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The War in Eastern Europe and Asia Minor(Anatolia)

July 27, 2022 5:34 PM

July 27, 2022

Isaiah 55:11(KJV)
So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

2 Corinthians 13:1(KJV)
This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

The word of the Lord, which looks remote and very unlikely to come to pass is moving fast like a flood. I am a given a vision about the invasion of Eastern Europe and Asia Minor by a force from the North

“War in Eastern Europe and Asia minor (Eurasia), OCTOBER 10, 2019, MCKANA
https://444prophecynews.com/war-in-eastern-europe-and-asia-minor-eurasia/. Some words from the 2019 message.

“There is going to be a big war. A big war in Eastern Europe and Western Asia-ie Eurasia. The conflict is so big, the word says “1.5 million people (one and half million) will die in one day.” There is a force descending from the North towards the South and encompasses many areas, Black sea, old Asia Minor and down South. I heard clearly and with good understanding the number of deaths of the people in one day. Due to the intensity of the whole scenario, I don’t feel comfortable and tried to wake up but pressed down and kept on for a while. The time, God knows.”

Lately, six days before the invasion of Ukraine, I was given a vision of explosions in Ukraine and in countries North and East of Ukraine. War In Eastern Europe!. February 18, 2022 11:50 AM, MCKANA https://444prophecynews.com/war-in-eastern-europe-mckana/. Few words from this message:-

“I see explosion in three four areas of cities, in Ukraine and in other different places east of Ukraine. The first explosion is in Ukraine. Next to that, there are explosions in East European cities between Germany and Ukraine. One of them I saw clearly is in the middle of the city west of Ukraine, looks like Poland, not perfectly sure but it is out and west of Ukraine. The other explosion is North of what I though is Poland and one of them is near east German or in German. At least the three explosions are out and east of Ukraine. This is war, the beginning.”

I saw a message today July 27, 2022 by POLLOX about the fate of Turkey.


which reminded me of one prophetic word given to an elder which many though was too “hard’ to post from the heaviness of the content. Now, with the message given to me about the big war in Asia-minor and Ukraine, added to the message give to Pollox, I found it time to release the prophetic word of the elder.

We have heard and read much more heavy prophetic words. There is no reason to be offended of the truth which will come to pass soon. These messages are spoken by more than two mouths. The readers are advised to seek the truth from the Lord.

The prophecy of the elder:-

WW3 in Greek Orthodox Prophecies . Elder Paisios
July 25, 1924 – July 12, 1994
His prophecy about national issues,
(Aegian sea, Turkey, Constantinople)
Panagouda ( Elder Paisios)

The holly elder Paisions the Athonite, sanctity of which confessed by almost all Greeks. Politicians, servicemen, secular monks, priests, monks and the ecumenical patriarch as well. He has spoken of things which we are going to see soon.

Here are a few of his predictions in brief:

1. -Soviet Russia will collapse 70 years after the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. The prediction was made in the late 70s – early 80s.(70 years is 1987 and it did collapse)

2. -He saw a vision of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 2 weeks before it occurred.

3. -He foresaw the destruction of Turkey by Russia, after Turkey attacks Greece. NATO will oppose the Russians but its forces will be destroyed

4. -The nation of Israel will be destroyed 70 years after its conception. 2/3 of their People will become Christians. Is it a coincidence that the Elder died at age 70 (70 years is 5/13/2018, 68th celebrated 05/13/2016) (Note by McKana!-no offence, it is a prophetic word)

5. -The beginning of Armageddon will be near after Turkey closes the Euphrates River dam.

6. -Turkey will be divided in pieces. One piece will go to Greece; one piece will go to Armenia and one to Kurdistan.

7. -The Dome of the Rock will collapse from bellow. Armageddon will be close when Solomon s temple is ready to be rebuilt.

8. -Israel will attack its close neighbors with nuclear weapons when they see their end is near.

WW3 in Greek Orthodox Prophecies . Elder Paisios

1. The Turks have a boiled water around their waist. They will suffer great harm.

2. The Russians will intervene from above and it will be done as is said in the prophecy of st Kosmas theAaetolian.

3. The “Big’ will look after Greeks to watch after Constantinople and God will give it to us. God will help us because we are Orthodox.

4. Turkey will dissolve by its allies. The Turks have the boiled wheat around their waist, he said in 1991.

5. Hey, Hey, I will not be there on the march to admire you when the Greek army march on Constantinople to an aviation officer in 1992.

