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The Two War Rooms: God versus Satan on Earth, The Final War has already begun! – Michelle Katherine Orts

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The Two War Rooms: God versus Satan on Earth, The Final War has already begun!

May 22, 2021 6:15 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

May 18th 2021

A Prophetic Dream Originally received and recorded 8:30PM CST On Fasting Friday November 27th 2020 from Jesus to His Daughter, Michelle Orts

Dream Title: The Two War Rooms: God versus Satan on Earth, The Final War has already begun!-Michelle Orts, A Daughter To King Jesus and wife to husband Reverend David Orts

The world’s population was being prepared to be introduced to the Anti-Christ, his False prophet and the Beast System.

In my dream, the Anti-Christ, who was now Satan incarnate, was announcing his name and the GLOBAL ORDER was about to be pronounced that every man, woman and child above a certain age would be REQUIRED to give a public oath which mentioned the Anti-Christ’s Name, or his number, or his image and then MUST worship the Anti-Christ at that same time.

I saw two secret rooms. One was in the Enemy of God’s war room, in his Anti-Christ Camp. The room was completely blood red and the earth was in the center of the room with men aligned with the Fallen Ones strategizing about how to quickly implement the Anti-Christ’s orders of his grand announcement of his name. There would be signs and wonders displayed by orchestratedly placed fallen angels and their demon hybrid children spawned by undiscerning easily manipulated female humans who did yet know their true Creator. The Fallen took advantage of weak wills, weak minds and desired to only please their chosen Commander Lucifer who would now be seen worldwide as The Solution, “The Savior” to the world. Barack Hussein Obama had been the chosen human vessel from the womb. His mother had been dedicated to serve Satan and bear his son in Africa in ceremony in a small village near a lake. The enemy of Creator God wanted to closely mimic and mock the true story of the True Savior’s birth in Bethlehem, Jesus Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Jesus is The True Savior of The World and every demon fallen angel or fallen angel knows it. They all simply want to deceive as many humans as possible to steal souls away from Creator God in retaliation from their eternal judgment as a result of their great rebellion and the war in Heaven in which they chose to side with Satan Lucifer Apollyon.

The other room was a room on earth but guided by Heaven’s Angels. Jesus Holy Spirit was guiding willing human hands and surrendered human minds. For those who had publicly, either as child or adult, chosen Jesus as Lord in Sunday school or in the sands of Iraq, Afghanistan or in boot camp on American soil, would be used by Jesus to wage war against the fallen on the earth. I saw a giant topographic map of earth. It was mostly dark brown with specs of color here and there. The team of predominantly US Generals were working in layers on the global map. They had just poured a new thick and heavy layer of brown syrupy liquid matter upon the earth and all the details began to manifest and to solidify on its own. The Generals were very focused and kept working layer after layer analyzing specific locations and details as the topography moved and changed revealing hidden underworld secrets. These men (I didn’t see any women generals that room) were very dedicated and knew instinctively that this was a fight to the dèath. This would be and was the war between good and evil, physically, spiritually in every way. I saw a Military Chaplains who were also chosen, honorable, Blessed and Chaste Catholic Priests praying the Rosary and prayers for Saint Michael’s assistance. The Generals looked like a crew of Chefs who were creating a masterpiece chocolate concoction. One might think the military map would be edible. Perhaps because the Fallen had already proven to many of Jesus’ soldiers that they wanted to not only eat human flesh but consume our souls as well. The war room was intense, full of horror mixed with Hope in Christ Jesus and His very presence in this time of Great Trouble. -Michelle Orts Daughter to The King of Kings Jesus and wife to husband Reverend David A. Orts

Prayer. Father God. Please help us Your Children. Help our US and allied Generals be spiritually ready besides physically, psychologically and emotionally ready, to fight this upcoming physical and spiritual battle against the enemy of God and mankind. You are telling me now Holy Spirit that the battle, the last war is already here. The final war has begun. We are in the final last seven years. Daniel’s last week. Help our CIC, our TRUE Commander-In-Chief, President Donald John Trump, to not be pushed aside or pushed out of power by The Anti-Christ, Barack Hussein Obama. You dear Jesus revealed to me by Your Holy Spirit, that Satan’s False Prophet, the Black Pope, the Last Pope prophesied by Saint Malachy, the 112th Pope, was Pope Francis. You showed me, and other Believers before me, that Pope Francis would be The last Pope. Pope Francis would call himself Peter of Rome. Pope Francis, gave himself the name Francis and Francis his predecessor was actually named Peter before he became Pope and he was literally from Rome. Thank You Father God for Your Mercy, Grace, Wisdom and for Your Gracious Kindness in revealing things to come through Dreams, Visions, Words of Knowledge and Prophetic Revelation. Help me and all Your Children listen and obey what Your Holy Spirit is saying right now to Your Churches on earth. Help us be physically, emotionally, psychologically and most of all, spiritually prepared for what is here and for what is to come. Please save every member of my family? From the youngest yet to be born to the eldest on earth and those who are already with You.Thank YOU dear King and Friend my Lord God and King. In Your Name Jesus I pray. Amen. Love your daughter, seer, prophetess, worshiper, scribe but most of all YOUR CHILD with my name written in Your Lamb’s Book of Life. Please help all my family members’ names be written in Your Lamb’s Book of Life? Please help each one of us help to bring in as many souls as can possibly be brought forth into Your Kingdom so that they too will have their names be found eternally secured in Your Lamb’s Book of LIFE? Love, Michelle Katherine Orts

Finished Writing this Prophetic Dream @ 9:57PM CST Fasting Friday November 27th 2020


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