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The War Powers/Defense Production Act: Re-Tooling For War.- Bro. John in Mo.

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The War Powers/Defense Production Act: Re-Tooling For War

Febuary 15, 2024 3:57 PM
Bro. John in Mo.

Greetings in the name of Jesus to all the Saints! Before I get to the main topic that I want to speak about, I want to give a bit of an update in regard to all the alarms, sirens and warnings of calamity that I spoke of in my last article titled “On The Verge Of A National Calamity” written on 2/01/24. Nearly every day for a week AFTER I wrote that word, I kept on hearing what sounded like wavering sirens way off in the distance that never came by my house, until sometimes hours after I actually heard them. ( I live in a semi-rural area, and I can go for weeks and weeks without hearing any sirens at all pass my house)

I went to the gas station during this time period, and an ambulance went by me with the siren wailing right as I started pumping gas. On 2/08/24 I was listening to a Christian talk show on the radio, and someone who called in to the program, their smoke detector was beeping so loudly in the background that I actually had to check MY smoke detectors in my house, because I thought that it was one of mine. On 2/06/24 I was in bed listening to Hal Turner on shortwave radio speaking about us possibly going to war with Russia.

While he was talking, I began hearing a siren off in the distance, (a firetruck) and as it got louder and louder and closer to my house, right when Hal Turner spoke the words: “Nuclear War” that was the exact second that the firetruck passed by my house with the sirens blasting their loudest. Nearly every day after I wrote that word, sirens would come by my house, and I believe I was also hearing them in the spirit, because it got to the point that I would hear them, but they never did come by my house. (it got so bad that I had to ask the Lord to take the spiritual sound of them away, because they were making me a nervous wreck, thankfully He did)

Some may roll their eyes at these things, and say that these are all just silly little coincidences, and there is nothing to any of this. You are wrong. Many of us that are prophetic have our quirky little ways in which the Lord speaks to warn us of impending danger. In June of this year 2024, it will be 34 years that I have been saved and walking with the Lord, and I know the different ways that God speaks to me… and the one thing that I’ve learned is that God’s timing is perfect, and their are no “coincidences” with a prophetic Spirit filled child of God. End of story.

Also since my last article, I believe that twice the Lord has spoken to me the following: “AN EMERGENCY DECLARATION IS COMING” What is this “Emergency Declaration”? By the end of this article I believe you will know. Now to the main topic that I want to speak of. It never ceases to amaze me the way that God confirms the same things to his prophetic servants. When I saw the article titled: “Factories Converted To Wartime Production” By Anno.domini.144k, I nearly fell out of my chair. What Anno.domini.144k saw in this dream/vision I believe is absolutely of the Lord, because the Lord spoke the exact same thing to me four years ago. Let me lay the groundwork for what the Lord spoke to me and what I believe he has given me in regard to revelation concerning the U.S. shifting into a war-time economy.

Back on 1/24/20 at 1:50pm I was in prayer to the Lord when suddenly he interrupted me and said: “THERE IS A WAR POWERS ACT COMING” Back when the Lord gave me this word, the covid-19 virus was just starting to spread in this country. There was no talk of war anywhere, it was only non-stop covid-19 talk 24/7. (I remember actually googling the word “war”..there was no talk of war anywhere back then) About 8 weeks later, this word that the Lord gave me (There Is A War Powers Act Coming) was PARTIALLY fulfilled when President Trump implemented THE DEFENSE PRODUCTION ACT (a type of The War Powers Act) on 3/18/20.

This act was established in 1950 during the Korean War, following WAR POWERS legislation used during WW2 to direct private industry to produce weapons, vehicles and other materials for war. After President Trump implemented this act in Spring of 2020, some of our automobile manufacturers actually re-tooled and geared up for the manufacture of ventilators for widespread hospital use. This is not even debatable, this event already actually happened, so what the Lord told me came to pass…but I believe only in partial fulfillment. The full fulfillment will be the U.S. soon gearing up for a military war-time economy.

In March of 2020, I began hearing the still small voice speak to me the term: “DRY RUN” Websters Dictionary actually describes this term “dry run” as “MILITARY SLANG” meaning: 1. “Practice in firing small arms or guns without using live ammunition” 2. “A rehearsal for any event.” A few days later the Lord spoke to me the term: “DRESS REHEARSAL” The day after I heard this word, the Lord spoke the same exact word “DRESS REHEARSAL” to Glynda Lomax on her prophetic website, back on Wed. 3/18/20.

