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June 7, 2024 2:08 PM
Daniel Masika

On the 28th January 2024

What I saw in the small book on the fast page it was scary i saw wizards, witches, and sorcerer,warlock,magicians,enchanters,necromancers,occultist,thaumaturge and Lucifer from all over the world Gathering and i saw other Five fallen angels come in Broken Chains and this were their names Samyaza, Azazel,Armaros, Arakiel and Barakiel and also there was a group of them that come in who their names were hidden , the work of this fallen angel was to teach mankind how to make weapons for war and shed the Blood, Also to create Twisted disfigured beings with human Mixing human and animals (DNA)

The Gathering was Upon the Euphrates River and its surrounding , I and Angel Michael were standing on a mountain looking what was happening and He told Daniel dont talk watch and see what is about to happen On Earth there appeared another Angel of God called Ramuel and said to Michael and I through the Trumpet that looked like Ram horn saying all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb, for Death and Hell followed him Tell the saints/Called the For the great day of the wrath of the lamb has come hide in the Light and keep the garments unspotted for the wedding and supper is prepared for the Faithful their that keep the commandment of the Holy one, I fainted in the Vision

Angel Michael put His hand on me and said wake up for you have received mercy Daniel and i got up then i saw the whole group of Lucifer Dancing Saying I will raise my throne above the Angels of the light and all of them together Hold one another Hand saying the Earth and its Fullness is ours ,no man might buy or sell on Earth without our watch and the whole Group was made Watchers of Lucifer But the Light come with another Angel that Covered the whole Earth and left the earth with them that has the cross and the Blood of the lamb on their hearts

The whole Group of fallen angels, wizards, witches, and sorcerer, warlock, magicians, and others Reigned on Earth and there was the pain and cry all over the Earth for cause that as many as would not worship Lucifer should be killed and other Fallen angel were Bad and dangerous than Satan ,he that kill’s with the sword must be killed with the sword it was the word and when the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth reached heaven ,i watched fire Bolls, waves and mudslide, Fire and arrows of fire come on Earth and upon all Lucifer team and their Cried Loud for the pain was unbearable then the book opened the 2nd page as Then the book opened the other page on itself ….

Please take few minutes and watch the Children video Below, we showing How we use sanitary towels on Children in the Orphanage, Handling the deformed Children comes with alot of Challenges, Please watch this

Please keep praying This Children’s are Helpless on themselves for most are Deaf others are Children with HIV, T.B, Down syndrome , Autism ,Hydrocephalus Cerebral palsy most of this children must be Feed , This Children’s are Helpless on themselves ,But we Have Run out of Sugar ,Shower Gel , Salt , Bar Soap, toilet bowl cleaners, Sanitary Pads, and tissue paper, Napkins and Diaper’s With Food for the Deformed Children , Urgent Help needed now to get above items we need to raise $700
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Much Love

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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