The Vision of the Train of Grace and the timeline of Jesus on Earth – Michael Triple Grace

The Vision of the Train of Grace and the timeline of Jesus on Earth

January 30, 2021 11:29 PM
Michael Triple Grace

Vision received on the 29th of January 2021 at 3.30 am

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The Vision of the Train of Grace and the timeline of Jesus on Earth:

The Lord showed me a train and I was taking inside. When I searched for a seat I asked the people in the train about the destiny and the time of arrival but nobody knew. I found a seat on the left side of the train and when I sat down I realized a person in the seat in front of me. This person was lying face down, on the stomach in the seats so that I could not make out who it was. It was a woman and immediately the Holy Spirit let me know that this will be my future harvesting partner when we, the Remnant, will be sent out two by two. Also I was not allowed to see her yet I was happy that the time of harvest is near.

Then suddenly beautiful women went through the carriages of the train and collected the ID’s of the passengers. I knew instantly that these ladies are angels. When all ID’s were collected and a man appeared at the head of the carriage and he received all the documents. I knew that this man was Jesus himself. He then started to go through them and selected certain ID’s that he handed over to a man sitting on a table on the left. This man had a book and he recorded all the names and details of the ID’s given to him by Jesus. After the selection process I had the urge to change sides and stood up to be seated on the right side of the carriage and not anymore on the left because I knew in my spirit that the remnant selected has to sit on the right.

Then the scene changed and I saw a huge timeline like those people use in their videos to represent what happened in the past and what will continue into the future. It was full colored and a man was standing next to it ready to explain it. It had the title: “The timeline of Jesus on Earth?”. A great audience was eager waiting for the man to explain and I was part of this audience. On the left there was a single table with a woman sitting on it, clothed in a bright white tunic. It looked like great light. She did not do anything, nor did she seem to be interested in the speaker.

The man started to explain the timeline and it began with a man appearing on the left suddenly and then followed by a place where people were transformed when they went through a door. The nest part of the timeline was an event that I could not make out clearly and it was not explained but it was a mighty move of God and then I saw the man who had appeared suddenly moving for 40 days on earth as shown in the timeline and explained by the speaker. Wonders and miracles followed him. Then the Speaker said: “And this man is the Antichrist” and the whole audience seems to confirm it. At that moment I stood up and said: “You are gravely mistaken. This man is not the Antichrist but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”. When I said that the whole audience turned against me including the speaker and called me names and it almost turned violent. Suddenly the lady in white turned her head and emanated a great light that started to embrace and strengthen me and I knew instantly that she was the Holy Spirit giving me power and strength to speak forth the truth against all opposition. The audience saw the light but became more and more agitated and stood in their opinion that the man is not Jesus. I held my place and continued to proclaim that the Kingdom had come and with it the Lord Jesus all the time strengthened by the light.

End of Vision!

Vision received by

Triple Grace


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