The time has struck 12 o’clock ! – Victoria Ang

The time has struck 12 o’clock !

Victoria Ang

Prophetic dream :

Last night I was given a dream. In the dream I was going to get married. The person was a man I dated a long long time ago. ( represents the Lord and my relationship with him)! There was much preparation for this wedding! As things were getting ready, there was a guest making some picnic type food , while the finishing preparations where being done! In order to tied people over till the reception ! Someone yelled out to me “ How many buns are in the bag”! And I said “ IT’S 12”!!!!! … ( symbolic of time frame) .
The wedding celebration started but when it was time to put the rings on , the wedding ring was a razor “ blade” which had to be wrapped around my finger snuggly! The “ BLADE was secure and the dream ended!

Interpretation :

The time has struck 12 o’clock ! The wedding celebration will soon commence! The razor BLADE represents ( the double edge sword , the word of God that has to be kept close “,“ at hand”! As things unravel here on earth ,in Gods ways before he comes for his bride”!

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  1. Eyes Open

    What has come to my mind after reading your dream is that this relationship with Christ is a blood covenant. That is why the ring was a blade that cuts to release the blood of the bride. We must prepare to shed our blood and die for Him to be wed with Him. He did and died for us. It is a blood covenant.

  2. Victoria

    To Eyes Open:::
    I have the gift of interpretation of dreams and visions and post as the Lord gives me the meaning!
    God bless

  3. Eyes Open

    No offense intended my sister in Christ. I only shared what understanding came to me about your dream also. Sometimes God reveals things in multifaceted ways and both things truth. We must definitely keep our two edged sword Gods Word close at hand as you said in interpretaion, but it is true also that we have a blood covenant with Christ isn’t it? And Hos Word tells us this and also tells us that we will overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, our testimony of our faith and love for Christ, and the fact that we love not our lives unto death. Revelation 12:11

  4. Victoria

    I do understand what you are saying sister. And do not deny what you have shared about we overcome by the blood of the lamb. But again I do not put my own thoughts .And do not add or subtract what the Lord gives me in the meaning. But sadly what I do find is many want to put their own interpretations at times which can change the whole meaning! Or message the Lord is trying to reveal…… thanks for sharing ! May the Lord continue to keep you and your family safe from harm! 🙏🙏💕

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