The Threshing, My Abundant Love – Judith Reynolds

The Threshing, My Abundant Love
May 10, 2019, 9:06 PM
Judith Reynolds

My People.
My Servants,
My True Friends,
My Disciples,

This is an unusual Word to you, and I have told this servant to not be afraid of what comes forth but to write and to tell; to only fear Me and not man. There is coming a day, an hour, an moment very, very soon!
You shall be shaken to your Core! My disciples experienced this as they witnessed My betrayal and crucifiction. They did NOT understand! They were confused, they felt hurt for me, and betrayed by me!

I speak to you, so shall you who are truly mine, even shall you experience this. I am warning you of this ahead of time, I ask you to draw very near me now.
This is soon upon you as it was upon them. Your flesh cannnot enter into Heaven, where I have prepared the place for you, and so it must be dealt with severely.

I AM that I AM, and I AM your master Surgeon, to do the cutting necessary of bone and marrow,  Spirit and flesh. I do not desire you to feel fear, though I know you will some..RUN into my arms
and My safekeeping when these things happen before your eyes, ears, body, even thine heart, Thy flesh! I shall hold thee ever close and NO harm shall come to you but what is necessary for your arrival into My Heavenly Kingdom. Eternity is forever My children, and I alone know all things and you do NOT!

I am asking for your trust as I did My Disciples, the few who walked with Me then and you who walk with Me now. Let Me help you to let go now of this passing world for I do Come! I come in all my power
fullness, My fury to set evil aside and to allow Righteousness to Reign! Be ye as Peter and do not ask about your brethren, what will happen to them.
I AM in Full control of what happens to them and to you, you Follow Me! My LOVE for you is so GREAT! It speaks continuously as a rushing waterfall!

My children, My Comrades-RUN into My arms of safety NOW! Learn quickly to ABIDE there, and hasten to do My will in this! I have come that ye might have LIFE!, and that you may have it MORE abundantly!

Your SPIRIT shall Abide with ME! I AM with you!
Now is the testing of YOUR Faith, be glad and rejoice Thy redemption draweth Nigh!

Thy Savior, friend, and LORD,

Messiah Word given this past week during prayer.
Word was finished at 5:54 AM
Blessings to you in Christ.

John 21:22 KJV
Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.


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