6. St Cosmas of Aetonia was right in what he said about examilia(six miles). Examilia, he explains, are not villages nor cities but six nucternile miles the area of six miles that surrounds Greek coastals and all our islands. Exomilia is every point six miles from Greek costs and territorial or insolar. Thereforee there is where it takes place, what St Cosmas of Aetolia said.

7. In further explanation of details he said, when the Turkish fleet will start to head against Greek and reach it six miles, it will indeed be destroyed. This is the time they will have the boiled wheat in their belt but this will not happen from us. This is Gods will. Exomilia will be the beginning of the end. This will commence all the events to get back the city (Constantinople).

8. The city will be given to us. There will be war between Russia and Turks. At first the Turks will think they win but this will be their destruction.

9. The Russians eventually win and the city will fall into their hand, then we will get it back, the Russians will have to give it to us.

10. The Turks will be destroyed and will be erased from the map forever.

11. Ono third of the Turks will go back where they started , to the depth of Turkey. The other 1/3 will be saved because it will be Christianized and the last third will be killed in the war.

12. Turky will be dismembered in to 3-4 pieces. The count down has already began. We will get back our territories, Armenians and Kurds as well. The Kurd issue has already been initiated. None of these will happen now but soon.

13. When the generation of that govern Turkey will cease and the new one will undertake, this is when Turkeys dismemberment will be done. Very soon, the prayers that are done beneath the surface of the earth will be on the Earth and the candles that are lit below will be lit above. There has to be faith and hope to God and many will be happy. All this will be happening and the time has come.

14. The English and the Americans will give us Constantinople, not because they love us but it is consistent with their interest.

15. The Turks will only make provocation to Greek that is related to the coastal zone and there will be hunger. Greek will suffer from hunger and because the storm will last some time, only few months, we shall call the bread buns(Greeks phrase for an embargo situations) and he said, try to have a piece of land cultivated, and that will help those which doesn’t have any.

16. He said, when you hear at TV being referenced the miles extension of coastal zone from 6-12 miles then the war will come and follow by.

17. After the Turks provocation, the Russians will descent to the Bosphorus sstrait not to help us, they will have other interests but without wanting it they will be helping us, then the Turks will gather more troops to defend the strait which is of strategic importance. They will also withdraw forces from the occupied territories but some of the EU countries will see (namely England France Italy and 6-7 more) that Russia will grab territories so they will say “why don’t we go out there hopefully to get a piece?” but everyone will be chasing the loins share and this is how the Europians will go in for this war.

18. The Greek government will decide to send no troops but keep them in the national border and it will be a great blessing Greek doesn’t participate because anyone who will take part in this European war will be lost.

19. The Turks will hit us but Greek will not suffer great damage.

20. Not long after the Turks attack to our country, the Russians will strike the Turks and tear them down as a piece of paper is hit with a force and tears into pieces, so the Turks will be destroyed.

21. 1/3 will be destroyed, second 1/3 will be Christianized the last 1/3 will go to Kukkni milia (a place deep inside Turkey)

22. The use of Euphrates river for irrigation, it will be a warning from Turks that the preparation for the oncoming war has begun.

23. Russia will continue the war after Turks distruction up to the Persian gulf and the troops will stop outside Jerusalem, then the Western powers will give notice to the Russians to withdraw their troops from these places. That much time the sprout need to grow, ie 6 months but Russia will not withdraw its forces and then the western powers will assemble troops to attack them. The war that will erupt will be global and will result the Russians loss.

24. There will be massive slaughter, the cities will became slums. We the Greeks will not take part in this world war.

25. The government of Constantinople by us will be military and political, he said in 1991. He said “You will help rebuild Constantinople as engineers”, to students in the university of xanthi, because the city will be rebuilt from scratch.

26. The elder Paisios expresses that, I don’t want anything else but God to keep me few more years in life to see my country grow, it will grow, Turkey will be dismembered, this surely will satisfy us and be in advantage for our state. Therefore, our villages and unredeemed land will be freed, Constantinople will be released and became Greek once again.

27. The sacred masses will start again in Hagia Sophia.(Note added:-The Hagia Sophia is the Catholic temple in old Constantinople, now Istanbul, whch the Turks changed to their mosk after their invasion).

WW3 in Greek Orthodox Prophecies . Elder Paisios.

Repent! Repent! Repent!

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