage of pure hatred toward God and toward humans because a God loved us and more than he loved them I felt an all-consuming ragin and hate coming from his Beast I was shown one particular beast and I taught was told he was their leader and in another dream I saw these very same fallen angels walking the earth for their season of destruction they were huge they were grotesque and they seemed a tower above everything they hated God and everything about God and they knew that they could not touch God so they hated and destroyed one God loved us these fallen angels were released for one month one year one day one hour to slay a third part of man upon the earth and no weapon could harm them and they destroyed everything with fervor as they knew their time was short upon the earth these fallen angels were a most destructive force against force against mankind against anything built by man they destroyed everything in their path these beasts did not sleep they did not arrest day and night they destroyed everything before them nothing was spared no pity no quarter was given and no weapon could harm them and they knew it I did no I do not know how they destroyed or killed I just know that they did but I saw in my dream I saw where buildings literally exploded like as if a gas leak and explodes in a fireball in a million pieces and that is what I saw and I was told to look into the eyes of the leader was instant death and their eyes glowed red like fiery hot coals that I was not afraid not as long as this angel held my hand revelation 9 14 and 15 saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates and the four angels were loosed which were prepared for an hour and a day and a month in a year for to slay a third part of men so do you think this is just a metaphor a metaphor does not tell you how many people will kill the Bible’s prophecies and the Bible have all come true literally so why not this prophecy besides I have seen it so I know it will come to pass just as the Bible says here I saw demon-possessed people running around in small packs like animals and they were acting as if they were on that drug called flaca they would contort their bodies into shapes that were impossible they would make animal noises that were humanly impossible to make these possessed people would kill everyone every living thing they would do things that were unimaginable and unspeakable to people and animals in this time it is hor heaped upon or unimaginable and a believable acts of cruelty to man and beast I saw plagues upon the land upon the people I saw starvation I saw the Sun become very hot and scorched the land the trees the people I saw people dying by the millions probably by the billions we can count when the destruction is so complete so total I was not shown a plague first and then economic collapse it as there was no particular order to my dreams I just know that it will all come to pass and not only because of my dreams because also the Bible said but that was not all I saw the misery the despair the hopelessness of the survivors was almost too much to bear misery heaped upon misery horror heaped upon or that was what I saw the tribulation everyone hates everyone else with a rage that we can not comprehend to hear and no people possessed or not possessed would kill for no reason whatsoever people will not care there is no compassion in the world at that time because God is love and God has lifted his hand his influence from the earth and the love and compassion and peace go with God when he goes there was no rule of law you could not call for help there was no one to call and no one cared nothing works no cell phones no phones no power no TV no radio no water no heat no air-conditioning nothing works not even the toilets will flush and no one has any toilet paper toilet paper will be worth more than its weight until one day homes were reduced a little more than above-ground caves no one is coming to your rescue no government agency is going to hand out food or whatever you there will not be any doctors or hospitals open and there will be no medication of any kind first Thessalonians 5 and 9 for God hath not appointed us to wrath but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ if you are not in the will and grace and warning in you will enter the tribulation but before the tribulation comes first comes the rapture the faithful the chosen few who have not abandoned his teachings for false doctrines just to have their ears tickled so many people these days are so eager to have their ears tickled and they will they will have their ears tickled straight into hell but God is not in the ear tickling business God is in the truth business God says what he means God means what he says as he says in the King James Bible the only true inspired Word of Almighty God God can not tolerate sin God will not Lincoln sin God will not give you a pass because a halt sin is an abomination to God God is a jealous God and God has got a great compassion of love but God can not and will not tolerate sin there are those who say God is a God of only love and peace that could never harm anyone then may I remind you of the flood of Noah where God destroyed every living thing upon the earth including potentially a billion or more people and then women and children but the seed of all mankind had become corrupted in those days with the sea the Satan so God had to wipe wipe the slate clean and start over with Noah and his family and the animals on the ark who were perfect in their generations her seed their DNA and there was destruction and there was the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and you can still buy bits of almost pure brimstone sulfur on ebay from Sodom and Gomorrah and for your information nowhere else on earth is the sulfurous pure as the brimstone of Sodom and Gomorrah archaeologists have come to a conclusion on Sodom and Gomorrah and it is it took equivalent energy of 76 or Oshima atomic weapons to cause the total destruction seen of sodom and gomorrah so yes God can be and will be a god of great wrath also so your guide has only God of love and you are serving the wrong God a false god who can neither hear nor see nor answer any prayers as I mentioned in the beginning this is not about gloom and doom but about salvation and the good news of the gospel yes all these things will come to pass but there is a road to salvation where you your spouse your children do not have to enter or endure the tribulation and its many horrors Jesus died on an old wooden cross and He shed his precious blood for you for me as a blood offering for your sins and my sins in the early days the Jews had to offer animal blood as a sacrifice for