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The Time of the Zeus and Sudden Death – Wine of God

The Time of the Zeus and Sudden Death

April 25, 2020
Wine of God

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I started getting a little over a year
ago the first one was on January 23rd of
2019 the Lord said it is the time of the
beast a demarcation point it is the time
of the Beast is at hand and demarcation
I looked up the meaning it means
dividing time or boundary and he said
the demarcation point is at hand then
this one I received and this one I
received and then I probably had the
worst spiritual attack in my life where
it was just outright obviously spiritual
so believe the Lord really wants this
word to get out based upon the amount of
spiritual attack I went after it had
after it it was on August 25th of 2019
the time of Zeus has come he will rule
over the nations of the earth
he has many keys the rumors of Zeus
shall be heard in the heavenlies he is
rising even now I give you more than you
have ever had before
so yes the time of Zeus is coming but
remember he’s he’s given me more than
I’ve ever had before and likely to you
he’s gonna provide for your needs in
that time the Lord is not Zeus the Lord
is gonna provide for your needs and let
me tell you I had the worst spiritual
attack after this I mean it was just
strong obvious I mean all through the
day I could just this this horrible
horrible stuff and I had a dream I think
it might have been it was either the
night before the night after and in it
was Zeus was there and he wasn’t this
scary yucky monster he was a very very
handsome man and from what I remember he
was like trying to call me away from my
husband to follow him to like marry him
or something and I was very compelled
and very attracted to him and it wasn’t
it wasn’t a sexual thing at all it was
the feeling that I would be safe with
him that he would provide safety for me
and everything would be okay well think
about that with the Beast
the endtime beast we know that he’s
gonna come and he’s gonna that’s that’s
how he’s probably gonna call everyone
forward or we’re gonna be in tumultuous
times and he’s gonna say I’m gonna
provide safety for you everything’s
gonna be okay
if if you just follow me and go with me
and so and that that being said the time
of Zeus I think the same thing as the
Beast is the Antichrist based on you
know I’ve watched some sky watch TV
where they talk about Apollo is the same
as the beast and another name for Apollo
which is similar with Zeus so I believe
it’s very similar to that and let me
tell you a then I also received another
one about Zeus and then I’ll tell you
about more spiritual attack I got from
this the hour of Zeus has become the
hour have the okay this was on 926 2019
I might have already said that the hour
of Zeus has become begun the hour of
darkness has begun the power of Zeus
shall increase in the days ahead the
Prince of Persia
of Persia has fallen and Zeus shall rise
Zeus estrange shall begin soon I shall
show you how to survive his reign let
the trumpets blow the reign of Zeus
shall begin shortly be strong at this
time for the time of faith has come to
I hold you accountable to pray for
America you must pray for America so
it’s very important to pray for America
in these times right now with all this
quarantined stuff and everything going
on where you definitely need to pray for
America and for our leaders and keep
praying and you know the the other
spiritual attack I had after this is
right after between the last prophecy in
this prophecy I had fallen and gotten a
concussion and I was messed up for
months I mean I couldn’t get out of bed
for a little bit I mean I was just I was
in really really bad shape it got better
from that then I had appendicitis and a
kidney stone and all kinds of spiritual
attacks and but you know what
and the Lord works good through all
those things and victorious because
Jesus is within me and greater is He
that is in me than he that is in the
world but that being said I I don’t
think that this spirit wanted this them
the devil wanted this prophecy out and
just be prepared and know that Lord’s
gonna provide for your needs now I am
gonna go to some recent prophecies which
I’m trying to define okay
I’m going to switch between some of
these on April 1st I was praying about
this surge again and then I started
seeing many military men in a forest
green uniform they might have kind of
looked aged and I’m not sure you know
they were all in a forest green uniform
and they were walking out of the sea or
ocean then I saw them just all over my
home and then on April 2nd 2020 the Lord
said the troops shall arrive at your
door a doorway and you shall how house
them and he said the time comes in which
you will house many troops you must be
prepared I will use you to show mercy to
others then on the 3rd he said you will
quarter many troops and you will bless
them now here’s the thing so the troops
they could be actual military troops
physical military troops these could be
the army of the Lord
other Christians those that love the
Lord that they’re not doing well at the
time the Lord wants me to house them to
help take care of them however I also
know that there is a possibility that it
