The Strike on Damascus (Isaiah 17:1) – Sharlene Reimer

The Strike on Damascus (Isaiah 17:1)

Vision #267

February 3, 2021 5:09 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Feb 2/21 Tues. evg.

I was back in the Throne Room after a period of entering the Lord’s rest. I was praise and worshiping Jesus in the Throne Room. He was very large, standing on the stage. I was at the foot of the stairs that lead to the stage. Saints and angels were worshiping along with me. I’m not sure if they were singing what I was singing but I did ask that they sing louder than me as my voice was off from allergies. 😉 PTL that He cares that I try to sing and not how I sound for my worship is about Him and not me! I began to pray and when I came to proclaiming Ps 91 over the list I had, I came to my mountain and noticed I had a tough time getting past an overhang of rock. A warrior above me extended their hand and a warrior beside me assisted me up as well and together I got past the overhang and stood on the top. I then in return, assisted the warrior who was next to me which I extended my hand and pulled him up. I met my eagle and we were off. But I noticed that we going up. I looked down and noticed the sky had become dark. My perspective was like a satellite view of seeing earth below. We had stopped over a small city with faint light coming from it. (other cities in comparison are brighter probably because they use more light at night or they are more populated) You can always see where the cities or towns are because of all the light that each city produces. When I looked up and to my left, I saw hosts of angels in a semi circle type of formation. I asked why they were there. I heard a voice say, that this city will be destroyed soon and that a storm is coming to the area. They were there because of that storm. I asked what kind of storm. I understood it was war. I prayed that all those there would have an encounter with Yeshua the Messiah and know Him before they died.

I went to the white bench area which is to the right and beyond the Mercy Seat or Throne Room stage. Jesus was sitting on the bench. I asked Him if the city in question is Damascus as I had suspected it. He replied: “Yes, daughter.” And I said, this is the 4th vision I’ve had regarding the strike on Damascus. My previous ones are: #21, #195, #226. Why 4? Jesus replied: “I am always warning. I warn and warn just like the prophets of old. War is coming to Israel. It is almost upon them.” I went to view a vision.

I went down the stairs, greeted my faithful greeter group and walked over to the area where others had already gathered. I looked up at the screen. It opened up to a night time view of a city in the near distance. I was standing on the ground looking ahead. I was approx 2 kms away or 1 mile or so away. A bright light flashed and I saw a huge explosion which lit up the night sky. The city was on fire. What is the message?

Jesus said: “Continue to pray for Israel. There will be retaliation from the strike on Damascus. The storm will begin. The war that is to come will usher in the antichrist.”

February 5, 2021 Update

Hello Readers,

There have been several inquiries regarding clarification of the city I saw attacked and burning. I apologize for creating a misunderstanding. Let me clarify that.

The vision where my perspective was on the ground looking at the city attacked and burning was another view of Damascus, not a city in Israel.
Although Jesus has shown me in several visions (#117,#122. #162, #173, #181, #241) that Jerusalem is the city that will be attacked, remember that I know in part and see in part. That doesn’t mean that other places will not be attacked or will be attacked.
I hope this helps
Let’s continue to intercede on Israel’s behalf that they will return to God fully and know that Yeshua is their Messiah who was and is and is to come.

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