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Themthatbelive – Deliverance Ministry


Febuary 15, 2015

Last night’s (Feb 1/15) deliverance session took us to a place I never expected. Things had seemed to come to a stand still over the last couple weeks with this deliverance. Each time we would pray the spirits would mock and and take a beating but somehow would regain their strength as if no damage was done. In actuality we were chipping away at something we couldn’t understand at the time. Tonight after about 20 minutes of spiritual warfare a demon manifested and I demanded it’s name. It responded, “serosa” or something like that. I asked what it’s name meant in English, and it’s answered, “keeper of the swords”. I ask if that would stand as truth before Jehovah God and the answer was a not so happy, “yes, grrrrr”! I commanded the demon to tell me if it had any legal right to be there. After some some coaxing it revealed that it did not. I commanded it to tell me what it’s purpose was? “To make him masterbate!” it said. At this time the person spoke for himself saying that he was seeing a large purple sword in his back and it was uncomfortable. So I sent Angels to go and pull out this demonic sword. It took a couple of minutes but they accomplished the task. Next Holy Spirit gave the person another vision of multiple swords piercing him. I said to the demon, “these swords were put there each time he masterbated weren’t they? I line you up to the Holy Spirit, is this true?” And it responded, “yes, yes it’s true!” Again I sent holy angels to pull them out and the demon began to pull the swords also motioning as if he was pulling out swords we could not see. Once they were all out I wasn’t sure what to do next, but Holy Spirit knew what was needed…I asked, “Holy Spirit what else needs to be done here, please reveal it?” I began to command the demon to bind himself to his kingdom and start removing themselves from his flesh. Soon the demon responded that he had removed the girdle. Hmmmm? I began to wonder if this was like ungodly armour. Thankyou Holy Spirit for revealing this. I commanded the demon to remove the “ungodly helmet”, it responded that it was called, “the helmet of heresy”, and removed it! The person actually saw it in the spirit and said it looked like a full goats head that was taken off! Next I commanded it to remove the breast plate of unrighteousness and it did just that. The person revealed that he saw that it looked like stone on the outside with long thorns on the inside…it reminded him of the rocky and thorny soil in the seed sower parable. So I asked the Lord to replace it with good soil and the demon didn’t like that, PTL! Next we stripped him of his shield. I asked him what he called it? He said it was “the shield of fear!” The unholy boots came off next and the person said he kept hearing the word “procrastination”, over and over. Like the opposite of the preparation of the gospel of peace. Regardless the demon removed them too. Next to go was “the belt of lies” finishing off all the ungodly armour, praise Jesus! I commanded the demon to receive the judgment of God and remove all the curses that he and his kingdom had over the person…i bound them all together and sent them to torment, all in Jesus name, Hallelujah! The person felt much better and messaged me about half hour after we ended our Skype session saying, “I CAN WORSHIP AGAIN 🙂 I feel like I’m home again! Like the prodigal son is home, Praise Jesus!” 🙂
I am just amazed at the things we can learn through doing deliverance! There’s no way I could have known about this ungodly armour without the help of Holy Spirit! Thankyou Lord Jesus for all You have done for us and all you are willing to show those who seek You. I pray that whoever reads this testimony will repent of any sin and begin to remove all ungodly armour and the enemy’s swords that they have been pierced with, and replace it with the full armour of God from Ephesians 6, and the sword of the Spirit which is the Word Of God, in Jesus name! Put on Full Armour of God Daily! Thank You Lord Jesus for such an awesome revelation! All the glory and all the praise lifted up to You 🙂 hallelujah! <3


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