The time of elevation is at hand. – T Andrew Farley

T Andrew Farley

March 12, 2019

A word from the Spirit of the Lord: “The time of elevation is at hand.”

I AM the God of all things, the Holy One of Israel; I AM the Lord of Hosts, I AM the Restorer, I AM the Way-maker, and I AM your Breakthrough!

I have taken captivity captive, I AM your Provider, I AM your Healer, I AM the Lord your Peace! Receive this living word with all of My Shalom, as only the living word and my Ruach (Spirit) will lead you to absolute truth in this late hour!

I bind up the bruised, I renew and restore, I AM the King of Glory, and the Spirit of Reconciliation.

The winds of freedom blow even now upon My people!

To those who have passed through the furnace of affliction; to those who are submitting their lives daily unto My altar and carrying their cross, I say this to you: Behold, the time of elevation is at hand!

For I AM the Elevator, and before time began I knew you and I have ordained Our time together on the holy mountain, My high hill.

Those who have placed themselves on the Potter’s wheel, who have humbled themselves; who have asked Me to “use them”, in the Spirit, you are with Me in the heights of Zion, even now…

My mighty right hand is upon you, over you, and under you!

Fear not, fear not ever again, for the Lord of Hosts goes ahead of you, as I have made the way, and nothing will harm My surrendered ones!

I AM placing, I AM pairing, and I AM knitting together and fitting together My body, My laborers, for this final season of the divine and sovereign great harvest!

Rejoice My people! Rise up, trust Me, and abide in My perfect love, for there you ARE hidden in Me…
Behold, the time of elevation is at hand….

(End of word)

This word was originally scribed beginning at 11:11 a.m., on October 2, 2018, by T. Andrew Farley, of Rochester, MN. I’m sharing it publicly and via e-mails on March 12, 2019.

Test all things, take it to the Lord, the Spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus!

Normally I have and share the relevant scriptures that the Spirit of the Lord leads me to reference or share, but I will be back early next week and prayerfully add them at that time.

(I’m running behind and on a tight schedule right now, but I wanted to share this before heading out for a few.)

To the true army of God, to those who have been broken and remade, to those who are obeying the greatest command, be ENCOURAGED!!!! The devil is a LIAR and his time is short!

To everyone else, keep seeking God diligently and He’s a rewarder, He loves ALL of His children, and doesn’t want to lose one! We don’t have to be perfect, but we HAVE to come out of the world, the “Babylonian” system around us. We are in a battle of the flesh vs the Spirit, free will is a privilege, God will not force anything on us, bu it’s His grace the gives us fuel or power to UN-plug from the matrix so to speak!

For those who don’t know Jesus at all, cry out unto His name and He will hear you! If you need help or advice on how to come to Jesus, e-mail me and we’ll pray!

T. Andrew Farley
Scriptures: (to come)

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