The Troubling Scene – Merab Olfert

The Troubling Scene

Sep 17, 2019 6:27:29 PM
Merab Olfert
Greetings to you in the name of Yashua ha’Mashiach.
Last night I was greatly troubled in my sleep. Soon as I closed my eyes to sleep, I consistently saw fiery ambers flying everywhere in my dream. This seemed to happen throughout the night. I remember I tried to wake up and not see this scene anymore but soon as I closed my eyes the same scene came back to me.
I saw darkness covered the land.
I know in my spirit that it was not night time but somehow darkness covered the land.
I saw that I stood quite a ways away from the foot of a mountain and the whole mountain was covered in thick black soot which indicated some sort of massive fire had happened.
I saw no trees or vegetation but just the mountain and I constantly saw ambers flying everywhere. The sky and the whole atmosphere was very dark and yet it was not night time.
I did not see any fire anywhere but just the embers. The embers seemed to be coming into the scene from the left side of my view. I stood facing the mountain.
Then the scene changed and I saw a plain. Again I was standing in this plain and embers were flying everywhere and the scene was dark (but it was not night time). Again I did not see any fire burning but only the embers were in the scene.
Everything looked so dark, covered in a layer of soot. In my spirit I understood that this was a city but now it was level ground as nothing was left.
I was so troubled by this scene as it seems like I saw this scene repeat all night.
Also I questioned, is this my city? Are those the mountains that are outside my city? What has caused this darkness??? Why is everything covered in soot? Did everything burn up? Where are the embers coming from?
The dream caused me to think – what will happen now? I have no provisions? Where can I go? Where will I be safe?
I SPENT THE REST OF THE DAY READING THE WORD OF YAHUAH FATHER. No prizes for guessing that the dream deeply troubled me.
Then this afternoon as I put my kids down for a nap I was prompted to look up information on US BEING “THE LAST GENERATION”.
I went on YouTube and typed – “we are the last generation” – Out of all the other things posted on there I clicked on this video :
I did not know what to expect from it.
And lo and behold it turned out to be a very “unpleasant” sounding music video. I wanted to close it but somehow I just turned the volume down and watched what it was about.
I very rarely go online to watch any secular music or movies or shows or such much less unpleasant music.
Somehow I was curious to find out what these guys were saying about the “last generation” in their music video.
Turned out they were showing some sort of a firey event that takes place on earth and makes the earth desolate.
It shows how the cities become jungles and earth becomes uninhabitable.
They talk about some sort of ships coming to earth.
The imagery and graphics are extreme. The video is full of symbolizms for those who can discern.
You can see the enemy’s plan out in the open. They DON’T EVEN TRY TO HIDE IT ANYMORE. They sing songs about the soon coming destruction and us being the “last generation”.
I’m only sharing this video with you to share what I found today.
The purpose is not to glorify the enemy at all but to sound the alarm… We are not crazy… This is not a crazy theory… Enemy really has blinded the people so badly that they will see this and still ignore. 😢😢😓
Back To My Dream:
Please look at the image that I’m sharing here with this dream. This image is a screenshot from the same music video. This is 95% close to the scene that I was shown last night (minus the ambers which are missing from this image).
In this image, it’s not night time and yet it is dark, just as in my dream.
Also no fire to be seen around and yet you could tell this image represents the land after a major firey event. This is exactly how I saw it in my dream as well.
Notice the layer of blackness (soot) that is on everything, this too is the same as what I saw in my dream.
Notice in this image you can tell there must have been some city here but now it’s leveled (missing), that too is similar to what I saw in my dream.
I shivered as I came across this scene at the end of this music video.
A picture is worth a thousand words so I have attached the picture that shows what I saw and very likely what is coming.
Sister in Yashua ha’Mashiach,

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