could be an invading army well in that
case I’m gonna obey the Lord my natural
instinct is to fight to the end and keep
keep the enemy out of my house you know
pouring troops out of my house you know
quartering troops is against the
Constitution but the Lord says otherwise
you know he says to welcome them in my
house and to bless them and and to you
know show them show mercy to others in
this so and and you know you you just
pray about what the Lord wants you to do
when different situations arise you know
it’s definitely different than what my
natural instincts would be and my
American instincts would to say so I was
gonna go back to the war but maybe I
will talk about that another time
because I am not seeing it right now so
I don’t think it’s time to share that
right now okay
so again on April 3rd 2020 the warnings
are going forth let the alarms sound you
must heed my warnings my daughter there
will be great patrols in your city Grady
greater resistance shall rise up in the
land hear me and understand me all
things are coming to an end so this was
on for three and you can see we’ve had
quite a bit of protest and you know some
patrols going forth and everything since
then so then here is something new I
learned and maybe it’ll teach you
something I woke up and I get this some
days where I just wake up I’m sad and I
think man I just need to snap out of it
you know the Lord is with me
everything’s gonna be okay like try to
talk myself out of it you know is
there’s no logical reason it’s not like
one day is worse than the other but then
what the Lord was telling me is I just
felt that like I could just cry for no
reason I’m like why am i why do I feel
this way and then the Lord told me that
day on April 7th he said today is a day
of grief I know what is to come and I
feel great grief sadness encompasses the
earth so you know sometimes when we feel
sad maybe it’s just not just us that
there’s something wrong with us maybe
feeling God and that’s the Holy Spirit
speaking to us letting us feel what he
feels and he kept telling me teardrops
from heaven are falling on you and I
think that that’s the truth is sometimes
the emotions we feel we might be feeling
the Holy Spirit and how he feels things
now um he after that has spoken to me
many times about sudden death and this I
come to you with a heavy heart because I
hear it and I can feel it so on 4:7 you
said and the times ahead
sudden death will happen to many fields
of grief come all that you have known is
changed I give you the faith to walk
through these times and
he talked more about the sudden death
and he said a great plague comes and
there will be seven death for many so I
think it’s a greater plague than what we
have now a greater plague and it’s a it’s a greater judgment I think he’s given me a time the timeline of it but I’m not how 2 percent sure that’s the Lord vs. me so I’m not going to share it that is it’s gonna be bad then another one I just heard continually over and over and I’ve heard this like in the years past that the scorching of the earth comes a great scorching comes so I don’t know if that’s the sunrays are gonna get hotter not sure you know you hear the scorched earth policy when it comes to ward we’ll wait and see what that mean means then he also said on like 421 the time of trial comes to land great times of trial come many times of trial come I will open a door to you and your family to prosper you must prosper in these times so you know I think that the Lord is not just speaking to me but to speaking to all of you that he wants you to prosper in these times he doesn’t want you to be defeated by this stuff he doesn’t want you to be discouraged or walk trampled on but he wants you to prosper because the Lord is with you he’s gonna do great and mighty miracles in you he’s gonna provide for you he’s gonna take care of you he’s gonna provide for your needs but I don’t think that that’s just gonna come automatically that everything’s gonna be okay he wants us to faust prosper and he wants to us to fight for that prosperity he wants us to declare victory over the devil and declare victory over his schemes so that’s what I tell you today to declare victory and that’s another thing he’s told me over no is in these times to declare victory so no matter what darkness and what heartache and what sadness comes you declare victory in your life because Jesus Christ is in you anyways that is it for today I believe let me check oh yes and the last word is be not scared of the news I send your way do not fret of the future for the future for I give you grace so the Lord’s given us some info into the future and times ahead we don’t know if this is in a few weeks or in many years ahead but we do know that the Lord is with us and he’s going to provide for us and he will prosperous in these times and look prosperity doesn’t necessarily mean financial prosperity let’s pray for financial prosperity but it but it means spiritual prosperity relational prosperity relational prosperity with him with the Lord and with others so don’t fret about these times as the Lord’s gonna give us the grace to get through so you all have a blessed day and I’ll see you next time

Wine of God

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