The Vaccine Is Here! – Minenhle Lucetta


The Vaccine Is Here!

Dec 3, 2020, 6:13 AM
Minenhle Lucetta
South Africa

Greetings in yeshua’s name!!!

I am shocked indeed believers as I write .I live in South Africa in Ladysmith.I thought the vaccine was suppose to start in USA Or somewhere ,where the virus is quite high but certainly not 15 minutes away from where I live.

We have not experienced the Second wave yet and the first wave was not what we expected Or what the government expected so I believe there are many lies involved in the statistics. Not long ago Bill Gates was here. People here were visited in their homes/streets and have registered to receive the vaccine and they were told that It is due to the worse covid conditions that are coming. Why not go where it is already worse I wondered!!!

Anyway after a while they came with cars to collect all those who registered .they vaccinate them, put something in their hand (something digital I guess ) and they give them a smartphone (the dangerous hauweii) then a voucher of 350 Rands. This smartphone they tell you not to change the sim card
You don’t need any atym or data you are connected and can make Calls all for free 24/7(I think 5G is involved here).

People are wild at this offer.they(the clinic) said this is so that they are always connected with doctors from oversees (I suppose the beast and its system) so they can keep telling These doctors how they feel after the vaccine. So now people Are waving their smatphones. Nurses and police officers are
pushing each other at the clinic desiring to be vaccinated.

Believers think its a good thing and God has remembered them (great falling away)

People we know personally are vaccinated.looks like its still a Secret agenda its not in the news . I believe they target the poor and ignorant communities first
Only a few people are questioning this so few there is not much Knowledge here about this issue.
This was a woman’s clinic specialising in contraception and the like ,famous for administering dangerous methods That they did not want to reverse although they could these days its specialising in the covid field Here they
give you money even to be tested
I strongly believe its the devils clinic

The only way I know is because I have a friend living there, yet I myself live A few kilometres from this location this shows just how they Guard their business. Unbelievable indeed yet so true!!!!

Please pray for the innocent people that God should send them Knowledge.

2 thess chapter 2__speaks of the falling away

2 Timothy chapter 3___ people shall be lovers of money



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