I got in touch with Glynda, and she suggested that we talk, because we were both hearing similar things about a coming war that no one else at that time was speaking of. (As I said, at that particular time, it was all just non stop covid-19 talk, nothing about war.) In April 2020 Glynda and I spent about two and a half hours on the phone, talking about similar words given to us about the coming war that is now presently at our doorsteps. Finally on Sun. 4/19/20, at 6:53 pm, I was looking out my kitchen window, without any thought at all in my mind, when the Holy Spirit clearly spoke to me: “THE RED HORSE IS COMING”

This is spoken of in Revelation 6:4, and it pertains to war. That word of wisdom (The Red Horse Is Coming) was one of the clearest words I have ever heard from the Lord in my life. With in seconds, tears were running down my face and the presence of God was all over me. That word of wisdom back in 2020 REALLY put me in gear getting ready for the now soon coming war.

I wholeheartedly did my Noah imitation…because I “moved with fear” (Heb.11:7) topping off prepping supplies in my personal ark. What it all boils down to is this: I believe the whole Covid 19 scam was in fact a satanic depopulation event, and a world wide “DRY RUN” or “DRESS REHEARSAL” military exercise for WORLD WAR 3.


I have no actual proof of what I’m about to say, but I strongly personally believe that the C.E.O.’s of Ford, G.M., Chrysler and other various large industrial companies, have ALREADY been in high level talks with the Pentagon, The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, and other top level officials in Washington D.C. I also believe the C.E.O.’s of these companies have more than likely had secret “Mafia-Style” “God-Father” type meetings with the Deep State officials, and have already received their marching orders, having been made “an offer that they can’t refuse” if you get my drift.

I fully believe that our country will soon absolutely re-tool and gear up for war-time production contracting with private industries in the production of aircraft, missiles, bombs, guns, ammunition, drones, etc. These companies will be taken over by the stroke of a pen, by an EMERGENCY DECLARATION and become government property, including YOUR PROPERTY, if they want it. If you want to know what the future looks like, review the past. (google The War Powers Act of 1941, and The Defense Production Act, and study them both for more info)

When The War Powers Act of 1941 went into effect, it gave the U.S. Government incredible power. As you probably know, they built detention camps and detained Japanese Americans when we went to war with Japan. Christians and Patriots will be next this time around, and will be greatly persecuted and detained in the coming war. I cannot overstate the following fact enough: The many shortages that we faced during covid-19, will seem like the “good old days” when the war starts here in the U.S. The rationing will be severe on nearly everything.

Much private property will be taken by the government for the coming war-time effort. Expect Martial Law type travel restrictions concerning all kinds of travel, including air, highway, ship and rail. The Interstate Highway System was actually designed for the military back in the 1950’s, and it will be taken over by the military, and used for all internal heavy mobile military operations in regard to travel within the United States. Watch for the coming heavy rationing of gasoline, oil, filters, parts, steel, copper, nickle, brass, guns, ammunition, reloading supplies, alkaline batteries, rubber, plastics, and heavy duty industrial type oils, fluids and chemicals.

Speaking of copper and nickle…remember the supposed coin shortage of quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies during covid-19? I said back then to a few family members, that the government was stashing them away for a coming war effort to be melted down for war-time production.They did the same thing back during WW2, making the 1943 penny out of steel instead of copper, because copper was in short supply for the war effort. They even put silver in some of the nickles during the war, because they needed the nickle more than the silver!

DO NOT CASH IN YOUR CHANGE, BEGIN SAVING AND HOARDING ALL QUARTERS, DIMES, NICKLES AND PENNIES. THEY WILL BE WORTH MUCH MORE THAN FACE VALUE AFTER THE WAR STARTS! Also make sure that you have plenty of cash on hand starting now. The banks will more than likely be shut down by executive emergency orders when war starts.Panic early and avoid the rush. One other word that I believe I received from the Lord back on 7/26/23 at 3:55pm is the following: “WAR BONDS ARE COMING”

So if I heard correctly from the Lord, (and I believe I did) then I fully expect the U.S. Government to encourage the purchasing of War Bonds, to help support the coming war-time effort, just as they did back in WW2. They may even make it MANDATORY that a percentage is taken out of payroll checks automatically. Do not underestimate the power that the government will help themselves to during the coming emergency war-time declarations.

