The time to share the Word of God is: Right Now – Every Knee Shall Bow

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The time to share the Word of God is: Right Now

February 10, 2021 5:44 PM
Every Knee Shall Bow

I’m sharing a brief “follow up”dream I had the 1st week of February 2021. In this dream I am at a place that looks battered, to say the least. It’s daytime, but it looks dark and shadows abound. I’m just looking towards an empty pool that was previously used by athletes. I know there are athletes around the area, but can’t see them and they are not training; just scattered around. I notice the pool is empty and filthy at the bottom. Like much time has passed since it was emptied and black dirt (ugly mildew) is accumulating at the bottom. I began a quick chat with a friend and she said – “Look… the pool in your dream. It’s empty.” I remember the dream in which the Lord showed me an empty pool that was being filled with dirt in order to plant and grow food in it. In that dream (here’s the link https://444prophecynews.com/testimony-dream-every-knee-shall-bow/ ) it was a bright clear day with no clouds in the sky. People preparing the pool to be filled with soil were getting ready to do so, but had just started.

So I got it as a hint to look for the other things (clues/events) I saw in that dream for it was obvious time had passed and the pool had not been filled with soil nor plants grown there. I started to walk around looking for the areas that should have been planted by now (based on the previous dream) and I found nothing.

I just found caos starting to rise all around. There was disorderly conduct, I saw people in a frantic state and walking fast back and forth. Some looked like they were trying to continue their daily routines, but it was evident there was no routine that could be held under the present circumstances. There was danger and much violence.

The next part of this dream was regarding a personal matter.
End of dream.

Because of that personal part and all the references to the pool and the topic of the previous dream I understood I (and maybe all) are running out of time to reach others with the “food”/Word of God they need. I understood the Lord does not want me to wait any longer, ponder, or procrastinate in doing what he has led me to do. Although I had started (since that 1rst pool dream) to give live zoom Bible Studies, I believe the Lord wants me to share the studies and many things He has given me at a broader scale and… right away.

For that reason I have set up a youtube channel with the sole purpose of sharing Bible Teaching for youth and sharing anything the Lord wants me to. Believe me, it was the last thing I wanted to do, but (before we are all shut off those platforms) we need to go strong there with the Word of the Lord.

I thank this channel for encouraging many of us to share what the Lord has given us and to be such a blessing in these times.
Many already know, but I’ll repeat… there’s not much time left. May the Lord keep directing us and may many souls be saved!!! Amen.

I’ll be sharing the links to the videos as soon as I upload them when the message is relevant to the content of this page (444prophecynews).

God bless you all.

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