atonement of sin but Jesus died he shed his precious blood as the blood offering for our sins so your sin-debt has already been paid by the precious blood of Jesus so now all you have to do is humble yourself be very sincere and repent of all of your sins and pray to accept Jesus into your heart as your Lord and Savior and he lead and guide you in every step of your way my warning is the very same God who poured out his wrath upon Israel his chosen people by the way is about to pour out his wrath upon America with even greater destruction it’s time to get your house in order Jesus is returning for his faithful very soon to rapture side of his vile and sinful so be in prayer be watching for that blessed hope but great catching away because it’s now so very very close that’s even at the door if the rapture has not happened when you hear this then keep humble in prayer pray to be found worthy and that great catching away of the faithful be watching and keep in prayers in these very last days every word every action is more important than you could ever imagine so please do not deny Jesus as your Lord and Savior by any means tear your Bible with you and say the blessing over every meal if the rapture has already happened then I am truly sorry for you as you will have to have a very hard time living for Jesus in the tribulation not only much do you not take the mark of the beast or his name or his number you must not worship His image whatever that is whether it’s on a new on the new money power on a TV computer monitor videos cell phone screens or anywhere everywhere you must not worship His image in the near future we will all have digital money but his image will be attached to everything especially his digital money do not take the mark of the beast and do not worship the image of the beast in any way shape or form to give the Beast praise or honored or well damn your soul to hell you must never deny Jesus as your Lord and Savior by any by the thought deed action or inaction you must never deny that Jesus is the true living son of God and you will be persecuted for your faith very cruelly your family will be tortured before your eyes to get you to take the mark of the beast and yes you will endure all these things you will beat the headed for your fate as you have no place in their world but Jesus welcomes you with open arms in heaven the moment you close your eyes in this world you will open your eyes and paradise with Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit the father the Holy Angels plus all those who have gone on before you remember as God comes to the wicked as an Avenger he comes to the righteous as he Redeemer Isaiah the prophet wrote in 26 verse 12 the Lord is doing to keep you in perfect peace she’ll simply trust him the Lord says I haven’t given you a spirit of fear but of power love and sound mind 2nd Timothy 1 verse 7 even in the most difficult of times we will enjoy great blessing because God will reveal himself as never before also remember acts 2 and 17 and it shall come to pass if God I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams but I pray the rapture has not happened for you and you can still make that choice to serve God and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ there are those who claim that this is only escapism all I can say that this does you know well yes it is it is a reward for being faithful to Jesus to be raptured with the faithful my prayer is and has always been that I’d be pleasing to God as Enoch was pleasing to God so much so that God just took him I pray that I believe be that pleases you God that one day God will just take me but I pray that also you be pleasing to God that he just takes you also we pray for all of you and I spread especially pray for the lost that they find their way home that they find their way to the saving grace of Jesus Christ Jesus is the only name in heaven or in earth that could save you me or anyone from what is to come by them as a vile and wicked earth Jesus is the only one who can save you me or anyone from what is to come and very bad times are coming because I’ve seen it if you are prepping for the tribulation you need to be praying instead of prepping some prepping for emergencies like power outages and storms and and even a coronavirus lockdown it is fine and perfectly acceptable this God loves uprooted men but if you are prepping to save yourself in the tribulation then you’re looking for the wrong kind of salvation instead be looking to Jesus I pray for the lost I weep for the lost because I know I have seen what they must endure and my heart breaks for them jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet he wept over lost I also have with bitterly but i weep for the losses it as they have no idea what is to come upon them I pray that they hear this morning and they take heed and repent of sin and invite Jesus into their heart as their Lord and Savior the only salvation from what is to come is to be in the will and grace of Almighty God and to be raptured out of here we pray for all of you that you come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ before it’s too late remember God is in control I’ll praise all glory all honor be to God god bless you got keep you guys keep yours is our prayer and Bobby and I will be looking for you on the streets of gold one day very very soon in Jesus name I pray and I don’t go anywhere without my Bible I take it everywhere I go and if my Bibles not welcome then I’m not well and I said the blessing over every single meal every single meal I better wear a fancy restaurants or cheap restaurants I say the blessing over a big meal and I pray you do likewise because in these last days we did not want to die Jesus in any way shape he’s coming back very very soon my heart my heart aches got lost I can’t tell you because I’ve seen I’ve seen with my own my own eyes I’ve seen the whore the destruction of the death that is to come I’ve seen it I have no way I have no way to make you say it I wish I could but if I could that you would just claim it with special effects some kind of new movies being released or something either I could do is what I was me and others Brian and Kim and others we’re working to put together a CD called 40 it’s gonna be going out it’s gonna be offered on my website at www.nasa.gov/station and I have a feeling that about the time it hits the radio stations is about the time this coronavirus is gonna get really really bad really bad people are gonna be looking for answers and I pray that they look to Jesus because there’s no other name in heaven or in earth that can save anyone in Jesus name I pray

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