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Two Messages:

1. The Pages Of History Are Now Turning Like A Cyclone!
2. Turkey Beware Your Days Are Numbered!

July 26, 2022 1:36 PM

July 16, 2022

The Pages Of History Are Now Turning Like A Cyclone!

The pages of history are now turning like a cyclone. The past answers for the future. The plans of the snake king are unraveling, you are approaching a point of total reversal, for all his millennial machinations. For truly, he and his minions have plotted this attempt to take over, rule and destroy humanity, after he has made all the Children of God, in his own image & likeness, obliterating God once and for all time. He has plotted this for centuries, many thousands of years.

But know this, satan is really a fly, buzzing around humanity. He can not win. Jesus The Christ paid the price for your fallen humanity, once and for all time, at the Cross of Calvary. Jesus won the the Victory over death, Hell and satan.

So do not fear the snake king’s relentless attacks. He will shortly he hurled back to his nest by Command of the Most High God The Father Almighty!

Turkey Beware Your Days Are Numbered!

Turkey beware your days are numbered!
Your people hate the Greeks.
Your people hate the Armenians.
Your people hate the Georgians
Your people hate the Jews.
Your people hate the Bulgarians.
You who straddle Europe and the Orient.
You who have conquered half of Cyprus.
You who have murdered the Christians for many centuries.

Your end is at hand, for the time of your hegemony has passed.
Your occupation of stolen lands will be annulled and nullified.
Your suffering will match the same fate you inflicted on the Greeks, Armenians, Georgians, Jews, Bulgarians, and the peoples of the Balkans and southern Europe, for centuries.
Your land will be cut-up and you will be forced to flee lands you conquered.

The Black Bear is your friend and ally today, but tomorrow is your conqueror, axe and dismemberor.


Note: A 1797 AD prophesy by a Jewish Rabbi who lived in Istanbul (or Constantinople as the Greeks still call it), says the following: Turkey will declare war on Greece. (The country Greece did not exist in the 18th century, it was still part of the Ottoman Empire.) The Greeks will be defeated summarily. Then Russia will come to the aide of Greece and declare war on and defeat Turkey. They will dismember Turkey and give the European horn with Istanbul/Constantinople back to Greece, and chop the country into another three sections. With a part going to Armenia (Divine Justice for the millions of Armenians murdered by the Turks at the time of WWI.) The Turks will be forced to live in one quarter of what they now call Turkey. The prophesy continues this is the signal for the 70 nations to join together to come against Israel (Israel did not even exist in the 18th or 19th c., it was still part of the Ottoman Empire.) Bizarrely enough the prophesy also says that the Turks will join the coalition headed by Russia to attack Israel. Then the Messiah will kill all his enemies and the enemies of Israel.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 

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