I am not personally qualified to give investment advice, but let’s put it this way: “If I was you”… and I had a lot of money in the stock market, I would prayerfully cash out a high percentage of it now before the crash comes, go to cash, and put the money into some of the I have listed in my article titled: “Survival Preps For Nuclear War, Tribulation, And The Second Exodus” posted on 10/20/23 here at I strongly feel that this war may start first internally here in the U. S. from massive terrorist attacks started by all of the millions of young fighting age men already in this country from Russia, China, Iran, Central America, etc…. then the attack will come from Russia.

I could be wrong on this, and it could be that Russia attacks first, but either way, you must get ready. If you are not preparing physically for these type of scenarios, then you need to learn the “Preppers Verse”: Prov. 22:3 “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on and are punished.” Dear Saints, I am sternly warning you once more to make physical preparations NOW, for great tribulation coming upon this world.

Many of those deceived into believing the secret pre-trib rapture lie will commit suicide, fall away, and go back into the world, when they see the horrors that are about to unfold, but thankfully some will repent and believe the truth that the church has taught for the first 18 centuries…a post tribulation second coming of Christ. Mark my words, industrial-strength adult Pampers will soon be in high demand in the pre-trib rapture camp, because their bowels and their bladders will both instantly evacuate themselves simultaneously, when they see the calamities coming upon this earth… calamities that they foolishly believed that they would not be here to see.

(Gee, Bro. John… do you always have to take a jab at the rapture?) Yep. I deeply despise false damnable doctrines that were never taught in historical ancient Christianity. Just as Elijah mocked the false prophets who were cutting themselves and crying out to Baal, in 1Kings 18:27-28, I will also mock those who refuse to prepare and deeply study the word of God, and who put their hope in a lie, thinking that they will vanish into thin air before great tribulation comes.

Some in the pre-trib rapture camp need to fly over to Gaza right now, and tell the poor Palestinians, some who are actually wonderful Godly Christians, that they are not in Great Tribulation RIGHT NOW….do you think these poor Christians would actually believe you? Now upwards of 30,000 civilians have been killed, mostly children, and the many thousands of those that are still alive are wandering around cold, dirty, orphaned and sick with limbs missing, so utterly shell-shocked and trembling that they are unable to speak. Hospitals, refugee camps, even Baptist Churches have been bombed on purpose by “God’s Chosen People”

Do true people of God bomb Christian churches, and treat innocent civilians this way? The answer is no. Zionism is antichrist, (1John 2:22) the synagogue of Satan, (Rev.3:9) and it is completely contrary to true scriptural ancient and historical Christianity. Dispensational Zionism is “joined at the hip” and it is the other “book-end” of the secret pre-trib rapture error, both coming from the warped mind of John Nelson Darby. Even Charles Spurgeon butted heads with Darby and his teachings, which were relatively new even back in Spurgeon’s day. Wake up Church!

This Dispensational Zionist secret rapture lie was taught no where in Christianity prior to the year 1800. Crack open some old time Bible Commentaries such as Mathew Henry and Mathew Poole, and see if I might be lying to you. I am not here to be liked or loved by you, I’m here to warn you, teach you, and help you prepare your hearts to meet God at any moment… and to prepare you physically to endure till the end. (your end…or the end, whichever comes first)

I expect many during the coming war to soon be quoting the 91st Psalm, which as you know, is the great protection Psalm. And what a great and wonderful promise of protection it is. But it is conditional you know. “HE THAT DWELLETH IN THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH SHALL ABIDE UNDER THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY”

This protection is only for those who dwell in the “secret place” meaning those shut-in with God, and in intimate communion with him and the study of his word. As I close, one last observation on the first verse of the 91st Psalm, that speaks of the “shadow” of the Almighty. Just a thought… but you really have to be walking mighty close to someone in order for them to be able to cast a shadow upon you. Did you ever think about that? Can you truthfully say that you are walking close enough to the Lord right now in order for Him to cast His shadow upon you? You had better think hard upon this statement.The great test is coming, I sincerely hope you are cramming for finals.

Get the coming day of your death settled today with God… while you still can. Spend quality time in silence, in quiet communion with the Lord. We are going to war soon, and in one day everything in regard to our lives will change forever. When the coming war will start.. that I cannot say, but soon. Soon. Please prepare accordingly. May God bless and hopefully protect you under the shadow of his mighty wings during these perilous end times. Come soon Lord Jesus!

Bro. John in Mo 2-15-24


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